SBS Barefoot Friends


“Oh my gosh!  What show is this?  When is it going to air?  Is anyone going to sub this show?”

That is my first reaction when I read the news on allkpop.  This star-studded show is called Barefoot Friends (맨발의 친구들) and is produced by SBS.  SBS is on a roll these days!  I love Runningman.  I hope they lent some of their genius producers, editors and crew to this production.


The main reason I am excited about this is because of the cast.  The cast include Kang Ho Dong,  Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Bum Soo, Yoo Se Yoon, Kim Hyun Joong, Uee, Eunhyuk, and Yoon Si Yoon .  There might also be a disadvantage to a line up with a larger half of the cast being singer/actors versus the comedians/variety show hosts.  You never know if the singers and actors are as entertaining as the comedians and variety talk show hosts.  Continue reading


Crazy Culinary Adventures with Instant Noodles… Influenced by K-Variety

It’s that sort of thing that you want to try out after you’ve seen it once on a variety show… The time where you see 2 Days 1 Night or Shinee’s Onew do the forehead flick and you do it to yourself to see how much it hurts… I bet I’m not the only one who did that self-forehead flick!

It sometimes also applies to food and today I am writing about those recipes that I’ve seen or heard on Korean variety shows 😉

I recently saw episode 7 of ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?’ (Yeah, I’m lagging behind) and watched Min Guk’s dad create an instant noodle fusion dish that seemed disgusting in the first place. To my surprise, the kids gobbled it up!

Recipe after the jump!

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Since Level 7 Civil Servant is pushing everyone’s buttons, let’s just focus on what is good in that drama: Joowon. Yeah, he is the only reason why I am still sticking around to watch it. If it was anyone else (Er… Not quite. I would stay to watch for a few of my biases) I would have given up in episode 3. I always expect episode 1 of any drama to really suck so episode 2 will be the determining factor whether I should stay on or give up completely.

For this post, I shall embrace the persona of the ultimate Joowon fangirl. *Squeals* OK, now that I’ve got that squeal in place we can go forward.

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Jinwoon and Junhee – We Got Married Episode 156


We are introduced to a new couple this week. They are replacing Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo’s slot. These two are so cute in this episode, filled with adorable awkward hellos and shy smiles.  I am so glad Jinwoon finally got a chance to be on this show because I really like him best in 2AM.  He’s just so cute when his eyes disappear every time he smiles.  As for Junhee, I have never seen any of her work.  A little surprising considering she appeared in a few popular dramas.  Maybe my taste for dramas is not that refined.  She’s given me a good impression in this episode.  She is awfully cute and both of them make an adorable couple.


A week before their We Got Married filming, there is a red mailbox placed at the door of the Gangnam Editor Office.  A woman walks in but no one in the studio recognizes her.  She collects the mission card (mail) from the mailbox and called out to someone.  Junhee walks in and she looks radiant.  The woman that collected her mail was her stylist.  The mission card states that she is to prepare a gift for a husband-to-be and that she will be meeting him in a week’s time.

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Dad, where are you going? (아빠, 어디가?) K-Variety Show

Looking for something new to watch that makes you go “aww…” every few minutes? Then this is the show for you. This show is about 5 celebrity fathers and their kids going on a trip to remote villages without mommy. Living conditions can be quite harsh because the villages are located in the middle of nowhere. The fathers are actor Lee Jong Hyuk (A Gentleman’s Dignity! Awesome drama!), national soccer player Song Jong Kook, actor Sung Dong Il (this guy is so funny in My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox), singer Yoon Min Soo, and TV host Kim Sung Joo. All of them brought their sons on the show except Song Jong Kook who brought his daughter, Ji Ah. It’s a challenge for the fathers because they have to be both mommy and daddy while they are on the trip. The kids struggle with new living conditions and nights without mommy tucking them into bed *sobs*.

The kids warmed up to each other pretty quickly to the point that there is even a love line! One of the little boys has a crush on Ji Ah. They are given games and missions to decide their dinner and sleeping quarters. Think 2 days 1 night (1박 2일) kids style. While completing their missions, they get side tracked playing with little puppies. LOL. Losing in games is met with tears, tantrums and sulking. And for you 2 days 1 night fans out there please don’t worry because there are no starvation and sleeping outside in the snow on this show :D. *Edit: I take that back. There IS sleeping outside in a tent on a very cold day LOL!

Get the links to English subbed episodes below!

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Julien & Seah – We Got Married Episode 156


It’s a rainy day so Julien and Seah shared an umbrella. I love Seah’s pale blue jacket! Julien takes out a lime green flask from the pocket of his jacket and hands it over to Seah. She’s caught a cold and he made ginger tea to warm her up.


In the interview Seah mentioned that she received a scarf from Julien while she was filming her drama. He did not want it to be publicly known at the time so he contacted a staff member to hand over the gift to Seah. She was really thankful and touched with his gesture. It shows that he cares.

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