Office Confidential: Challenges in the Work Place

Sorry for the long hiatus from Les Cordonniers! Hoping to return to blogging regularly starting from August~

I’d like to blog about the challenges we may face in the workplace. Office politics is a very tricky situation and all those who have been there (and survived!) will all agree with that! Recently I have had experience with an unwelcoming situation at the work place and I have learned a lot from it – let’s begin!


1. Keep your emotions in check
Yes, it is easier said than done. But when you are in the middle of an episode, it’s better for you to keep your mouth shut as long as possible and to avoid said colleague in their “prime”. When emotions are high, you may put yourself at risk and have human resources raise their eyebrow at you when it wasn’t even about you to begin with. If possible, look at yourself at a 3rd party perspective and judge for yourself of your own actions during an episode. Would you agree that your emotions have been in check and that you have been blameless while the incident is happening? Have you said or left any evidence behind for the other party to prove that you are in fact the problem?

2. Find a mentor
This would tie into the above topic. If you are going crazy already and you need to vent or you’ll explode, find someone in the office that you can trust. Some people approach those in hot water just for juicy gossip and to be “in the know” – you want to avoid these people at all costs. How you can tell is if they approach you and befriend you while the situation is high and asking questions and trying to get information out of you. Find someone in the office who keeps to themselves and is not known to be overly friendly. Of course, if you are new to the office it is hard to judge but choose wisely, and this said mentor will be a lifesaver in difficult times. If you don’t know who to turn to, the manager you report to should be a good choice or somebody in human resources.

3. Be careful of what you say verbally or electronically
It is very important to be aware of what you are emailing and even instant messaging. It’s a bit hard with instant messenger as you may have already thought of the other individual as a fried if you guys are instant messaging on a regular basis. But one wrong word, and BAM it goes on paper and they have solid evidence against you. Always double check what you are typing – would that send you into deep water if somebody from HR reads it?

4. Keep a positive attitude and never bite back or to others
If you keep a positive attitude when another person is attacking you, it puts you in the limelight and blocks the other person out. Your other colleagues have eyes, and will naturally gravitate towards those who stay positive in difficult situations. This may even save you from your position as higher ups would rather a happy, enthusiastic employee than one with a default grimace and other colleagues may/will back you up!

In the end, what matters is YOUR attitude towards the person who has a problem with you and how you handle the situation. Never stoop to their level and be the better person. 🙂 Have you ever been in an unsettling situation? How did you handle it?


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