Jinwoon and Junhee – We Got Married Episode 156


We are introduced to a new couple this week. They are replacing Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo’s slot. These two are so cute in this episode, filled with adorable awkward hellos and shy smiles.  I am so glad Jinwoon finally got a chance to be on this show because I really like him best in 2AM.  He’s just so cute when his eyes disappear every time he smiles.  As for Junhee, I have never seen any of her work.  A little surprising considering she appeared in a few popular dramas.  Maybe my taste for dramas is not that refined.  She’s given me a good impression in this episode.  She is awfully cute and both of them make an adorable couple.


A week before their We Got Married filming, there is a red mailbox placed at the door of the Gangnam Editor Office.  A woman walks in but no one in the studio recognizes her.  She collects the mission card (mail) from the mailbox and called out to someone.  Junhee walks in and she looks radiant.  The woman that collected her mail was her stylist.  The mission card states that she is to prepare a gift for a husband-to-be and that she will be meeting him in a week’s time.


She introduces herself as Go Jun Hee who will be getting married and she’s all shy.  Her stylist asks why Junhee is getting married even before she does.  Junhee reveals that she is 29 this year.  Her stylist answered that she’s really old.  Their friendship is admirable because they can joke and make fun of each other and then brush it off.  According to the Korean belief, no one should get married when they have a number 9 at the end (of their age, I assume).  Junhee does not know who her husband will be.


Her stylist asks her what Junhee hopes her husband is like.  She hopes her husband does not have double eyelids and is taller than her.  Junhee is sad that her stylist brought up height because she always finds her height to be a disadvantage (Koreans call it complex).  If her husband is not taller than her then she’s bound to wear flats forever.  Boy, I feel her pain.  Even though I am not as tall as she is but I know what she’s talking about.  Junhee is fine about wearing sneakers all the time because she only wear heels for broadcasts.  Her stylist asks for a sign when she meets her husband to show that she likes him.  Junhee promises that she will change her shoes if she likes her husband.  Junhee hopes that her husband will be in a Korean idol group because she thinks it is better for them to be in different fields and also Korean idol groups then to be younger.  Awww… she’s so cute hoping that her husband will be a younger man.


Junhee and her stylist pick out her outfit for her first meeting with the hubby.  She wants a casual outfit that exudes sexiness and cuteness.  Aren’t those conflicting styles?  Her stylist suggests that she wears a mini skirt to show off her long legs because she doesn’t have anything else up top to reveal.  Haha!  They decide on a red mini skirt.  Her stylists said that she’ll pick one that will make hubby’s nose bleed when he sees it.


Jokwon comes in through the door and sees the red mailbox.  He’s seen the red mailbox often two years ago during his time on We Got Married.  Jokwon and Gain (Brown Eyed Girls) made one of the most hilariously entertaining couples on the show.  He wonders why he’s seeing the mailbox again.  Jokwon walks into a room where Jinwoon and Seulong is and announces that he’s getting married.  Again?  Are you getting divorced now?  Jinwoon and Seulong’s reactions are so funny.  Jokwon thinks that the card (mail) is not meant for him.  While being immersed in their game, Jinwoon and Seulong thinks that the card is for Changmin.  Sometimes I wonder of this introduction is scripted.  How can three people be dressed up looking so ready and yet be so clueless?  Jokwon thinks that the card is not for Changmin either.  Jinwoon and Seulong put down their phones and start taking interest in the card.  They try to snatch the card from Jokwon’s hands.  Seulong and Jinwoon were emcees for We Got Married at one point.  Seulong says that sitting in the studio make them realize that they are lacking affection in their lives.  The emcees in the studio agree because they feel lonely sometimes.


Seulong and Jinwoon fret over the card.  Jinwoon says that Seulong thinks that he will be the virtual husband this time around.  It appears that Seulong was the second choice the last time they were considering someone from 2AM.  Seulong opens it and sees Jinwoon’s name.  He must feel disappointed that he’s passed over twice now.


Jinwoon introduces himself like he would at a medical examiner’s office.  Ha.  Jung Jinwoon of 2AM, 23 years old, height 185cm, weight 76kg. He loves music, rock, food and sports.  When asked about what kind of girls he likes he said someone who is kind, pure and even being a little fourth dimensional (little eccentric and wacky) is fine.  He prefers an older woman.  He’s had three relationships before and two were with an older woman.  An age gap of 6 to 7 years is alright to him.

Seulong thinks that it will be an actress and Jokwon thinks that it will be someone older than him.  Jinwoon says that he will be more comfortable if his virtual wife is older.  There is a hint in both mission cards received by the virtual husband and virtual wife.  Each sentence begins with their names.


Jokwon says that first impressions are the most important and that he has to try hard to make a good first impression.  Seulong suggests acting out a scenario to practice how to make a good impression.  Seulong asks Jinwoon to remove his jacket and flannel shirt because it does not look good on.  I think the jacket looks fine but the flannel shirt can go.  Yo, Jinwoon has a hot bod!


Jokwon is acting as the virtual wife so Jinwoon approaches manly and took his seat but his first sentence sounds like a cute 23 year old.  Ha.  That height and build does a good job masking his age but his speech gives it away.  He receives directions from Seulong about what to say.  Oh Jinwoon, your big bro Seulong will not be able to talk in your ear when you meet your wife.


Seulong says that once Jinwoon have grown closer to his wife he can tell her a joke.  Guess what Jinwoon thinks is a good joke?  He said to Jokwon (who is in character) “you have a booger in your nose.”  He gets a slap in the back from Seulong and has his head down on the table laughing away.  Man, he needs work.  Seulong gives up and said Jinwoon is screwed.


They started discussing about the appropriate gift to get for Jinwoon’s virtual wife.  Seulong thinks that it has to be something moderately priced but yet meaningful.  Speaking from experience, Jokwon thinks that girls want bags, shoes, rings and accessories.  Gain really drove Jokwon crazy with her request for a branded bag.  Seulong said that Gain was the shameless kind (they are pretty close friends) and usually people just go for a gift from the heart.  Jinwoon wants to write her a song.


Jinwoon writes and practices for the song even when he was in Japan.  Junhee prepares homemade chocolates.  She says that one can make good tasting chocolates or pretty looking chocolates.  She makes it sounds like that is mutually exclusive.  She’s aiming for it tasting good.


She draws hearts on the chocolates but it looks really messy!  Hope it tastes better than it looks.



Junhee gets her makeup done.  She is so pretty in red lipstick.  Her makeup artist hopes that her husband likes her.  She teases that Junhee might want to go home immediately after seeing him.  Junhee answers that she might not even go home if she likes him.  Junhee stands up and twirls to show off her outfit to her makeup artist.  I think the garter belt thing is a bit too much given that her skirt is more like a micro mini.  In the interview, she wonders what her virtual husband will be wearing.  She thinks that socks are the finishing touch.  Black socks are a no-no for her.


She receives a text message asking her to meet her husband at Hongdae Theatre.  She makes her way there.


Jinwoon is at the theatre rehearsing the song he has written for her.  The camera catches him wearing black socks.  Oh-ow.  Is that a bad omen?  Jinwoon lectures his bad to leave right after they finish the song.  Poor band mates.  Tossed to the sidewalk once he gets the girl.


Junhee arrives at the theatre.  Jinwoon hears her coming towards the theatre and he his excited and nervous.  There is a seat marked with a red rose and Junhee picks up the rose and takes a seat.  There is a spotlight directed at that seat so Jinwoon would have seen her first.  Jinwoon starts singing with the lights off.  Junhee tries to take a look at the stage where Jinwoon is but it is too dark to see.  After singing the first few verses the lights came on and Junhee sees Jinwoon for the first time.  Jinwoon performs his (cringe-worthy!) song called Unfizzy Cola.  He compares his loveless life to unfizzy coke.


Awkward smiles and laughter filled the room.  Jinwoon invites Junhee on stage for a chat.  Jinwoon asks her what she thought about the song and she says that she could not hear the lyrics because she is so nervous and shocked.  He told her that he’s written the song especially for her.


She says that she will listen to the lyrics properly next time with a carbonated heart.  Awkward!  They introduced themselves to each other.  Junhee knows him and which idol group he is from.  She is shocked to hear that he is 23 years old.  This means that there is a 6 year gap between them.  She is born in the 80’s while he is born in the 90’s.  They are perfectly fine with the age gap and Junhee being older than Jinwoon.  Jinwoon said that she is much taller than he is so Junhee changed her shoes to sneakers.  That’s the sign for her stylist!


Probably worried about Jinwoon feeling bad, Junhee told him that she does not like wearing heels but only wore them to look pretty.  I like her already because she is so cool about things.  In the interview, she confesses that she did not notice his socks.  She says that socks are not important anymore and with what he is wearing black socks fit perfectly.  Nice save.


Junhee hands over her mission card to Jinwoon when he asked for it because they wanted to check the hint on the mission card.  She found that her birth name Eun Joo was on the mission card.  They discover their names and realized that they could have known who the other person is without mulling about it for a week.


Jinwoon took notice of Junhee’s cute sneakers and asks her what size she wears.  Guys, never ask what size a woman wears.  She tells him right off the bat that she gets sensitive talking about her size and height.  He thinks that having her height and size is a good thing.  She would rather be average sized because she thinks that she’s too big.  In an attempt to make her feel better, Jinwoon tells her that he also hates talking about the size of his pants.  Bad choice because he then gets shy talking about his thick thighs.


Junhee suggests that they drop the honorifics when they speak and Jinwoon accepts and adapts quickly.  That caught her a little off-guard and she is flustered when speaking to him in banmal (반말 the lowest speech level in Korean language).  She expected him to hesitate but he is very easy-going about it.  Jinwoon says that he will not call her noona (older sister) and that they will figure out eventually what to call each other.  Junhee is very fidgety.  At least with Jinwoon coming off that strong the age gap does not feel huge.  Junhee likes how Jinwoon feels like an older man.


Stay tuned for the next episode to see the development of their relationship.




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