Since Level 7 Civil Servant is pushing everyone’s buttons, let’s just focus on what is good in that drama: Joowon. Yeah, he is the only reason why I am still sticking around to watch it. If it was anyone else (Er… Not quite. I would stay to watch for a few of my biases) I would have given up in episode 3. I always expect episode 1 of any drama to really suck so episode 2 will be the determining factor whether I should stay on or give up completely.

For this post, I shall embrace the persona of the ultimate Joowon fangirl. *Squeals* OK, now that I’ve got that squeal in place we can go forward.

Should we warm up with some stats?

Name: 주원 / Joo Won
Real name: 문준원 / Moon Joon Won
Birthdate: Sept 30, 1987
Height: 185cm

All warmed up? Now we shall begin!


I first saw Joowon on 2 Days 1 Night. I am a long time fan of the show since the Lee Seunggi (King 2 Hearts) days. Heck, I did not even know who Lee Seunggi was when I started watching the show. Just happened to come across 2 Days 1 Night four or five years ago while I was flipping channels and landed on KBS World with an almost naked Kim C holding up a cardboard around his waist smack in the middle of winter on my TV screen. Didn’t change the channel from the shock that there are insane guys standing there in the freezing cold without their clothes on, but stayed with the show because of the big laughs it gave me. Rolling on the ground laughing at 1am from watching the show for the first time and I was sold.

Joowon came on board for season 2 and I had no idea who he was. I just thought that there is a pretty boy magnae (youngest) replacing the cute magnae Lee Seunggi from Season 1. “At least the reshuffling of the cast on the show will not be as painful with the eye candy,” I thought. He really was just a pretty boy at first because he did not say or do much. Every now and then they will show clips from Gaksital (Bridal Mask) on 2 Days 1 Night. That fuelled my curiosity (dang, that Shinee song just came into my head) so I watched some of his cuts from the dramas he starred in.


His acting rapsheet includes ‘King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu’, ‘Ojakgyo Brothers’, ‘Gaksital‘ and the most recent ‘Level 7 Civil Servant’. He started out with playing antagonist and butt-kicking characters. Now he proves that he can pull off silly and cute with Level 7 Civil Servant, his first try in the romance comedy genre. So even if L7CS flops (I feel like it is going to) it will not affect his reputation as a great actor.


OK, I have to clarify that I have not seen Tak Gu, Ojakgyo or Gaksital. I have seen clips of his cuts. I just didn’t get around watching King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu. Ojakgyo Brothers gives off the feeling of one of those weekday daytime Korean soaps, stuff that you get at 3pm on KBS World kinda setting. Gaksital looks a little too depressing so I am skipping it to maintain my sanity.

Clip: Kang To (Joowon) shot Gaksital who he later discovers was his brother and finds his mother dead

Bonus: Joowon crying over potato scene

This guy cries buckets when he is asked to cry, screams with rage when he is supposed to be angry and tries to minimize the use of a stunt double during his time filming Gaksital. On 2 Days 1 Night he was the only one who succeeds in the game to cry within 3 minutes. He has this freaky way of getting into character immediately. His ability to compartmentalize is scary. Hopefully he does not develop bipolar disorder. And I am only half kidding at that. A hilarious demonstration of that would be the crazy expressionless dance Joowon does with his co-star Park Kiwoong when the crew is setting up filming equipment. When they are ready to shoot he snaps back into character immediately.

I have to say that the writers of L7CS really threw this drama down the drain because they could have done so much with such a great actor on hand. A waste of great talent paired with bad writing. *Sobs* For me though, L7CS is my mood lifter after watching IRIS 2.

Joowon debuted as a musical actor so he has the singing and acting chops. He sings with great control and his range is awesome. These are some of the soundtracks sung by Joowon for his dramas.

Love – King of Baking, Kim Tak Gu soundtrack

Love and loveGaksital soundtrack

Judgement Day (feat. Lee Jung Hyun, Korean tenor) – Gaksital soundtrack

We’ve covered some of his dancing skills with the crazy expressionless dance so let’s just say he has some moves. LOL! That’s one cute zombie-like dancing.


In real life he is an aegyo (acting cute) prince. Seriously. At 26 he still goes around like a little boy holding onto his older brothers. The older guys on 2 days 1 night treat him like a baby because there are huge age gaps between him and all the other guys. He lies in between them or on them while he dozes off. Sung Sikyung (ballad singer) even had a mock fight with Uhm Taewoong (Man of the Equator) claiming Joowon was his baby. Then Sikyung patted Joowon’s belly till he falls asleep. See why I was worried about bipolar disorder? Or even multiple personality disorder? This sleepy baby plays a screaming, killing, kick-ass Gaksital on the small screen.


A habit of his I’ve noticed: touching his chin when he talks. He does this when he is in deep thought or slightly embarrassed during his interviews.


A second habit of his is biting his fingers. Also another one of his habit when he is trying to get his brain juices flowing.


So does this perfect guy have flaws? Thanks to 2 Days 1 Night, we find that he has some. Makes him all the more human. Joowon’s kryptonite is knowledge test. General knowledge test. The kind of question where you hold up former US president Bill Clinton’s photo in Joowon’s face, asking him to identify the photo and he doesn’t know Clinton. And despite telling him later that it was ‘Clinton’ on the photo he answers back with, “I could have guessed that it was Clington if you gave me a bit more time~~”


Determined to destroy his kryptonite, he has been studying from a textbook. Cha Taehyun (My Sassy Girl) unraveled this secret when he was checking out Joowon’s bedroom but Joowon just out right denied that he has been studying. Aww… Are you embarrassed that big bro Taehyun burst your bubble? D’aww… So cute! He even made notes! Check that out in this video while you get a tour of Joowon’s apartment around the 5 minute mark. Yes, he lives there in real life.


Think these screen caps are from a scene from his drama where he is scared and under threat? Nope. This big boy is afraid of bugs. They were playing a game on 2 Days 1 Night where everyone has to maintain their sitting or sleeping positions. The person who holds their position the longest gets to sleep indoors. That’s him right there trying to psych himself out of being afraid of the bug in the room. In the end he loses the game because he is so focused on the bug instead of finding his inner peace to sit like a statue.


The sacrifice he has to make for variety shows. Yes, that’s him with his nose taped upwards!

I picked out all the cute and funny photos of Joowon for this post. So let’s do him some justice by ending the post with a handsome photo.



2 thoughts on “Joowon

  1. Love your post on Joo Won. I just posted this link on soompi

    You should really try OB and Gaksital. I dislike melos but Gaksital is not that type of depressive melos. Yes, it made me cry buckets but not because the show was trying wring all my tears out.

    • Thank you, SS! Glad you liked the post 🙂 I love watching his cutesy antics on 1N2D. Love the contrast to how he totally uses his intense and expressive eyebrows in dramas 😉

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