Kdramaland and Product Placement – Level 7 Civil Servant

Product placement (advertising/marketing) plays a huge role in Kdramas. That’s how we get to watch the drama free. For that we are thankful, but sometimes products are written into the drama’s script when it isn’t necessary to be there. Dunkin’ Donuts at the Korean Demilitarized Zone in ‘King 2 Hearts’? Pfft. Shopping for your girlfriend at The North Face in ‘The Innocent Man’? If I were the boyfriend I’d think Forever 21 would be a safer bet.

Mama Mushroom asked me once why that man is talking on the phone but the camera pans towards the beer that he’s holding? She then blames the cameraman. Then I told Mama Mushroom that zooming into that beer probably help them rake in tens of thousands of dollars. Maybe even more!

Since I have pretty much given up on Level 7 Civil Servant‘s storyline, I decided to pick out the products and companies that are sponsoring the drama through watching the episode. Come on board for a lesson in Kdramaland Product Placement!

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The Innocent Man 착한남자 K-drama: much love a little too late


I love love love the drama ‘The Innocent Man’, also known as ‘Nice Guy’.  Love has clouded my judgement as I cannot find major flaws with the whole production.  Too bad that I have only started watching this series last week, almost half a year too late.  I missed out on the great K-drama community raving and discussing the plot while the drama was still in its run.  Now I sit here admiring this great drama and writing a post about it that may not even get read.

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Since Level 7 Civil Servant is pushing everyone’s buttons, let’s just focus on what is good in that drama: Joowon. Yeah, he is the only reason why I am still sticking around to watch it. If it was anyone else (Er… Not quite. I would stay to watch for a few of my biases) I would have given up in episode 3. I always expect episode 1 of any drama to really suck so episode 2 will be the determining factor whether I should stay on or give up completely.

For this post, I shall embrace the persona of the ultimate Joowon fangirl. *Squeals* OK, now that I’ve got that squeal in place we can go forward.

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Iris 2: Thoughts


Most people are aware that sequels tend to fail more than impress. I enjoyed the first IRIS series and I am hoping that IRIS 2 does not crash and burn.

Like Iris, I am usually left a little confused every episode of Iris 2 and there are a lot of conversations lost in translation. I never seem to fully grasp every single detail of the entire episode but I understand the big picture. This has not stopped me from watching and liking the drama.
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