Crazy Culinary Adventures with Instant Noodles… Influenced by K-Variety

It’s that sort of thing that you want to try out after you’ve seen it once on a variety show… The time where you see 2 Days 1 Night or Shinee’s Onew do the forehead flick and you do it to yourself to see how much it hurts… I bet I’m not the only one who did that self-forehead flick!

It sometimes also applies to food and today I am writing about those recipes that I’ve seen or heard on Korean variety shows 😉

I recently saw episode 7 of ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?’ (Yeah, I’m lagging behind) and watched Min Guk’s dad create an instant noodle fusion dish that seemed disgusting in the first place. To my surprise, the kids gobbled it up!

Recipe after the jump!

What is this delicious instant noodle dish the kids are slurping up? It is a mix of Neoguri and Chapagetti! Ack! If you have had both kinds of instant noodle before, your brows are probably furrowed by now. If not, then let me explain. Neoguri is a spicy soup instant noodle – the typical Korean red broth – with noodles and a piece of kelp. Chapagetti is an instant jajangmeon. It is noodles tossed in a thick dark brown sauce made out of blackbeans. No soupy consistency here. What Min Guk’s daddy did is take both kinds of noodle flavouring and mixing them in one pot. Nasty.

Photo credits: Nong Shim website. Please don’t punish me for using your photo from your site. I buy lots of Shin Ramyeon. Customer loyalty *puppy dog eyes*
Although the thought of it is icky, I am actually quite tempted to try it out!  It has a name now: Chapaguri or Jjapaguri.  Have you tried it out? If you did, leave a comment!

Now, this is not the first time I’ve tried something mentioned or shown on variety shows. My first time trying out ‘recipes’ from variety show is from watching 2 Days 1 Night. Kang Ho Dong smashed up the noodles from a pack of Shin Ramyeon, cooked it, crack an egg over top and stirred it like crazy. The end product is short, tiny, broken up noodles with pieces of egg all over the soup. I improvised and threw in a few seaweed sprouts. Texturally it is a different and interesting way to enjoy Shin Ramyeon. Chopsticks free too 🙂 Try it!

Just a little tip for instant noodle lovers: don’t buy Shin Ramyeon that is made in China or USA. Get the legit stuff that is made in Korea. Only those taste good!

Second thing I tried out was when a few girls from Girls Generation (I forgot who and probably even got the idol group wrong) said that they first boil some kimchi in the broth before adding the noodles and seasoning. This tastes awesome but can be a bit spicy because there are chillies from the kimchi and the spicy instant noodles flavouring.

I’ve also tried instant noodles with cheese. Interesting and not as weird as I thought it would be.

What are some of the weird and wonderful recipes you’ve tried with instant noodles?


Thanks to the comment from our reader ts, I found out that the kids from ‘Dad where are you going?’ filmed a commercial for Chapaguri!  Watch the behind the scenes and bloopers from the commercial in the video below 😉

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3 thoughts on “Crazy Culinary Adventures with Instant Noodles… Influenced by K-Variety

    • Thanks for the reference!! Gosh, they surely are capitalizing on the show! Now i seriously have to get myself some chapagetti and neoguri….
      If I have Hoo at my dinner table every day I think I would gain 10 pounds in a month! He eats everything deliciously. Have you realized the way he does that small but rapid chewing? So cute!

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