Get the Look: Statement Necklaces for Fashionable Career Women in Heirs Episode 15

Kim Tan’s mommy has to be the nicest blackmailer in Korean drama history. There is even a genuine remorse in having to use this method to break off Kim Tan’s engagement to Rachel.

Floral Necklaces
1. Sweet Side Floral Necklace, Forever 21, $7.80
2. Opulent Floral Bib Necklace, Forever 21, $19.80

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Get the Look: Rachel in Heirs Episode 13



You can almost always spot Rachel wearing the same silhouette. She is always in a long sleeved top and a fit and flare skirt. We’ll borrow that silhouette and talk about the different material and details that can change up the look.

Pick out different fabrics or details in a top. Pick something lacey, embroided, flowy chiffon or something comfy like a jersey top with a bold pattern.
1. Lace top, H&M, $99
2. Blouse with beaded embroidery, H&M, $59.95
3. Jersey too, H&M, $14.95
4. Chiffon top, H&M, $69.95

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Get the Look: Hair Accessories in Heirs Episode 14

Metallic Blossoms

Kim Tan’s mommy always wear beautiful hair accessories. This is an eye-catching one!

She’s the character that grows cuter and cuter each episode. I started off not liking her thinking that she’s a psycho mistress and alcoholic. Now she’s showing fondness and attachment to Eun Sang’s mother, her housekeeper. Kim Tan’s mom is dreading the moment when Eun Sang’s mom is going to quit and has even hinted for slowing down the process of finding a new replacement housekeeper.

1. Pearl and crystal flower headband, Claire’s, $14.50
2. Pearl daises headband, Claire’s, $9.50

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This Week’s Wrap Up: Nov 25-Dec 1

Marry Him If You Dare
This is a romance drama with no romance. Everybody has a crush on everybody but nobody is getting together. How tiring.

Ajumma finds out that her meddling in her past does nothing to change her future but it creates a new future. Heck, this is getting more and more confusing. So… there are different universes based on the different choices people would make? Now we need Sheldon Cooper to break this down.

I want to pick out the biggest mystery in the drama. Ajumma came from the future with a hand held black leather-like overnight bag. How did she manage to fit in all those fashionable clothes and hats that she had been wearing? Maybe clothes from the future can be shrunk and expanded as you like? Haha. Maybe she’s brought cash from the future and went shopping? Never mind.


Episode 15 is all about the bromance no matter how much Young Do and Tan tries to frame it as an opportunity to owe another a favour. I am rooting for Young Do and Kim Tan more than I am for Kim Tan and Eun Sang. Is that wrong? Their frenemy-ship runs too deep. The worried looks that they give each other when their respective father and brother arrive at school for a meeting with the principal shows how much they get each other. Bromance FTW.

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This Week’s Wrap Up: Nov 18-24

Lee Seunggi spotted filming Running Man

I’m starting to miss him! I didn’t watch Gu Family Book because of Suzy (I’m gonna get lots of backlash for this). He’s dropped out of 2 Days 1 Night for almost 2 years now so I don’t get my dose of heodang Seunggi or the Seunggi that aces all quizzes. This is why an episode (or two… Please?) of Running Man with Lee Seunggi will make me incredibly happy. I hope he keeps his endless chatter like the last time he appeared on the show. Doesn’t the picture above remind you of Seunggi impersonating Na PD on an old episode of 2 Days 1 Night? That iconic yellow jacket…

He’s coming back to variety with Noona over Flowers which is pretty much like 2 Days 1 Night with older female actresses. I’d rather watch guys being all competitive and trying to take out each other than women in a cat fight. Maybe Noona over Flowers is not for me?

Secrets are revealed left, right and center. There are threats everywhere to expose dirty little secrets. However, once the blackmailed announces their secret loud and clear it leaves the blackmailers with no pieces left on the board. Eun Sang does not hide the fact that she is in the Social Care Group. The unveiling of her secret is made easy as Kim Tan shows that he is aware of that and proceeds to plant a kiss on her forehead in front of their peers. Talk about cliche PDA.

Rachel is left fuming and hurt. I think she likes Kim Tan more than what she expresses. She has been hiding behind the fact that her engagement to Kim Tan is a business deal and constantly using it as a threat to get Kim Tan to respond to her. Deep inside, she probably wants more in the relationship. She has a pitiful story but I find it hard to sympathize with her because she is a huge b*tch.

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Kim Woobin’s New Hairstyle in Heirs Episode 14

Which hairstyle do you prefer?

It is probably the gazillionth time Kim Woobin playing the high school bully. He’s always worn his hair up and it makes him look like a rascal. A very good looking one. In this episode he is wearing his hair down and in a very similar shape as Lee Minho. I have to admit I can’t tell them apart in the long shots. They both have similar heights and have their own swagger walk. Throw in similar hairstyles and I need to wear magnifying glasses to tell them apart in the long shots.

So what do you think? Leave your comments below!

This Week’s Wrap Up: Nov 11-17


Everything is so cliche on Heirs but why am I still hooked?
Dirt poor, plain looking female lead with a bleak future. Check.
Two hot, rich male leads with a terrible personality. Check.
Love triangle between two hot guys and the plain-looking girl. Check.
Pretty but bitchy second female lead. Check.
Forbidden love. Check.
Unwanted arranged marriage. Check.
Airport scene. Check.
Makjang birth secret and fake mama. Check.
Half-brother. Check.
Wrist grab, surprise hugs and forced kisses. Check
Konglish and Amurica scenes. Check.
Heavy product placement. Check.
The list goes on. I think I’ve not spotted a U-turn scene or hospital scene just yet. Or I might have forgotten. Yes, it is cliche as ever but why am I still watching it? I roll my eyes at all the supposedly romantic scenes and yawn at the brewing jealousy but I still look forward to watching every episode. Help!

Came for Lee Minho and Kim Woobin, stayed for Lee Minho and Kim Woobin, and will endure the length of the broadcast for Lee Minho and Kim Woobin. No matter if the stylist gives them silver metallic pants, neon orange sweater and green horns growing out of their heads. I’m hooked on the show but I can’t quite tell you why.

Where has Joowon gone?
Right after wrapping up Good Doctor, Joowon dived straight into rehearsals for the musical based on the popular movie, Ghost. Yay for him going back to do what he loves but boo for not being able to see him regularly on TV. He made an appearance on Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook to promote Ghost the musical. Watch!

I cringed and laughed and squirmed and cringed some more when Joowon reenacts the famous pottery scene with Yoo Hee Yeol (does he go by Hwi Yeol instead?).

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