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Product Review: Blinc Cosmetics Amplified Mascara

I am excited to share with you girls a mascara that I hauled earlier this week and have instantly fell in love. Well ok, not instantly. Maybe the idea of applying “tubes” to your lashes didn’t really sit well with me when the MUA at Sephora tried to explain the concept in store, but move on over all other existing mascaras! I have found THE one.

sev-beauty-blogger-tips-lara-ramos-tuesday-dePhoto credits to

Little Sheepy’s List of Requirements

  • Smudge proof
  • Dramatic length and definition but not spider lashes (I know a little confusing)
  • Works for sensitive eyes
  • Does not harden my lashes like a brick wall

I am not picky when it comes to mascara, but I guess over the course of a few years buying so-called Holy Grails from Youtube recommendations and having failed me over and over again, perhaps I have come to be too demanding with the requirements of my favourite mascara. It is said that you don’t need to chalk up a whole lot of money for high end mascaras and that Drugstore ones are fine. I’m not ballin’ so to speak, but I would rather spend good money for something that works instead of wasting money continuously being let down by a product that ends up being mediocre at its best (like this post if you agree!).  Continue reading

Office Confidential: Challenges in the Work Place

Sorry for the long hiatus from Les Cordonniers! Hoping to return to blogging regularly starting from August~

I’d like to blog about the challenges we may face in the workplace. Office politics is a very tricky situation and all those who have been there (and survived!) will all agree with that! Recently I have had experience with an unwelcoming situation at the work place and I have learned a lot from it – let’s begin!


1. Keep your emotions in check
Yes, it is easier said than done. But when you are in the middle of an episode, it’s better for you to keep your mouth shut as long as possible and to avoid said colleague in their “prime”. When emotions are high, you may put yourself at risk and have human resources raise their eyebrow at you when it wasn’t even about you to begin with. If possible, look at yourself at a 3rd party perspective and judge for yourself of your own actions during an episode. Would you agree that your emotions have been in check and that you have been blameless while the incident is happening? Have you said or left any evidence behind for the other party to prove that you are in fact the problem?

2. Find a mentor
This would tie into the above topic. If you are going crazy already and you need to vent or you’ll explode, find someone in the office that you can trust. Some people approach those in hot water just for juicy gossip and to be “in the know” – you want to avoid these people at all costs. How you can tell is if they approach you and befriend you while the situation is high and asking questions and trying to get information out of you. Find someone in the office who keeps to themselves and is not known to be overly friendly. Of course, if you are new to the office it is hard to judge but choose wisely, and this said mentor will be a lifesaver in difficult times. If you don’t know who to turn to, the manager you report to should be a good choice or somebody in human resources.

Continue reading

FOTD – Natural Flush


I’ll be doing my first Face of the Day post today!

I usually do natural makeup to the office, but with a pop of colour on the cheek. Here is what I’m wearing from L to R:

1. Nature Republic Aloe Vera BB Cream
2. Chanel Universelle Powder Compact
3. Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Fearless
4. Etude House eyebrow pencil in caramel brown
5. Kiss Me Liquid Eyeliner in black
6. Lioele highlighter

I recently hauled the Tarte blush and my goal is to collect all of them! I love their blushes and the packaging is so cute. Everything else, other than the Chanel powder and my blush, are bought in Hong Kong. I really should do a makeup haul but there’s too much and I don’t know where to start. 😀

Product Review: WATSONS Face Mask with Rose Water and Natural Plant Extracts

I’m on a roll! ^_^ Hopefully this will pick up for the rest of the year lol.

Today’s product review is on a face mask – the WATSONS Face Mask with Rose Water and Natural Plant Extracts. It specializes in revitalization and moisturization.

photo 1

I typically use the My Beauty Diary face masks (which trust me girls, I STOCKED UP in Hong Kong!) but a friend was going back to Taiwan and he picked up these face masks for me. Generally, I don’t see a great difference when I use masks (but I do feel more refreshed). However, I was very surprised after I used it the first time the other day ago, and I thought I’d write a blog post about it! Continue reading

Product Review: Benefit the POREfessional

Wow, it’s been so long since we’ve last posted anything on Lescordonniers 🙂 I wonder if anyone still reads this blog? Since I have more time now, I’m hoping to update this blog more. Maybe I’ll get Mushroom back on the blogging train too 😉

In today’s post, I’ll be reviewing the ultra popular product, Benefit’s POREfessional.


Image Source: Benefit

I’ve noticed pores around my nose area and cheek and I wanted something to blur the visibility of them under my makeup, almost like photoshop makeup if you will. Over the years I’ve heard about Benefit’s miracle product, the POREfessional and how it would help with diminishing pores and fine lines. I’ve watched a lot of Youtube videos with demos on how to use the product, and what to layer it with. It looked promising and I made the plunge and picked it up at Sephora one day after work and tried it out the next morning. Continue reading

Littlesheepy Update! Back from Hong Kong

Yay! I’m finally back and have gotten rid of my not-so-wonderful jetlag that I experienced for two weeks! Who gets jetlag for that long? Does anyone have tips for getting over it faster? Anyway, since I’ve been back, I’ve been cooking up a storm. You eat out every day in Hong Kong and I’ve missed playing around with the stove and oven! Here are some quick updates of things I’ve made in the past week or two. Thank you guys so much for sticking around to this blog! ❤


Lately I’ve been trying to indulge in healthier snacks. What is your choice when you are craving something healthy? Raspberries are my favourite fruit of choice at the moment. Actually, I think it’s always been ❤


Its always fun to bake for the boyfriend, isn’t it? Here I made banana raisin bread for his OT team at the office.  Continue reading