2014 Beauty Resolutions


Happy new year every one! We made it to another digit in the future. I still can’t believe how much our society and the world in general has improved since the 90’s. Yes, I’m a 90’s girl and proud of it! (Cue BSB!) Here are my 5 beauty resolutions for the year ahead of us. I will make a mental note to check in around June to see my progress! ^^

1. Try something different
I’m the kind of girl that, once I’m familiar and comfortable with a makeup routine I will stick to it for a very long time. I know most of the Youtube beauty gurus like to collect makeup for the purpose of collecting, but I like to actually use my makeup XD hehe. That being said, I usually only buy the regular stuff: same foundation, same eyeliner, same blusher. But sometimes it gets you into a makeup rut and you don’t enjoy the routine anymore, so it’s good to try something new. For 2014, I want to try a red lip. I am a no-lipstick kind of girl to begin with, so saying this is like learning how to run before you walk. Maybe I can try something with less pigmentation like a Revlon lip butter or a Maybelline Whispers? If you girls have any suggestions please let me know. ^^ Continue reading


Favourite YouTubers of 2013!

Since my terrible addiction with YouTube started, I barely watch anything on the television. In the beginning I would only visit YT once or twice a week (yes, I had very good self control (back then)). Then I learned how to subscribe to channels that I deemed interesting, and then the rest is history. I hope you find this interesting, and maybe list a few channels that you would recommend for this addict to watch too! ^_^

1. GAMING CHANNELS (Let’s Players) I’m still trying to establish my own identity as a gamer but I don’t have the time anymore to sit for hours on end playing a single game! ): What I do like however, is having some kind of background noise while I do work at home and sometimes I just like the quirkiness of Lets Players. First mention goes to BdoubleO100 🙂

One of my favourite MineCraft LPers. Funniest part in this video is when he tries to make the chicken coop at 26:00-ish mark. He’s a bit crazy at times and you’ll have to definitely turn down your volume LOL, but that makes it sooo much fun. This video is an example of how funny and crazy he his. As for most LPs, it always starts out a bit slow but if you have patience you will know why I love him so much! Well ok not love. But can I just say that his voice is damn sexy? Especially when he talks really low. *fangirls* 😀 Another LPer that I really like to watch is LifeSimmer who mainly focuses her audience on The Sims games, but she does expand to Minecraft and The Walking Dead. Her videos are quite long so it’s good if you want some kind of background noise when you work at home. Continue reading

Friday Five: Beauty Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started Experiementing With Makeup

1. Blend, Blend, Blend!
After layering on eyeshadow, grab a (preferably clean) eyeshadow brush and blend away. Just when you think you’ve done enough blending, keep blending for 10 more seconds. This will marry colours together and soften harsh lines.

2. Eyeshadow gives you depth, eyeliner gives you definition
I recall the days where I layered on dark eyeshadow expecting definition. I got not-so-flattering panda eyes instead. Apply dark shadow on your crease to create depth. Eyeliner will give you definition, especially with the popular cat eye.

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Bargain Makeup Brushes at H&M Pacific Centre


You can get makeup brushes from H&M in Pacific Centre, Vancouver for only $2! (Tax not included). They have a range of brushes ranging from eyeshadow brushes, eyeliner brushes, kabuki brushes and more. While you’re there, don’t forget to pick up some fragrances, body lotion, body wash and mirrors for also – you guessed it – $2 before tax!

Those are wonderful steals and can be great gifts for the holiday season!

Review: Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte

After lunch with the boyfriend and some of his colleagues last week I made the mistake of visiting the Chanel counter.  It was a quick, innocent trip and I just wanted to check out the selections they had. I knew I didn’t want eyeshadow (another fail for a girl, will post about that later). I knew I wasn’t in the market for another blush (I already have one I’m eyeing at MAC), and I didn’t want eyeliner (I already found my muse at the Drugstore).

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not the type of girl to just fork over a bunch of cash like that. However, I knew I wanted something from Chanel and I ended up going for the Chanel Poudre Universelle Compacte.


When I went to the counter, the Chanel girl tried selling me their beige line of cosmetics but the black packaging stole my heart. I said, “take my money!!” and took this baby home. Continue reading

Get the Look: Go Junhee (WGM 167)

If you’ve been following my We Got Married episode recaps, you would know that I always admired how pretty Go Junhee looks. It is perhaps time that we take a look into her makeup colour selections! I will use MAC products as suggestions to get Junhee’s look.

There are four components to her eye makeup: eyebrows, eye shadow, eyeliners and eyelashes.

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