Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 156


At Kwanghee and Sunhwa’s “home” (more like the home that they live in while filming the show) Sunhwa put her feet on Kwanghee’s lap as soon as she sits on the sofa. I bet these beautifully renovated houses would sell for a fortune once they are done filming there. That day was the day Kwanghee’s parents will be visiting the ‘newlyweds’. This has been informed to them earlier but a date was not confirmed. Kwanghee was only notified on the same day his parents were coming to visit.


Sunhwa thinks she should be modest now that his parents are coming to visit, so she takes her feet off of Kwanghee. Curious about how Kwanghee’s mother (from now on just known as Mother) is like, Sunhwa asks a few questions. Kwanghee describes his mother to be cool and easygoing.


Mother likes honesty, does not like flattery and likes speaking in English. The memories of the mornings in his house consists of English language tapes being played, his mother speaking to her English teacher on the phone and singing along to English songs. No wonder Kwanghee knows a lot of English phrases. I noted that although he make lots of mistakes (a lot of cringe-worthy ones), his vocabulary is a lot wider than a typical Kpop idol. Kwanghee says that Mother will come wearing the sort of jeans Beyoncé would wear, something like blue skinny jeans. Her favourite kinds are jeans with patterns and designs on them.


Sunhwa asks about Mother’s cooking skills and Kwanghee said that mother buys premade bulgogi and cooks it well. In another word, mother does not cook very well. Kwanghee says that mother will prepare food for them when she visits. Wondering what Mother would cook for them, Sunhwa asks whether Mother would make rice cake soup. According to Kwanghee, something with minimal preparation like toast and jam would be more realistic.


Kwanghee’s father (Father for short) is described to be like an angel. Father might be really excited to meet his “daughter in law”. The women in their family are pretty strong (dominant) so Kwanghee and Father are the relatively weak ones in the family. Sunhwa will fit right into their family. Mother, kwanghee’s sister and Sunhwa are all strong-minded.


They head upstairs to get ready and came back down wearing their Hanboks. Kwanghee gets a text (with spelling error!) saying that his parents have arrived. Sunhwa gets all nervous feeling like she’s going for an audition. They head out and see Kwanghee’s parents waiting outside with two huge luggages in tow. Oh my, it looks as if they are going to stay there for the next three months.



Mother greets Sunhwa with a hug. Mother takes time to look at Sunhwa because she’s only seen her from the “box” (TV). Mother says that Sunhwa is so pretty like a doll. Mother is good with words and the emcees in the studio nothes that kwanghee gets his talking skills from mother. Sunhwa made a comment that Mother looks like celeb with Father at her side like her manager.


They make their way into the house. Sunhwa offers juice while mother and father takes a seat in the living room. Mother removes her outer jacket to reveal a bedazzled top. Kwanghee was right about his mother’s fashion sense. Kwanghee notices sunhwa slaving away at the kitchen and asks Mother whether he should help her. Mother says he should go and help while Sunhwa says that he can stay where he is because she does not need any help. He then decides to get up and help her. Ha. First time stuck in between mother and wife. If this was a real life couple there would be more serious drama than just juice. LOL.


Parents just look at them in awe. I think it feels really new to see their son married.


Sunhwa serves all of them some juice and they have a little chat. Father praises Sunhwa for doing a good job taking care of her husband and that’s why Father wants to stay for few days, hence those luggages. Sunhwa agrees to Father’s stay in a strained voice. Mother noted her tone, but thankfully Sunhwa is quick with words said that it’s because they should have things prepared for their stay so she was surprised. Nice job cleaning up.


Kwanghee and Sunhwa show them around the house starting with the master bedroom upstairs. Father and Mother see two baby dolls tucked into their bed. Sunhwa picks up the “grandchildren” and hands them over to Kwanghee’s parents. Mother says that it feels weird holding the baby doll in her arms. I think it is helping her visualize her future. Father asks Kwanghee for a grandson. Mother asks why Kwanghee brought the baby dolls to their honeymoon saying that a honeymoon should be without kids. Kwanghee counters saying that his parents went on their honeymoon after having him. Mother was silenced. Sunhwa feels a little embarrassed with the situation. They got married in 1990 but he was born in 1988. Apparently he was masked as the “little cousin” at the wedding. Sunhwa parents got married in April and she was born in October. Sunhwa concluded that 1990s was the period of passion.


Sunhwa and Kwanghee give a proper bow to Kwanghee parents for the new year not forgetting to say happy new year in English. Mother gives sunhwa advice in English: “My dear Sunhwa-ya. Please keep your mind. Do your best! Do your best! Do your best when your parents are in the world. Become person and take care of the poor and shat(???)” I swear that few sentences sounds like it’s been Google translated. Mother asks for a translation of what she has said. Ma’am, even in the unlikely event of me being super fluent in both English and Korean, I would not have known what those words of advice mean except for the phrase “do your best”. Kwanghee guesses the meaning, and I am pretty sure that he’s wrong because I did not hear Mother say the word “health”. Mother explains in Korean that she means that they should do their best to their living parents. Still pretty confusing… Simple way of explaining it: filial piety.


They all soon got hungry and they decided to cook a meal for themselves. Anchovy dumplings and bean noodle was on the menu and these dishes were commonly made my Kwanghee’s grandmother. Mother said that it’s been 30 years since she’s made it (sounds like trouble). Sunhwa and Mother worked together at the kitchen counter while Kwanghee and Father worked sitting cross legged on the floor. They prepare kimchi for the dumplings. Sunhwa cuts the kimchi and Mother looks pleased.

20130210-120510.jpg 20130210-120527.jpg

Kwanghee and Father were in charge of grinding the anchovies into a powder. As time goes by, Mother’s clumsiness and cluelessness demonstrates her lacking cooking skills is in the kitchen. Sunhwa gets more and more anxious. Mother forgets the reason she bought ingredients and cooking directions so she jokes that they may not be able to eat that day.


Sunhwa naturally picks up the slack. Kwanghee and his parents just end up observing her cutting and cooking skills in silence and admiration.


Father says that he wants to eat breakfast made by his daughter in law every morning. Sunhwa, word of advice, run out the door right about now! Mother mixes the dumpling fillings and leaves the flavouring entirely up to Sunhwa. In the interview, Mother says that she’s slightly embarrassed by her own cooking skills.


We’ll find out next week if the dumplings turn out fine or whether they will end up eating take out.


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