Tamagotchi: The Reincarnation in App Form?


The Tamagotchi brings back bittersweet memories. I was 8 or 9 years old when I first got a Tamagotchi of my own. Most of my classmates already owned one when I got mine. It did not involve crying and sulking to get one, but I think my father saw how my gaze would fall upon one of those Tamagotchi egg-shaped things each time we walked around a mall. My father asked me if I wanted one, I silently nodded and had a big smile on my face. I looked through all the Tamagotchis they had in store, and finally picked out a pale blue egg-shaped one. My memory now fails me because I cannot remember what my digital pet looked like.

The game was about raising your electronic Tamagotchi pet. It starts off as an egg, then hatches and grows bigger over time. My Tamagotchi story was less about raising one, but more of keeping it alive. You have to make sure it is fed and clean. If the Tamagotchi is thirsty, hungry or didn’t go potty it will fall sick. Eventually, when things get worse it dies.

Reasons Why Tamagotchi Will Not Do Well as an App

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Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 157

*Tiny Recap*

I am loving these two already and it’s only the second episode!


Jinwoon asks whether Junhee cooks well. She doesn’t and Jinwoon thinks it is a big problem because he hates instant food. He likes homemade food with proper rice. They both hate fast food and have the same preferences with regards to food. Even though triangle rice sushi is made with rice, they prefer a bowl of rice.


Junhee checks their height difference. To her relief, Jinwoon is way taller than she is. Their height matches well and they look good together. She looks up at him with a wide smile on her face. Yeah, the nice feeling of looking at a guy upward than looking at one at eye level or downwards. I have her obsession too. She says it’s been a long time since she has met a guy taller than 180cm. She is 172cm tall and he is 185cm. They share the same understanding for their height.

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Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 157

=Tiny Recap=

I will be busy this weekend so I decided to post a shorter recap. I may come back some other day to make necessary edits. Enjoy!


Well, just to jog your memory, the show left off where Kwanghee, his parents and Sunhwa are making dumplings. If you can remember, it was borderline disastrous. Sunhwa and Mother are mixing the dumpling filling and tasting them. Sunhwa thinks it needs more salt but Mother thinks it is enough. Mother says that there is enough salt because the anchovies are salty. Kwanghee watches with a worried expression on his face. First mother-in-law and daughter-in-law disagreement is unfolding.

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What are you having for dinner on Valentine’s Day?


Today is Valentine’s Day. For many who have a special someone, it is a day to look forward to. Or is it? Everyone wants to make a great impression on their significant other. Men want to get the perfect gift for their lady. Ladies want to be all dolled up and look beautiful for their man. But once you have that perfect dress and perfect gift, have you thought of what is going to be on your plate?

One of my best girlfriends and I were eating chicken wings for lunch one day and she said “I would sooooo not eat this on my first date.” From then we would think up embarrassing situations with food on dates. Every time when either one of us makes a blunder with food we would say, “I would not have this on my date.”

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Jinwoon and Junhee – We Got Married Episode 156


We are introduced to a new couple this week. They are replacing Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo’s slot. These two are so cute in this episode, filled with adorable awkward hellos and shy smiles.  I am so glad Jinwoon finally got a chance to be on this show because I really like him best in 2AM.  He’s just so cute when his eyes disappear every time he smiles.  As for Junhee, I have never seen any of her work.  A little surprising considering she appeared in a few popular dramas.  Maybe my taste for dramas is not that refined.  She’s given me a good impression in this episode.  She is awfully cute and both of them make an adorable couple.


A week before their We Got Married filming, there is a red mailbox placed at the door of the Gangnam Editor Office.  A woman walks in but no one in the studio recognizes her.  She collects the mission card (mail) from the mailbox and called out to someone.  Junhee walks in and she looks radiant.  The woman that collected her mail was her stylist.  The mission card states that she is to prepare a gift for a husband-to-be and that she will be meeting him in a week’s time.

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Dad, where are you going? (아빠, 어디가?) K-Variety Show

Looking for something new to watch that makes you go “aww…” every few minutes? Then this is the show for you. This show is about 5 celebrity fathers and their kids going on a trip to remote villages without mommy. Living conditions can be quite harsh because the villages are located in the middle of nowhere. The fathers are actor Lee Jong Hyuk (A Gentleman’s Dignity! Awesome drama!), national soccer player Song Jong Kook, actor Sung Dong Il (this guy is so funny in My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox), singer Yoon Min Soo, and TV host Kim Sung Joo. All of them brought their sons on the show except Song Jong Kook who brought his daughter, Ji Ah. It’s a challenge for the fathers because they have to be both mommy and daddy while they are on the trip. The kids struggle with new living conditions and nights without mommy tucking them into bed *sobs*.

The kids warmed up to each other pretty quickly to the point that there is even a love line! One of the little boys has a crush on Ji Ah. They are given games and missions to decide their dinner and sleeping quarters. Think 2 days 1 night (1박 2일) kids style. While completing their missions, they get side tracked playing with little puppies. LOL. Losing in games is met with tears, tantrums and sulking. And for you 2 days 1 night fans out there please don’t worry because there are no starvation and sleeping outside in the snow on this show :D. *Edit: I take that back. There IS sleeping outside in a tent on a very cold day LOL!

Get the links to English subbed episodes below!

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