When ‘Dad, where are you going?’ Meets ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ and ‘2 Days 1 Night’

Two of my favourite K-variety shows and one K-drama in one screen. Who knew it could have been possible?

Translation and video credits: shiareagy. Thank you for subbing!

Cha Taehyun panics about being on a rival show asking the show to put a mosaic on his face. Bird PD will have you starving and sleeping in the cold for punishment! Perfect time to chant Cha Taehyun’s slogan: manghaeseoyo! 망했어요! (We’re screwed!)

Uee, what have you done to deserve so much exposure on both shows? Appearing on ‘Dad, where are you going?’ plus having Cha Taehyun and Joowon comparing your phone number on 2 Days 1 Night?

Cha Taehyun and Song Dong Il will sure need some Jeon Woo Chi magic to get them out of the cold.


3 thoughts on “When ‘Dad, where are you going?’ Meets ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ and ‘2 Days 1 Night’

  1. I felt super uncomfortable when I properly watched this episode with subs. I felt really bad for Min Guk and like he was deliberately placed where he would cry by the show. The producers knew his dad wasn’t too with it, and additionally had to deal with Min Guk’s mom having their third child, but they still left him to look stupid and Min Gul to feel left out.

    Considering the family’s situation, which would be a strain anyway on MinGuk, it all seemed a bit cruel, that’s all. 😛

    • It’s true that the producers could have helped Min Guk’s appa out but then it will be a little unfair for the rest of the daddies having to take care of the camping equipment themselves. It was as easy as typing ‘winter camping’ into a search engine to find out what they need. These are TV personalities we are talking about so they have lots of people around them: manager, publicist, stylist… Min Guk’s appa could have just sent someone off with a list of things to buy. Best done to the manager or publicist because the celeb can threaten the manager/publicist by saying that they will look really bad on screen if it’s not done right. Sure, he wouldn’t have time like Jong Hyuk to practice setting up the tent but they could have at least slept in a comfy tent. I bet if Min Guk would still have cried even if he has the biggest tent around but has to move where Jun’s tent is…

      The staff were nice enough to lend them a tent in the end though!

      What rotten luck he has! Min Guk got a splinter on his palm. Poor boy. Somebody send him a garlic necklace quick!

      • But they all did their own work. And Min Guk’s Appa did do rk, just got it wrong. Plus, in the show, they all interact with the staff. So, someone could’ve pointed out its winter camping so the tent must be steady or something. I think they got set up, poor guys.

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