2014 Hong Kong: Travel Makeup Essentials

No doubt about it, Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise. It’s even more of a BEAUTY shopper’s paradise as it’s near all the major Asian capitals of the world (Korea, Japan, Thailand) and has access to most of the major brands available at a relatively cheap price. Well, as cheap as you would get it here in the Western countries would.

photo 1 (1)

These are the basics that I can’t live without anywhere I go, even here at home. I will be probably tossing out the Revlon powder there as I’ve hit major pan on it and the L’oreal liner as it’s almost on its last legs, but the others are still good to go. Continue reading


2014 Hong Kong: Skincare Toiletries

I can’t believe we have a week left before I embark on my journey to Hong Kong with my boyfriend and his brother. It seems like a LONG time ago since we actually decided to go and went to purchase the tickets. I can’t believe how fast time passed and now it’s down to the last minute preparations, last minute hanging out with friends, last minute doctor appointments to make sure everything’s good to go. Anyway! Enough babbling.

I am USUALLY the type of person to overpack, but as this is a type of trip where I am expected to make a lot of purchases, I have done my best and only packed what I’m using every day.

photo 2

1. Formula 10.0.6 Deep Down Detox Ultra-Cleansing Mud Mask (With Orange and Bergamot)
2. essie’s Millionails Treatment with Fiber Shield and Iron Strength
8. Urban Decay’s allnighter

I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about the pollution level in Hong Kong. I’ve been to SE Asia but have been mostly indoors so things weren’t that big of a deal, but Hong Kong is a walking city and you can best believe I will be out and about as much as possible whenever and wherever possible. Because of that, I’m hoping a detoxifying mud mask would do just the trick. I’ve used it plenty of times before and it’s got a very nice citrus fragrant. As a mud mask, it does harden into a clay-like texture so I really hope the boys won’t be terrified when I walk out of the room at night with my skincare regime on. Sorry boys, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. 😉 Continue reading

2014 Beauty Resolutions


Happy new year every one! We made it to another digit in the future. I still can’t believe how much our society and the world in general has improved since the 90’s. Yes, I’m a 90’s girl and proud of it! (Cue BSB!) Here are my 5 beauty resolutions for the year ahead of us. I will make a mental note to check in around June to see my progress! ^^

1. Try something different
I’m the kind of girl that, once I’m familiar and comfortable with a makeup routine I will stick to it for a very long time. I know most of the Youtube beauty gurus like to collect makeup for the purpose of collecting, but I like to actually use my makeup XD hehe. That being said, I usually only buy the regular stuff: same foundation, same eyeliner, same blusher. But sometimes it gets you into a makeup rut and you don’t enjoy the routine anymore, so it’s good to try something new. For 2014, I want to try a red lip. I am a no-lipstick kind of girl to begin with, so saying this is like learning how to run before you walk. Maybe I can try something with less pigmentation like a Revlon lip butter or a Maybelline Whispers? If you girls have any suggestions please let me know. ^^ Continue reading