Julien & Seah – We Got Married Episode 159

I know a few people are waiting for this post.  This blog has had a few searches for this recap and I apologize for the late post!


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Julien & Seah – We Got Married Episode 158

Sad News: Apparently Julien and Seah are calling it quits. Their virtual marriage will be over soon. Not too sure how true the reports are but the virtual marriage usually ends when rumours start spreading. We just lost Lee Joon – Oh Yeon Seo couple and now another couple is leaving. I wonder who will be replacing them? I will definitely miss Julien and Seah because they are an entertaining duo. I have grown to love Seah more now that I have seen her fun and outgoing personality. I hope Julien gets casted in some Korean drama very soon (hey, Julien speaks more Korean than early day Daniel Henney) so we can all see more of him.


OK, back to the show! Lesson for today: How to Torture Julien Kang with Dried Fish.  There goes Kim Jung Min and Danny Ahn hitting Julien’s soles with dried fish. I don’t see how this will give grooms hwaiting spirit *ahem* for their first night. Continue reading

Julien & Seah – We Got Married Episode 156


It’s a rainy day so Julien and Seah shared an umbrella. I love Seah’s pale blue jacket! Julien takes out a lime green flask from the pocket of his jacket and hands it over to Seah. She’s caught a cold and he made ginger tea to warm her up.


In the interview Seah mentioned that she received a scarf from Julien while she was filming her drama. He did not want it to be publicly known at the time so he contacted a staff member to hand over the gift to Seah. She was really thankful and touched with his gesture. It shows that he cares.

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Julien & Seah – We Got Married Episode 155

Best Photo This Week:


Julien and Seah headed to a club in Itaewon. The club opened up earlier just for the both of them.


There is a DJ playing but no one else in sight. A little depressing, don’t you think?

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Seah teaches Julien some of her crazy, dated dance moves. Julien does a bad job at following her. Seah is in her element, enjoying her handbanging and dance moves. She dances like she is in a trance and Julien, probably finding it embarrassing, stops her from doing her strange dance moves.

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Julien & Seah – We Got Married Episode 154

Best Picture from this episode:


This episode picks up from last week where Julien celebrated Seah’s birthday. He leads her up to the garden / patio where it was covered in snow saying that it is her cake. The snow is the whipping cream and they are going to make a cake out of snow.


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