Julien & Seah – We Got Married Episode 156


It’s a rainy day so Julien and Seah shared an umbrella. I love Seah’s pale blue jacket! Julien takes out a lime green flask from the pocket of his jacket and hands it over to Seah. She’s caught a cold and he made ginger tea to warm her up.


In the interview Seah mentioned that she received a scarf from Julien while she was filming her drama. He did not want it to be publicly known at the time so he contacted a staff member to hand over the gift to Seah. She was really thankful and touched with his gesture. It shows that he cares.


Julien said that it was the first time he made ginger tea. The weather has been cold lately and Seah have been filming outdoors so he thought that a gift of a scarf would help her stay warm. It was a gift from the heart. Wow, he is getting better at this week by week!


At the Traditional Korean wedding venue, Julien and Seah were discussing about the wedding ceremony with the lady that ran the place. The lady said that they will need witnesses at their wedding. Seah and Julien decide to call some friends while the lady leaves to prepare for the wedding.


Seah tries calling So Yi Hyun but she could not get through. She made a second call to Shin Da Eun to invite her to the wedding. While on the phone, Julien hears Shin Da Eun’s voice and made a comment that she sounds cute. Seah gets a little jealous and turns off speaker phone. You go girl! Upon hearing about it, Shin Da Eun said in the cutest voice “Mr. Shoulders brother-in-law”. Seah demands that Shin Da Eun speaks in her normal voice. Shin Da Eun agrees to come witness their wedding ceremony.


So Yi Hyun returns Seah’s call. Seah greets with a “Hey, girl” and Julien with a simple hello. So Yi Hyun greets Julien calling him brother-in-law. Thinking So Yi Hyun’s voice sound funny, Seah asks her to speak in her regular voice. I guess people get protective when they have a handsome husband. So Yi Hyun explains that she’s caught a cold. No, Mr. Shoulders, you are not allowed to send her some ginger tea and a scarf! Seah has an outburst saying that when a man calls you cannot have a cold for 365 days a year. Curious about their friendship, Julien asks about how they know each other and whether they go out drinking together. So Yi Hyun answered that they go drinking very often. Seah explains that she has known So Yi Hyun since she debuted as an actress. So Yi Hyun teases Seah saying that she should be thankful that it is possible for her to get married at this age. Thankfully Julien did not understand So Yi Hyun’s teasing. So Yi Hyun cannot make it to their wedding because she has a drama to film. Julien says that all Seah’s friends have pretty voices so Seah gets irritated and screamed “I’m hanging up!” at So Yi Hyun. Poor friends of Seah getting all the abuse!


Julien calls Danny Ahn who is one of We Got Married’s emcees to be the “wild goose father” (witness). The emcees were filming their commentaries for We Got Married when Julien called. Seah and Julien invite all the emcees to their wedding ceremony.



Next Julien says that he will invite a woman from his past. Seah was astonished. Turns out it was his bad Korean pronunciation because what he meant to say was a close friend who is a woman. Julien calls child actress Shin Ae who he filmed High Kick with. Seah brightens up. Shin Ae agrees to attend. Julien says that Danny Ahn oppa (older brother) will be coming along as well and Shin Ae answered “oh, that ajusshi (uncle)?” Danny Ahn’s expression darkens when he heard this at the studio.

20130210-232352.jpg 20130210-232400.jpg 20130210-232408.jpg

Now that they have their guests, both Julien and Seah begin preparing for the wedding. Both of them are dressed in traditional Korean bride and bridegroom attire.


Shin Ae is the first to arrive and she greets Julien with a hug. Julien asks her to sit down because it is a strain for her to look up at Julien. Shin Ae says that she has seen the We Got Married episode where all three couples went to Hawaii for their honeymoon. She said that Julien lacked common sense and that he should have spent the last night in Hawaii alone with Seah rather than having a double date with Kwanghee and Sunhwa. Way to go! Getting advice from a 16 year old girl. And I agree with her.


Julien asks if Shin Ae has a boyfriend or someone she likes. She does not have a boyfriend but likes Lee Sang Yeop from the drama Nice Guy. I am ashamed to say that this drama is still on my “To Watch” list. I have not made time to watch that drama. Julien concluded that she likes older men. He then recalls a conversation they had a long time ago where Shin Ae said that her ideal boyfriend is a man loaded with money. Poor girl. Probably something she said when she was younger and Uncle Julien had to bring it up. Or Uncle Julien might have made it up.


The emcees arrive and Julien greets them. They sit down for a chat. The emcees informed that one of the emcee, Misun, could not make it to the wedding ceremony because she has a filming scheduled.


The emcees start grilling Julien about his marriage. He said that he likes Seah’s good and bright personality and bright smiling face. He carefully said that there was nothing that he disliked about his marriage. The emcees cornered him and at last he admitted that it’s unfortunate that he has to eat yucky food from time to time. Clubs are a no go at this point because he gets a scolding. Danny Ahn hears that and replied that they have met at a club recently. Julien said that it was a long time ago! One man’s “recent” is another man’s “long time ago”. Both men used the excuse that it was for a friend’s birthday party. Danny Ahn suggested they should stop talking about clubs in front of middle schooler Shin Ae.


Julien tells Danny Ahn that Shin Ae calls him ajusshi. Danny Ahn gets worked up about it and he has an argument about her needing to call him oppa instead. Julien says that Shin Ae calls him samchon. Danny Ahn said that samchon is wayyyyy better than ajusshi because ajusshi just sounds older. (Both samchon and ajusshi translates to uncle in English). Shin Ae said that she would call Kim Jong Min samchon rather than ajusshi, much to Kim Jong Min’s delight. Kim Jong Min is older than Danny Ahn but he gets a younger sounding uncle title.


Julien asks Kim Jong Min for some advice because he is the only married person in the room. He advised that Julien needs to abandon all his habits because he will not have the freedom to do many things now. Julien then asks why he got married in the first place. Kim Jong Min pondered upon that question. Now I’m pretty sure Mrs. Kim sitting at home will not be happy about this. I see Kim Jong Min’s future of sleeping on the couch. Julien shared that his friends told him to marry late, no matter what. Danny Ahn said that it is the universal advice from married friends and that if possible, might as well do not get married. The lady emcee (I’m embarrassed that I didn’t get her name) opposed to the idea saying that this program is called We Got Married and here you are telling people not to get married.


They go into a discussion of whether to marry for love or background (money, status, education etc) and 16 year old Shin Ae solved the problem by saying the best thing is to have a good background yourself. Amazed by Shin Ae’s “wisdom”, the lady emcee (help!) asked her what her ideal type is. Julien answered that it used to be a rich man but her ideal has changed recently.


Shin Da Eun arrives and greets Seah. Nervous from the Julien’s teasing earlier, Seah was worried when she saw that Shin Da Eun came dressed beautifully. Seah said that she did not have to try to look youthful. Shin Da Eun asks if many of Julien’s friends have come and she asks to be set up. Sorry, Shin Da Eun. There is only a married man and an ajusshi on Team Julien.

Seah lets Shin Da Eun try the ginger tea Julien has made for her. After a sip, Shin Da Eun makes a face and says that the ginger tea comes at you. Seah takes a sip and was shocked at how concentrated it was.


Shin Da Eun asks Seah what she likes about Julien and Seah replied it is because he does not do stupid things like drinking and having lots of women. Shin Da Eun begs Seah to be the way she is with her when she is with Julien. It drives Shin Da Eun crazy because Seah only showed her feminine side to Julien. Seah educates Shin Da Eun to always be secretive in front of a man.


That is one crazy preview for their traditional wedding!



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