Now that flower leaves have settled…


Now that flower leaves have settled and everybody’s hearts have slowed down just a bit from the excitement of Valentine’s Day, what did you guys do (and get)?

I still remember the years in high school when clubs would make and sell origami rose bouqets for existing lovebirds or for a chance for that shy boy (or girl!) in class to buy a rose to confess their feelings to their crush. On Valentine’s Day, the club responsible for Origami Rose Telegrams as they were called, someone would hand deliever these bouquets to the lucky receipient’s class. Usually though, it’s only the popular girls who gets them and those ones who are obviously an item. I remember always hoping that I’d get one but I never did.

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What are you having for dinner on Valentine’s Day?


Today is Valentine’s Day. For many who have a special someone, it is a day to look forward to. Or is it? Everyone wants to make a great impression on their significant other. Men want to get the perfect gift for their lady. Ladies want to be all dolled up and look beautiful for their man. But once you have that perfect dress and perfect gift, have you thought of what is going to be on your plate?

One of my best girlfriends and I were eating chicken wings for lunch one day and she said “I would sooooo not eat this on my first date.” From then we would think up embarrassing situations with food on dates. Every time when either one of us makes a blunder with food we would say, “I would not have this on my date.”

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~Valentine’s Day Tag!~

In honour of Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to pick up my blogging with a tag that’s been circulating around! Feel free to leave a comment with your answers 🙂



1. What is your favorite Valentines Day treat?
I grew up eating candy conversation hearts as a child, and I’d always get a kick out of the funny sayings they had on them. Sometimes I even wished the boy that I liked in elementary school gave me the one that said, “Be Mine”. But we all know that never happened, haha.

2. Sweethearts or chocolate covered strawberries?
Sweetheart 🙂 I can always eat chocolate covered strawberries any day XD

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