Snow Serenade



We dance in liberty.

Guided by gentle wind,

We twirl in delight.

Graceful descend

We take stand next to one another:


the innocent ones take bow;


the pure ones join as one,

Glistening in the light.

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Reflections…on Room hunt in Fort Mac


Ever heard of the intensity of house-hunting (more than house snatching) at Fort McMurray? Well, the following is a condensed “Dummy 101 House/Room Rental Guide” for prospective settlers in hopes of increasing efficacy of this gruesome process. For those who have never set foot in Fort Mac (local abbrev. for Fort McMurray), I present you unbiased advises extracted from a young metropolitan’s experience, which was hardly the Alice in Wonderland type of story, more like Alice in Iceland if you know what I mean. I assure you that this writing took vigorous cerebral processing, so it’s def a worthwhile read and I hope this may benefit you someday, that is if you ever get the chance of making it to Iceland 🙂

Advice #1: Be Honest and ask important questions right away.

Be upfront honest with the subletter or whoever that’s responsible for the room/house rental. Ask if you stand a chance in getting the room/house/apartment. Some renters sublet on a ‘first come first serve’ basis, whereas others may not be the case. If you learned that the subletter rents at a ‘first-come-first-serve’, don’t bother with the place anymore because you know chances are, you are not on the top of the list and you have less than 10% of getting the place because usually decent places get snatched up at lightening speed. There are renters who walk around with a checkbook and ready to give one-year worth of rent right on the spot. This advice advocates energy and time consumption, which are crucial when you have less than a week’s time to find a rental place on your own.

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