September, A New Start?

I have been in and out of the blog posting the random-est things and totally avoiding We Got Married posts. “Why?”, you ask? Admittedly I was getting bored with the show. The balance of the couples is all wrong. We need a comic relief couple! Anyway, just a little recap of what has been going on on the show.

Jung Chi and Jung In are tying the knot FOR REAL. They have ended their stint on We Got Married. Apparently being on the show has given them the jolt they need to walk down the aisle. I wish they’d let We Got Married to film their real wedding. I wonder how wacky it is going to be.

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Group Pictorial – We Got Married Episode 178

wgm178all01Battle of the nerves!  All couples are not willing to disclose their pictorial theme and are making up fake silly themes.  Am I crazy for loving Jinwoon without bangs?  Taemin and Naeun arrive a little later with umbrella in hand.  Taemin announces that he’s afraid that Naeun will get a sunburn.  Upon hearing this, Junhee gets jealous and tells Jinwoon that she too wants an umbrella.  Naeun and Taemin tell everyone that they are doing a Teletubbies themed photo shoot.  It actually suits these babies well, no?

wgm178tn031 wgm178tn032 wgm178tn034 wgm178tn037

I would hate standing next to Junhee for a photo shoot.  She’s so captivating!  She also seem to have endless poses built into her body.

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Jung Chi & Jung In – We Got Married Episode 178

This week is the reveal of the “wedding” / couple photo shoots for all three couples.  The photos are currently on the MBC website where viewers can vote for their favourite couple’s photo collection.  I know I don’t typically recap Jung Chi and Jung In parts, but it’s picture heavy for this episode anyway so I’m on it. 😉

The episode kick starts with the peculiar couple picking out the wedding dress(es).  Jung In looks at all the dresses on the rack and points out the pretty dresses she liked.  She picks out a swirly design long white dress, a pink long dress and a swirly mini wedding dress.  Happy with her selection, both the ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ make their way to the dressing room to try on their dresses and tuxedos.  Sounds pretty normal up till now, eh?

Jung In walks out from the dressing room and the camera zooms towards her legs.  There’s something a little off here.  She’s wearing black pants?  Oh GawD.  Does that mean that Jung Chi…?  He is wearing…?  Seriously…?  Really…?  REALLY.

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Jinwoon ♥ Junhee, Kwanghee ♥ Sunhwa, Jung Chi ♥ Jung In – We Got Married Episode 164 Part 2

Thank you for your patience!  Part 2 has arrived *drum roll*


They sit in a line to play 3.6.9 (clap every time there is the number 3, 6 or 9) and Jung In loses the first game.  The punishment was ‘Indian Bab’ which is to lie down on the ice slab and get slaps in the back from everyone.  Jung Chi was nice enough to take the punishment for Jung In but not in the macho man way, rather there were moments that he tries to back out of it. Continue reading

Jinwoon ♥ Junhee, Kwanghee ♥ Sunhwa, Jung Chi ♥ Jung In – We Got Married Episode 164 Part 1


If you haven’t notice, I tend to only recap parts with Jinwoon ♥ Junhee and Kwanghee ♥ Sunhwa as the main focus. Honestly speaking, I am not all that interested with the Jung Chi ♥ Jung In duo. This week’s recap will be the same. I will not write about the parts that are not centered around Jinwoon ♥ Junhee or Kwanghee ♥ Sunhwa. Also, I’m releasing this week’s recaps in two parts!

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