Les Trois Cordonniers Three-monthsary!

3 month

The Things We Do For Our Blog


1. Check our blog stats first thing in the morning
2. Write an extra post and publish it when the stats are low for the day
3. Install screen shot software on my computer
4. Have a note on my iPad for recording blog post ideas
5. Constantly updating this post since April 7
6. Get excited when I get an email notification for a like or comment
7. Totally given up on playing Hayday now that I have our blog to obsess about!
8. Finally learn how to use Twitter

Taking this opportunity yet again to promote some of my posts: Kdramaland and the Piggyback Get the Look segment


1. Constantly remember funny things that happen so I can write it in the blog
2. Get up in bed even when sick to write a blog post
(see how much I love my viewers :D)
3. Check blog stats before sleeping
(Mushroom! I’m totally opposite with you on this one! Lol)
4. Continuously link my blog to the boyfriend even though he doesn’t really care about it XD
5. Constantly TALK about the blog to the boyfriend!!!


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