Movie Review: Olympus Has Fallen

Duration: 120 minutes
Genre: Action, Thriller
Year: 2013

When a member of the President of the United State’s Secret Agents defies the President himself by failing to save his wife on Christmas Day is fired from duty, that seems to be the turning point where if the former workforce can still trust Agent Mike Manning again when hell breaks loose at the White House. Continue reading


Movie Review: Oz the Great and the Powerful

Duration: 2 Hr 7 Mins
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy
Year: 2013

I just recently popped over to the boyfriend’s this week after work and settled in for a date night in this past week with Oz the Great and the Powerful. What do you get when the director of the Spiderman series and the producer of Alice in Wonderland working on the same movie? One that is action packed, full of laughs, all in a whimsical dreamlike setting.  It’s a little confusing in the beginning as it starts out in a black and white style movie and the content seems out of place, but as the movie plot continues, it will surely entertain you and maybe even pull a few heart strings!

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