About Us

Welcome to ‘les trois cordonnier’ or ‘the three shoemakers’! If you are looking for some humor to lighten your day, then you ARE looking at the right place INDEED!! A Chinese proverb says that ‘three shoemakers (i.e. illiterate craftsmen in ancient times) together are wiser than Ge-liang Zhu (who was known as the wisest army adviser for a king during the Romance of Three Kingdoms in Ancient China). Do not ever underestimate the synergistic effect of three lively young individuals–our stories and reflections on daily events will knock your socks off… that is if you still have them on as you are reading our blog.

Get ready to be blown away by the diverseness of our perspectives on food, social entertainments, fashion, cosmetics and skincare, as well as our reflections on life itself. Three distinctively different individuals: a gentle sheep, a highly-adaptable mushroom, and an independent cactus–how do they cross path since they live in disparate time and space? Watch and see how these three drifters, dreammakers meet and together weave a vibrant, hopeful future… May our blog be an inspiration to those who read it, because ‘Vouloir c’est pouvoir’ (You can achieve what you dream/want)!

Like Dale E. Turner once said, “dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and new beauty waiting to be born”. Have faith! You can do it!!!

~ Cactus, Sheepy & Mushroom signing off ~

20130130-224844.jpgDrawing credits to the artistic mushroom 😉







About us…. in drawings
Little Sheepy is our resident foodie



Mushroom is our TV addict



Ms. Cactus is our traveller



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