This Week’s Wrap Up: Dec 30-Jan 5


We Welcome The New Year!
Wishing all a happy, healthy and fabulous 2014!

Aaaargh! Lee Seung Gi and Yoona are dating!
The hottest story on New Year’s 2014. I’m not sure what to think of this information. I’m not that happy about the pairing… But Seung Gi gets the girl he wants(?). Maybe Seung Gi is not so heodang after all.

Watch this video from 2011 of Seung Gi and Girls Generation on 2 Days 1 Night. (It is also one of the best episodes with the 2 Days 1 Night boys use their creativity to complete their photo taking missions.)

At least Yoona didn’t end up with Joowon. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know why I think so myself. Joowon-Yoona don’t sit well with me. *shrugs*

Girls Generation’s Soo Young is also reported to be dating an actor. I guess Girls Generation are growing up. If all nine girls are revealed to be dating, I wonder how their fanboys are going to react.

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2 Days 1 Night Season 3: Why It Works

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 58 43 AM

Cast of 2 Days 1 Night Season 3

1. Our maknae (youngest) PD is back! And he is in charge
Well… He’s not quite the maknae anymore but I’ll just remember him as that.  He’s the guy who got pretty shaken up when the season 1 cast played a hidden camera trick on him.  Kang Ho Dong made maknae PD so nervous with his tantrum.  There’s even a replay of that scene in episode 2 of the season 3.

The third season of the slowly fizzling show gets maknae PD (as what I would like to think is the last attempt) to save the show. He is someone who was a witness and contributor of the show when it was at its peak and I hope he came back to return things to where it belonged.  So far, he’s been doing a great job.

Photo 1-3-2014, 3 24 19 PMThis is a show that works. It does not need a face-lift like what the previous PD did. It just needs to stay the same. Why mess with a century old best-selling secret recipe? Case and point. The previous PD invited idol groups like A Pink, Sistar and Yoona in hopes of increasing viewership. When maknae PD invited Suzy on season 3 it was a failed attempt. The cast didn’t recognize her when they woke up groggily early in the morning. I think viewership wouldn’t increase because she was there, rather it would increase because the nation’s first love is mistaken for a 2D1N writer. No offense, Suzy dear.

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 54 30 AMI had a moment of nostalgia when they brought out those ya saeng (wild) winter coats. Aah, the good times. This is why you need maknae PD.

2. The games are awesome

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 34 44 AMPhoto 1-3-2014, 12 36 42 AMThe youngest PD made the cast dig their own grave. Literally. Well, if a grave is typically 30cm deep and not 6 feet under. The games are designed to test the casts’ five virtues such as friendship, speed and accuracy. Test of five virtues, my foot. It’s five ways to kill the cast.

The first out of five games to win dinner ingredients is a digging relay. Members will take turns to dig a rectangular pit with 30cm depth within 3 minutes. They fail the mission. Out of the (questionable) goodness of maknae PD’s heart, he lets them try again this time letting all 6 members dig simultaneously while giving them 1 minute complete the mission. It’s another fail and they are complaining how strenuous it is to dig a pit on an empty stomach. Continue reading

MBC Drama Awards 2013 — bring the boys out!

Aww… Sweet Joowon channeling the Lee Kang To (his character in Bridal Mask) look for the awards show. I’ve always liked him with his hair up rather than with bangs. It makes him look dapper and gentlemanly. Those dimples will always bring out the boyish side of him and he’s a cutie when you throw in a bow tie. Joowon picked up the Male Excellence Award for his performance in Level 7 Civil Servant. While the writing makes the drama one of the most ridiculous dramas in history, Joowon doesn’t fail to shine in his first romantic comedy drama.

Hush, hush. I acknowledge my obsession with 2 Days 1 Night maknaes…
Emperor Seung Gi is here! Putting him in a suit makes us momentarily forget about heodang Seung Gi. He’s suffered a long (I mean looooong) period of bad haircuts and I’m glad that this current one that he has looks good. Did he fire his hairstylist? Maybe the next one on the chopping block should be his wardrobe stylist.

Lee Seung Gi bagged three awards: Male Best Excellence Award, Popularity Award and Best Couple with Bae Suzy.

Tell me again how different is Joowon’s Excellence Award and Seung Gi’s Best Excellence Award? Does it mean that Seung Gi got an A+ while Joowon got an A?

I watched this for the cute interaction between Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi but left with a big smile on my face when I see Lee Seung Gi and Joo Won in the same shot. Don’t forget Kim Jae Won too. Aww… This combination will never ever happen in a Korean drama. If only it will… Maybe they should do a huge production with all these famous actors like they would do in Hong Kong dramas… Casting directors, do you hear me? *Grins*

My grandma called me yesterday saying that someone has broken into her house and stole her drapes. Joo Ji Hoon struts his way to present an award with co-star Jung Ryeo Won on his arm. His hair is perfect for him, I have to say. His wardrobe choice? Let’s just say he is wearing lots of confidence. If anyone spots my grandmama’s drapes, drop a comment. She wants her drapes back.

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Yoona’s Outfits in Prime Minister and I (Ep 5)

Get Yoona’s look!

Pink Lace Dress

Da Jeong (Yoona) attends official events dressed in this bright pink lace dress. The colour is bright and playful but the cut is formal and elegant. She’s got the best of both worlds. Pair the dress with a pair of lilac heels like the one Kwon Yul is holding up! Mimick her look with this pink sleeveless lace dress from La Chateau ($139.95).


Black ensemble

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This Week’s Wrap Up: Dec 23-29

Christmas week can be a pretty boring time for television. We watch endless reruns of classic Christmas movies and wait for those two-year-old christmas movies to go on cable. Korean dramas are still running full steam ahead and Korean drama awards are drawing near. Check out the Korean drama awards schedule after the jump.

Prime Minister and I

There’s no honeymoon period for Da Jeong. Straight after getting married, she attends to Prime Minister’s wife and stepmom duties. While she makes little mistakes along the way, she tries her best to be an exemplary wife. Her influence on the Kwon Yul and his children is evident. Kwon Yul is starting to pay more attention to his children and the children are starting to feel cared for. Outside of the family, Da Jeong uses her connections with the press and Scandal News to deal with difficult politicians’ wives. While she seems to be doing well, I think it is a long way until she learns about the full picture of the cut-throat world of politics but she definitely has the smarts to deal with it.

I hope for more romance between Da Jeong and Chief Kang. It drives Kwon Yul crazy with jealousy. He blames it on keeping up with appearances but we all know that there’s a little green monster living within him.

Laugh out loud scene: Since Kwon Yul suffers from insomnia, Da Jeong promises to read to Kwon Yul until he falls asleep. She reads in a sweet voice then out of a sudden… her voice trails off and we do not heat from her. She’s fallen asleep! Mission impossible. Kwon Yul is still awake. Tehehe!

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Babysitting 101: How to get Min Yul off the ground

Cute little Min Yul refuses to get up. He’s fascinated by something on the ground and is stubbornly squatting down to poke at the ground. What should you do?

Lee Jong Hyuk’s solution

Jong Hyuk pulls Min Yul up with his hood and puts a foot under his bum and lifts him up. Min Yul gets up but the moment Jong Hyuk relaxes, Min Yul sits back down. Repeat this a couple of time and Min Yul thinks it’s a game. HASHTAG FAIL! #FAIL.

Yoon Min Soo’s solution

*Watches Min Yul having a good time*
Min Soo inches closer and grasps Min Yul’s legs and pick the little guy up as is. Problem solved!

Keep watching Dad, Where Are You Going? for more cute antics. Screenshots from episode 47.