2014 Hong Kong: Travel Makeup Essentials

No doubt about it, Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise. It’s even more of a BEAUTY shopper’s paradise as it’s near all the major Asian capitals of the world (Korea, Japan, Thailand) and has access to most of the major brands available at a relatively cheap price. Well, as cheap as you would get it here in the Western countries would.

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These are the basics that I can’t live without anywhere I go, even here at home. I will be probably tossing out the Revlon powder there as I’ve hit major pan on it and the L’oreal liner as it’s almost on its last legs, but the others are still good to go. Continue reading


Friday Five: Beauty Tips I Wish I Knew When I Started Experiementing With Makeup

1. Blend, Blend, Blend!
After layering on eyeshadow, grab a (preferably clean) eyeshadow brush and blend away. Just when you think you’ve done enough blending, keep blending for 10 more seconds. This will marry colours together and soften harsh lines.

2. Eyeshadow gives you depth, eyeliner gives you definition
I recall the days where I layered on dark eyeshadow expecting definition. I got not-so-flattering panda eyes instead. Apply dark shadow on your crease to create depth. Eyeliner will give you definition, especially with the popular cat eye.

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Get the Look: Go Junhee (WGM 167)

If you’ve been following my We Got Married episode recaps, you would know that I always admired how pretty Go Junhee looks. It is perhaps time that we take a look into her makeup colour selections! I will use MAC products as suggestions to get Junhee’s look.

There are four components to her eye makeup: eyebrows, eye shadow, eyeliners and eyelashes.

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Haul Diaries: Sunday Night Makeup Haul =D

Hi girls (and guys)! It’s haul time!

Took a trip to the drugstore and of course had to pick up on some popular items.

After the drugstore stop we pigged out at Costco (their Chicken Bake is to DIE for! and so cheap!). It was a marvelous time.

It’s my first time doing a haul post so I’m not sure of the format on how to do these. Patient is a virtue, my young padawans. 🙂

Onto the haul! Excuse the non flash for the second picture – wanted the product to be as true-to-colour as possible. Still turned out a little dark though.

haul1  haul2

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