2 Days 1 Night Season 3: Why It Works

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Cast of 2 Days 1 Night Season 3

1. Our maknae (youngest) PD is back! And he is in charge
Well… He’s not quite the maknae anymore but I’ll just remember him as that.  He’s the guy who got pretty shaken up when the season 1 cast played a hidden camera trick on him.  Kang Ho Dong made maknae PD so nervous with his tantrum.  There’s even a replay of that scene in episode 2 of the season 3.

The third season of the slowly fizzling show gets maknae PD (as what I would like to think is the last attempt) to save the show. He is someone who was a witness and contributor of the show when it was at its peak and I hope he came back to return things to where it belonged.  So far, he’s been doing a great job.

Photo 1-3-2014, 3 24 19 PMThis is a show that works. It does not need a face-lift like what the previous PD did. It just needs to stay the same. Why mess with a century old best-selling secret recipe? Case and point. The previous PD invited idol groups like A Pink, Sistar and Yoona in hopes of increasing viewership. When maknae PD invited Suzy on season 3 it was a failed attempt. The cast didn’t recognize her when they woke up groggily early in the morning. I think viewership wouldn’t increase because she was there, rather it would increase because the nation’s first love is mistaken for a 2D1N writer. No offense, Suzy dear.

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 54 30 AMI had a moment of nostalgia when they brought out those ya saeng (wild) winter coats. Aah, the good times. This is why you need maknae PD.

2. The games are awesome

Photo 1-3-2014, 12 34 44 AMPhoto 1-3-2014, 12 36 42 AMThe youngest PD made the cast dig their own grave. Literally. Well, if a grave is typically 30cm deep and not 6 feet under. The games are designed to test the casts’ five virtues such as friendship, speed and accuracy. Test of five virtues, my foot. It’s five ways to kill the cast.

The first out of five games to win dinner ingredients is a digging relay. Members will take turns to dig a rectangular pit with 30cm depth within 3 minutes. They fail the mission. Out of the (questionable) goodness of maknae PD’s heart, he lets them try again this time letting all 6 members dig simultaneously while giving them 1 minute complete the mission. It’s another fail and they are complaining how strenuous it is to dig a pit on an empty stomach. Continue reading


This Week’s Wrap Up: Nov 18-24

Lee Seunggi spotted filming Running Man

I’m starting to miss him! I didn’t watch Gu Family Book because of Suzy (I’m gonna get lots of backlash for this). He’s dropped out of 2 Days 1 Night for almost 2 years now so I don’t get my dose of heodang Seunggi or the Seunggi that aces all quizzes. This is why an episode (or two… Please?) of Running Man with Lee Seunggi will make me incredibly happy. I hope he keeps his endless chatter like the last time he appeared on the show. Doesn’t the picture above remind you of Seunggi impersonating Na PD on an old episode of 2 Days 1 Night? That iconic yellow jacket…

He’s coming back to variety with Noona over Flowers which is pretty much like 2 Days 1 Night with older female actresses. I’d rather watch guys being all competitive and trying to take out each other than women in a cat fight. Maybe Noona over Flowers is not for me?

Secrets are revealed left, right and center. There are threats everywhere to expose dirty little secrets. However, once the blackmailed announces their secret loud and clear it leaves the blackmailers with no pieces left on the board. Eun Sang does not hide the fact that she is in the Social Care Group. The unveiling of her secret is made easy as Kim Tan shows that he is aware of that and proceeds to plant a kiss on her forehead in front of their peers. Talk about cliche PDA.

Rachel is left fuming and hurt. I think she likes Kim Tan more than what she expresses. She has been hiding behind the fact that her engagement to Kim Tan is a business deal and constantly using it as a threat to get Kim Tan to respond to her. Deep inside, she probably wants more in the relationship. She has a pitiful story but I find it hard to sympathize with her because she is a huge b*tch.

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This Week’s Wrap Up: Oct 21-27

Bones and Booth are married! Let’s stare at Bones’ (Emily Deschanel) beautiful wedding dress.



The Ellen Show

Laughed my butt off at this clip of Amy and Andy in a haunted house. Especially Andy. I cannot get enough of this. Watch it! I promise it’ll be the best few minutes of your day.

Grey’s Anatomy
I have to, have to, have to quote Christina on this one!
“Also the automatic paper towel thingy won’t recognize me as human. I’m standing there waving my hands like an idiot.”

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Random Recap: 2 Days 1 Night Episode 453

It’s a start of a new trip to Suncheon, Jeollanamdo!

Highlights of the Show
Taewoong and Haejin brought their dogs, Saebeom (New Spring) and Gyeoul (Winter) along on this trip. The dog owners get to choose the partner of their choice, leaving the last three guys in a group. Taewoong picks Jongmin while Haejin picks Taehyun. That leaves Sugeun, Joowon and Sikyung in a group.

Since the other two groups also includes a dog, Sugeun suggests that he shall be the dog of the group and he asks for a leash. The production team isn’t as mean so they hand him a headband with doggy ears.

Their mission for dinner will be a barter race. They are given one, two or three peaches that they need to exchange along the way to base camp. The goal is for the team to end up with the item of the highest value. They play a series of game to determine the number of peaches each team gets. Haejin and Taehyun gets three peaches, Taewoong and Jongmin gets two while Sugeun, Sikyung and Joowon gets one.

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Random Recap: 2 Days 1 Night Episode 452

2 Days 1 Night is the first ever korean variety show that I’ve watched and learnt to love. It did hurt a lot watching it slip down to the gutters of terrible directing and editing. However, to my delight, the show seems to have gotten back it’s mojo from this episode. I’ve seen the episodes after and I have to say they’re struggling through it but it is moving in the right direction however small the step.

Even better, KBS World has been uploading english subbed episodes on their Youtube channel. Makes life easy as there is no need to panic if the raw videos are unavailable as it will definitely be available on KBS World youtube channel 3 or 4 weeks after. Of course, the wait can be a little painful.

We’ll explore the highlights of this episode.

This is the second episode to the trip to Gangneung. In the previous episode, they have explored different trails in groups of two except Jongmin who had to trek the mountains alone. He’s the best at this kind of missions and has even suffered in the Miss Korea outfit while roaming the streets of Seoul and more.


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Crazy Culinary Adventures with Instant Noodles… Influenced by K-Variety

It’s that sort of thing that you want to try out after you’ve seen it once on a variety show… The time where you see 2 Days 1 Night or Shinee’s Onew do the forehead flick and you do it to yourself to see how much it hurts… I bet I’m not the only one who did that self-forehead flick!

It sometimes also applies to food and today I am writing about those recipes that I’ve seen or heard on Korean variety shows 😉

I recently saw episode 7 of ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?’ (Yeah, I’m lagging behind) and watched Min Guk’s dad create an instant noodle fusion dish that seemed disgusting in the first place. To my surprise, the kids gobbled it up!

Recipe after the jump!

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