Yoona’s Outfits in Prime Minister and I (Ep 5)

Get Yoona’s look!

Pink Lace Dress

Da Jeong (Yoona) attends official events dressed in this bright pink lace dress. The colour is bright and playful but the cut is formal and elegant. She’s got the best of both worlds. Pair the dress with a pair of lilac heels like the one Kwon Yul is holding up! Mimick her look with this pink sleeveless lace dress from La Chateau ($139.95).


Black ensemble

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Yoon Si Yoon looks different?

I found something interesting in our search terms today. Take a look!

I knew it! I wasn’t the only one who thought Yoon Si Yoon looks different! I just have a difficulty pin-pointing what it is that makes him look different… Any guesses from the community? Leave your comments below.

This Week’s Wrap Up: Dec 23-29

Christmas week can be a pretty boring time for television. We watch endless reruns of classic Christmas movies and wait for those two-year-old christmas movies to go on cable. Korean dramas are still running full steam ahead and Korean drama awards are drawing near. Check out the Korean drama awards schedule after the jump.

Prime Minister and I

There’s no honeymoon period for Da Jeong. Straight after getting married, she attends to Prime Minister’s wife and stepmom duties. While she makes little mistakes along the way, she tries her best to be an exemplary wife. Her influence on the Kwon Yul and his children is evident. Kwon Yul is starting to pay more attention to his children and the children are starting to feel cared for. Outside of the family, Da Jeong uses her connections with the press and Scandal News to deal with difficult politicians’ wives. While she seems to be doing well, I think it is a long way until she learns about the full picture of the cut-throat world of politics but she definitely has the smarts to deal with it.

I hope for more romance between Da Jeong and Chief Kang. It drives Kwon Yul crazy with jealousy. He blames it on keeping up with appearances but we all know that there’s a little green monster living within him.

Laugh out loud scene: Since Kwon Yul suffers from insomnia, Da Jeong promises to read to Kwon Yul until he falls asleep. She reads in a sweet voice then out of a sudden… her voice trails off and we do not heat from her. She’s fallen asleep! Mission impossible. Kwon Yul is still awake. Tehehe!

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Da Jeong and Chief Seo’s Outfits in Prime Minister and I (Ep 4)

Da Jeong and her pretty purple sheer top and fit-and-flare skirt. This outfit looks so elegant and classy. The longer and more conservative skirt length can be pretty tricky to get right. At different lengths, a skirt may take you to convent zone or chunky legs zone instead of getting you to first lady elegance.

I do not see the logic of this exchange because it is obvious that Da Jeong has more to lose than the Prime Minister. It doesn’t fail to be hilarious as she mocks Mr. Prime Minister.

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Wedding Dress in Prime Minister and I (Ep 4)

The dress, the hair, the bouquet! All has to be perfect for the wedding. What about the man? I guess Nam Da Jeong (Yoona) has to worry about that at a later date.

Her Kate Middleton inspired wedding dress looks absolutely stunning but I think she’s a bit too skinny to fill out the dress nicely. Also, the dress will be absolutely perfect with a sweetheart neckline. That would further increase the slimming effect but obviously Nam Da Jeong doesn’t need any of that. Her hair is pulled back in a simple low ponytail and decorated with a tiara. The bouquet is made out of greenish-white hydrangeas surrounded by coral and yellow roses. The groom wears a bi-coloured pink rose corsage complemented with peach-coloured ribbon. Yes, I know. I should work in the fashion industry.

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Prime Minister and I


An ajusshi playing the main lead with a love interest that could be his daughter. Who knew this weird pairing will work so well? I credit it to great writing. Entirely. I am not denying the fact that the actors are good at what they do but I think the success of the show will be hinging on the writing more than anything else. Common sense tells us that the pairing of the main leads will not work without a good storyline. Who wants to see an ajusshi kissing a young, hot girl? I bet lots of ajusshis dream of doing it, but really nobody wants to see it.

Dear Drama Writer, please keep up your awesomeness because the moment your writing fizzles, this drama goes out the window.

The show reminds me slightly of Sound of Music. Take the Sound of Music, minus all the singing, insert awesome comedic timing, replace strict military discipline with Kendo, replace a pretty nun with a pretty journalist and reduce the number of kids from seven to three and we’re almost looking at Prime Minister and I.

I am looking forward to the next episodes to find out what happens. What I find fascinating is that I’m not watching the drama for any specific actor, I am purely watching for the drama itself.

I may be writing some blog posts related to this drama. Yoona’s beautiful wardrobe will definitely be featured it my posts!

By the way, Yoon Si Yoon looks… very different. And I’ve spend the last 4 episodes trying to figure out why. Is it really just the hair? Any insights?