Pretty Little Liars Episode 406: Under the Gun

I actually cried at the end of the episode. It was sooo sad. Hashtag for this week’s episode is #poorhanna. This recap post will be a bit on the long side so without further ado, let’s get started:

1. Aria’s Love Life


Why is Aria disconnected from the whole A thing and is only focused on her love life? She should really get her act together and learn from her past mistakes. She may think she’s being nice but really, other people have cruel intentions. Continue reading


Pretty Little Liars Episode 405: Gamma Zeta Die


Recently in past episodes, PLL writers have been upping the drama in the show. Which is good because that’s what the show is famous for! Let’s get right to the three highlights, shall we?

1. Spencer and Emily

Are they having a falling out or is Emily just trying to stick up for herself?


The number that Tippy the Parrot was “singing” tracked the girls to Cicero University, and Spencer takes advantage of her meeting with her private admissions adviser Brendon Robinson to give her an opportunity to get on campus. Desperate for a backup plan Emily tags along too, but unsuspectingly manages to catch Brendon’s heartstrings. Spencer sees this and accuses Emily of failing to mention she’s gay, and Emily bites back with another remark about how Spencer doesn’t need to work as hard as others because she’s got a safety net of cash waiting for her to bounce back on. Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars Episode 404: Face Time


Whoa. Talk about making up a non-exciting episode to an episode that seemed to fly by within 10 minutes. So much happened and I don’t really know where to start lol, luckily I got ontop of the past two seasons and am on top of the whole show. Let’s talk about the three highlights in my eyes that happened this week on the Pretty Little Liars:

1. Emily’s Family


This may be the first time that Emily Fields is afraid of her dad coming home from the army (or has a solemn expression on her face when she broke the news to the girls about his return). During last week’s episode, someone calls Family Services about Mrs. Fields being too rough on Emily and she thinks it’s “A” who called them. Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars Episode 403: Cat’s Cradle

Sorry for the late post this week. Been a bit occupied with out-of-town guests that has been here for a while! This week’s episode wasn’t really that exciting (in my opinion), but here’s the highlights in my eyes! They all seem to gravitate towards the girl’s moms though.

1. Aria’s Mom


Ever since splitting with Byron, Aria and Mike’s dad, Aria’s mom (anyone remember her name? I forget hehe) meets the owner of the coffee shop in their town, Zack. He’s young and hip, and totally different from Byron (much older, stiff, and serious). I remember Aria even being surprised when she first saw him with her mom. ANYWAY! XD Off topic lol.
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Pretty Little Liars Episode 402: Turn of the Shoe (Spoilers)


Well, I should know by now by officially finishing up Seasons 1-2 straight (when I was sick with a terrible flu) that there’s no point in trying to figure out things from past episodes because it’ll get even more complicated. This week’s episode didn’t talk about the little girls with the creepy dolls (which I was really hoping they’d show more of). In fact, they made it even more complicated (how is that even possible!) D:

Let’s get on with this week’s highlights:

1. Hanna’s mom’s shoes in dishwasher

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PLL Episode 401: A is for Alive (Spoiler Alerts)


If you guys haven’t watched Pretty Little Liars Episode 401 yet, I would highly recommend you to watch it before you read my recap! Don’t want to give you any shockers that you may want to see on screen first!

The start of the Summer Premier episode kicks off right where Se3’s last episode ends when they open the trunk of Detective Wilden’s vehicle. We all know that from the ending of Season 3, Hanna’s mom hit him because he was trying to “harrass” her for more information, and I seriously thought that Hanna’s mom would be in there. But no, there is —-a PIG. What???! What’s that gotta do with everything? I was soo confused as to why that would happen and when you’re trying to figure things out, it turns out Detective Wilden is dead. Which is a true shocker, because I think the detective was doing a great job in pressuring the girls with what they know. But yes, he was a bit creepy.

There’s a few things I’d like to ask you guys…

1. The Creepy Little Girls

prettylittleliarsS4PIC1 Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars: Whos Excited?


Tomorrow’s the opening date for the newest season of Pretty Little Liars (S4)! I remember wanting something to watch when I was very sick in late January and watching all of Seasons 1-3. It was a pretty epic time of sickness, let me tell ya. I even remember getting scared to watch the third season alone and brought my boyfriend along for the merry ride.
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