Get the Look: Hair Accessories in Heirs Episode 14

Metallic Blossoms

Kim Tan’s mommy always wear beautiful hair accessories. This is an eye-catching one!

She’s the character that grows cuter and cuter each episode. I started off not liking her thinking that she’s a psycho mistress and alcoholic. Now she’s showing fondness and attachment to Eun Sang’s mother, her housekeeper. Kim Tan’s mom is dreading the moment when Eun Sang’s mom is going to quit and has even hinted for slowing down the process of finding a new replacement housekeeper.

1. Pearl and crystal flower headband, Claire’s, $14.50
2. Pearl daises headband, Claire’s, $9.50

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Kim Woobin’s New Hairstyle in Heirs Episode 14

Which hairstyle do you prefer?

It is probably the gazillionth time Kim Woobin playing the high school bully. He’s always worn his hair up and it makes him look like a rascal. A very good looking one. In this episode he is wearing his hair down and in a very similar shape as Lee Minho. I have to admit I can’t tell them apart in the long shots. They both have similar heights and have their own swagger walk. Throw in similar hairstyles and I need to wear magnifying glasses to tell them apart in the long shots.

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