Crazy Culinary Adventures with Instant Noodles 2

See part one of Crazy Culinary Adventures with Instant Noodles here!

It’s called a Bibimmyeon Roll and it looks delicious. I wonder why it took this long for someone to come up with this!

For the 295th episode of Happy Together 3, Im Seulong (2AM), Song Jihyo and Lee Dongwook guested on the show to promote their new drama, Mandate of Heaven. The last segment of the show is to come up with new midnight snacks recipes. Lee Dongwook came up with soodae (sausage) carbonara, Song Jihyo prepared assorted fruit fritters and Im Seulong made Bibimmyeon rolls.  Seulong’s dish has potential to become the ultimate midnight snack. (Unless you’re calorie counting!)

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Friday Five: Best Food Smells


1. Coffee

Do I even need to say much? I wake up cranky in the morning, corners of my lips turned downwards as if the whole world is against me. I walk into Starbucks or Tim Hortons or any coffee places really, and suddenly the world seems like a brighter place. No, I have not had a sip of my coffee yet. Just the pure smell of coffee puts me into a good mood and make me look forward to my delicious cup of coffee. The caffeine is always a welcomed bonus.

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Thursday Thoughts: Cooking An Egg with a Thermal Food Jar

Have you missed my Thurday Thoughts segment? I know I did. It’s basically my random-est thoughts and I write a post about them. Heh. If you’ve missed them, read them here.

I have been using thermal food jars to store my lunch because I can’t be bothered to hunt down a microwave or carry a glass container around. I am not too confident in those microwaveable plastic containers. Better be safe than sorry, eh? Anyway, on one of my lunch breaks with me and my thoughts, I started wondering if I could make hard-boiled eggs in a thermal food jar. Yes, I’m weird like that.

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Crazy Culinary Adventures with Instant Noodles… Influenced by K-Variety

It’s that sort of thing that you want to try out after you’ve seen it once on a variety show… The time where you see 2 Days 1 Night or Shinee’s Onew do the forehead flick and you do it to yourself to see how much it hurts… I bet I’m not the only one who did that self-forehead flick!

It sometimes also applies to food and today I am writing about those recipes that I’ve seen or heard on Korean variety shows 😉

I recently saw episode 7 of ‘Dad, Where Are You Going?’ (Yeah, I’m lagging behind) and watched Min Guk’s dad create an instant noodle fusion dish that seemed disgusting in the first place. To my surprise, the kids gobbled it up!

Recipe after the jump!

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How to Store Chocolate


If you are a cheap skate like me, you’ve already rushed out to the store today to purchase all the reduced price bunny or egg-shaped chocolates. It is the day after Easter and I have already done my fair share of chocolate bargain shopping and still have spare change for some coffee.

What is the best way to store chocolate? I’ve never really thought about it and tend to leave them in the drawer where it is not too hot or too cold. It’s never too late to learn the right way!

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Thursday Thoughts: How To Melt Nutella

The weather has been cold the past few months given that it’s winter. My yummy Nutella chocolate and hazelnut spread is clumpy and hard from the cold. It puts a frown on my face in the morning trying to spread it on my toast. Bear with me while I have my crazy moment with this post.

Brainstorming: How to Melt Nutella

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