Get the Look: Statement Necklaces for Fashionable Career Women in Heirs Episode 15

Kim Tan’s mommy has to be the nicest blackmailer in Korean drama history. There is even a genuine remorse in having to use this method to break off Kim Tan’s engagement to Rachel.

Floral Necklaces
1. Sweet Side Floral Necklace, Forever 21, $7.80
2. Opulent Floral Bib Necklace, Forever 21, $19.80

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Get the Look… Not? Lee Minho’s Shocking Sweaters in Heirs Episode 5

Kim Tan (Lee Min Ho) traded his laid back tank tops and surf shorts for shocking sweaters when he returns to Korea. Is this what typical chaebols do? Tsk tsk to the stylist that put him in these tops. The following are a few of his looks, not in order of ridiculousness.

Here we have a white sweater with big colourful prints. No matter how much hotness he exudes wearing those shades or how much aegyo he musters in that selfie, there is no way to hide how hideous the sweater is.


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The Kit – Free Fashion Magazine App!


It may be old news to those fashionistas out there but I’ve just discovered this wonderful app! The Kits is an entire FREE fashion magazine. How long has it been since you’ve last purchased a glossy magazine? For me, it’s been YEARS. I have only stared longingly at the latest Vogue, Elle or any fashion magazines at the checkout line. Occasionally, I will pick one up, flip through those glossy and colourful pages and admire the beautiful photography and latest trends. When it is my turn at the register, I put it back on the shelf.

It’s not that I cannot afford magazines, but I cannot convince myself to spend $7 to $10 on a magazine that easily becomes outdated after a few months. If you have done some spring cleaning with your magazine collection, you may find magazines dating back to the 2000s and all the (now seemingly) tacky fashion spreads.

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Get The Look: Statement Necklaces


How does she maintain looking so pretty while being so terrified? Most people will look like they are gonna pee their pants but she still has that elegance about her…

Okay, enough about admiring how pretty she is! Let us shift our attention to what she has around her neck. A layered chain necklace with fluorescent yellow crosses. The layers are a mix of chain, beads and gems.

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Get The Look: Sunhwa on WGM 163

Trying out something new here! Fashion and K-pop definitely mix. Sometimes it creates something beautiful but a lot of the time a hot mess. Let’s see one of the outfits Sunhwa has on in last week’s episode of We Got Married!

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