Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 155


This episode picks up from last week’s disastrous fish gutting. The carp comes out from the steamer looking delicious without a sign of torture that it has suffered which was inflicted by Kwanghee. There is a yummy spread on the table featuring the steamed carp. Both Kwanghee and Sunhwa (who was wearing the cutest cupcake bib) were seated at the table.

20130205-150606.jpg 20130205-150615.jpg

Kwanghee picks a piece of fish and feeds it to Sunhwa and she complains about the saltiness. He continues to feed her but this time she tastes it, grabs his hand and spat everything out. The piece of fish had a lot of bones in it. Oddly, he does not start whining about how dirty it is. In the interview room, he confesses that it is alright because it was coming from his wife.


Kwanghee picks up another piece, but this time a bean sprout is stuck to the fish. Shaking off the bean sprout did not work, so he got frustrated and picks the bean sprout with his hands. Homeless boy Kwanghee was reincarnated! Sunhwa laughed but I suspect it was out of hopelessness. She tried to change his table manners and eating habits in earlier episodes but it’s probably time to give up.

After taking a bite of the steamed carp, Sunhwa let out a tiny scream and spat out the fish into Kwanghee’s hand a second time. There is also some bones in this piece. Sunhwa gets frustrated and says that she’ll do it herself and picks up her chopstick to help herself with the food. She was stopped by Kwanghee who said that he will debone the fish properly this time. The very demanding Sunhwa asked for a boneless piece of fish with little seasoning. Kwanghee obeys. When Sunhwa mentioned the fish tastes delicious, Kwanghee tasted a piece and kept eating, forgetting his initial plan of feeding Sunhwa like a baby.


The Chinese medicine is done cooking. Kwanghee squeezes the herbs dry, yielding two bowls of medicine. He picks up a bowl and started re-enacting an ancient time Korean Romeo and Juliet character called Mongryong and Chunhyang. Kwanghee playing himself, requested Sunhwa/Chunhyang to receive the bowl of poison. He asks her whether she wants to serve him or Mongryong. She, unlike what was expected in historical drama, coolly said that she will serve him. The answer throws Kwanghee off his game, so he responded “oh, okay”, now unable to give the punishment to Sunhwa. She laughs it off.


Kwanghee, not wanting to give up, tries Take 2. He asks Sunhwa whether she wants to serve him or choose to die. Sunhwa does not play along with Kwanghee and responded that she’ll ingest the poison and also serve him. The story ends abruptly. I think she is enjoying teasing him by not letting him get his way. He takes on the role of a Magistrate this time, instructing his invisible men to put the poison into her mouth. Sunhwa, in character of Chunhyang, refuses her punishment talks back to Magistrate Kwanghee asking why she should receive it. Confused, Kwanghee answered it was because she refuses to serve him. She answered that she will do both, drinking the poison and serving him, what did she refuse to do? The role playing gets confusing and she just picks up the bowl to drink up the Chinese medicine. She the whole bowl and sighed as she placed the empty bowl on the table. Kwanghee gave her a piece of candy to get rid of the bitter taste.


Still not wanting to drop the ancient drama play, Kwanghee asks Sunhwa what wrong doings did he commit to receive the poison. Sunhwa told him to just receive it. He said that he is willing to serve as long as she lets him live but Sunhwa coolly rejected. His service was not needed and she would be satisfied to see him dead. Kwanghee picks up the bowl of Chinese medicine then has somewhat of a delayed reaction outburst saying why she would not give him a chance to live. Goodness. Living with a guy like him would probably be really entertaining but also super tiring.


She consoles him, promising him a candy after he downs the whole bowl. He does some bad acting with him dying and lying dead on the dinner table. Sunhwa is unfazed by his bad acting, covered his face with the white dish cloth and got up to leave the dinner table. Kwanghee snaps out of character and complains about her nonchalant attitude.

She leaves the dinner leaving all the cleaning up to Kwanghee. He starts protesting but still cleaned up everything in the end. I think it’s a bad idea as he grabs the pretty flowery table runner and wipes the table clean with it. Heartbreak.


Kwanghee brings a bowl of mandarins to the couch where Sunhwa is. She instructs him to peel the mandarins as well as the pith. He has a stroke of brilliance (questionable LOL) and start removing the pith with his teeth. This is his idea of an indirect kiss. More like a transfer of saliva and germs to me. Sunhwa eats it after a few tries of protest against it. He claps with joy and says that he’s kissed that mandarin. Challenging Kwanghee, Sunhwa asked if she should give him a peck there and then. He’s reduced to a nervous child, saying no. She approaches him, closing on him but he shies away. This is when there is a sticky situation with this variety show. It is a virtual marriage and there are boundaries, also not forgetting the more conservative Asian TV culture. The most any couple has done is a short peck on the lips. Somehow I’d rather watch silly episodes of people getting to know each other on this show than The Bachelor with girls throwing themselves at a guy they do not know.


Sunhwa said at this point you’ve been kissing dolphins and mandarins. What else are you going to do before you do the real thing? According to him, they have got to keep practicing. After hearing this, she sticks a whole mandarin in her mouth, tempting him to kiss the mandarin. He refuses, she gives up and stuffs the mandarin into his mouth.


Sunhwa wants to change Kwanghee’s hairstyle because she does not like it. I agree. I think it looks better straight. A lot of male celebs have the same hairstyle for the year end award ceremony. Kwanghee leaves the room and came back with a bunch of curlers.

Sunhwa puts three curlers on each side of Kwanghee’s head. She finds it cute. It is then Sunhwa’s turn to get her hair styled by Kwanghee. He put curlers in and it’s pretty obvious that it will turn out disasterous. Looking at the mirror in disbelief, Sunhwa is speechless.


Sunhwa removes the curlers from Kwanghee’s hair and attempts to give him a different hairstyle. She puts in too many curlers in his hair while they chat about her new duet with B. A. P. ‘s Yongjae. The lyrics were written by Sunhwa according to her experiences while filming this show. She sang the song while looking at Kwanghee’s photo during the recording. Curious about the lyrics, Kwanghee asks what the lyrics are about. Sunhwa sings it for him. She whispers “I love you”, which was part of the lyrics, in Kwanghee’s ear much to his delight.


While waiting for his hair to set, Kwanghee gives Sunhwa a massage. She had no idea that the after effect of the car accident will last so long. She asks for a leg massage. Kwanghee tries to peel back the leggings she is wearing to give her a proper massage. Sunhwa gets shy and calls him a pervert. She kicks him away after their squabbling. Suddenly she gets this look in her eyes, then Kwanghee sensed something fishy and said that their wave lengths don’t match. She launches herself at him, grabbing him around the neck trying to be bold. He reacts by lying down on the couch. Sunhwa laughs at his reaction and sits back up. She thinks that he’s only pretending to be shy.


Sunhwa gets curlers removed from her hair and screams when she saw her reflection in the mirror. It doesn’t look that bad and I think it will look OK if Kwanghee didn’t curl her hair. Kwanghee has his hair undone and he looks like an ajumma (translates to aunty, referring to middle age women). Sunhwa has a good laugh at his hairstyle. She grabs his hair to see what it would look like tied up, and upon releasing it his hair got bigger. He compares his hairstlye to singer Hyeonmi.


They then started toying with makeup. Sunhwa puts on some red lipstick. She starts applying some on Kwanghee while giving him a (useless?) tutorial on how to get fuller looking lips. In order to make lips look thicker, the size of both the upper and bottom lip has to be increased. She colours in huge clown lips for Kwanghee. He takes a look in the mirror and have a laugh. She has to be glad that Kwanghee does not have much of a vengeful heart because he proceeded to put on some make up for her. His attempt at a smokey eye results in her looking like she has a black eye.


Kwanghee takes out the lip balm that he received from Sunhwa and applied some on her lips then his, in effort for another indirect kiss. She has an annoyed expression on her face, then she lauches herself at him a second time. She ends up on top of him a second time today. He’s probably of afraid of Sunhwa’s ajusshi (translates to uncle; referring to middle age men) fans at this point. Haha.


He wants to spray on some facial mist on his face and Sunhwa beats him to it, taking away the bottle from his hands saying that she will do it for him. As he close his eyes to anticipate the facial mist, Sunhwa inched closer looking like she’s going for a peck on the lips. She hesitates, and then she squirts some facial mist on his face. Kwanghee, probably thinking why spraying some mist takes so long, open his eyes just when Sunhwa squirts the mist. Poor thing has burning eyes because he missed the timing. I think he does not even know what happened and will only find out when the show is broadcasted.


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