Reflections…on Room hunt in Fort Mac


Ever heard of the intensity of house-hunting (more than house snatching) at Fort McMurray? Well, the following is a condensed “Dummy 101 House/Room Rental Guide” for prospective settlers in hopes of increasing efficacy of this gruesome process. For those who have never set foot in Fort Mac (local abbrev. for Fort McMurray), I present you unbiased advises extracted from a young metropolitan’s experience, which was hardly the Alice in Wonderland type of story, more like Alice in Iceland if you know what I mean. I assure you that this writing took vigorous cerebral processing, so it’s def a worthwhile read and I hope this may benefit you someday, that is if you ever get the chance of making it to Iceland 🙂

Advice #1: Be Honest and ask important questions right away.

Be upfront honest with the subletter or whoever that’s responsible for the room/house rental. Ask if you stand a chance in getting the room/house/apartment. Some renters sublet on a ‘first come first serve’ basis, whereas others may not be the case. If you learned that the subletter rents at a ‘first-come-first-serve’, don’t bother with the place anymore because you know chances are, you are not on the top of the list and you have less than 10% of getting the place because usually decent places get snatched up at lightening speed. There are renters who walk around with a checkbook and ready to give one-year worth of rent right on the spot. This advice advocates energy and time consumption, which are crucial when you have less than a week’s time to find a rental place on your own.

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Now that flower leaves have settled…


Now that flower leaves have settled and everybody’s hearts have slowed down just a bit from the excitement of Valentine’s Day, what did you guys do (and get)?

I still remember the years in high school when clubs would make and sell origami rose bouqets for existing lovebirds or for a chance for that shy boy (or girl!) in class to buy a rose to confess their feelings to their crush. On Valentine’s Day, the club responsible for Origami Rose Telegrams as they were called, someone would hand deliever these bouquets to the lucky receipient’s class. Usually though, it’s only the popular girls who gets them and those ones who are obviously an item. I remember always hoping that I’d get one but I never did.

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