Group Pictorial – We Got Married Episode 178

wgm178all01Battle of the nerves!  All couples are not willing to disclose their pictorial theme and are making up fake silly themes.  Am I crazy for loving Jinwoon without bangs?  Taemin and Naeun arrive a little later with umbrella in hand.  Taemin announces that he’s afraid that Naeun will get a sunburn.  Upon hearing this, Junhee gets jealous and tells Jinwoon that she too wants an umbrella.  Naeun and Taemin tell everyone that they are doing a Teletubbies themed photo shoot.  It actually suits these babies well, no?

wgm178tn031 wgm178tn032 wgm178tn034 wgm178tn037

I would hate standing next to Junhee for a photo shoot.  She’s so captivating!  She also seem to have endless poses built into her body.

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Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 178

I’m expecting to see beautiful photos from this duo! Already they visually look the best among the other couples. Bring it on!

wgm178jj001 wgm178jj002 wgm178jj005 wgm178jj006

Aww! I’m already loving the dress that Junhee is wearing! ♥♥♥ Jinwoon takes hold of her hands and says “Thank you for marrying me”. This boy sure knows what to say at the right time. Continue reading

Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 169

20130529-162535.jpg 20130529-162543.jpg

The episode picks up from the night of when Jinwoon and Junhee went for aerial yoga.  They head to a BBQ restaurant for dinner.  Their server brings some fillets of eel and places them on the grill.  The eels are very fresh and their tails are still wiggling while on the grill.  Why does this show make me so hungry every time?  The inevitable topic comes up.  Why is eel good for men?  Jinwoon answers that it is good for stamina and that he’s learnt it from other older men.  Junhee says that he’s all grown up. *wink* They have a taste of the eel and Junhee bounces up and down with joy.  I like how her body language gives her away. Continue reading

Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 168


One fine spring day… Jinwoon drives Junhee somewhere.  We never know where.  Blame it on the way WGM edits the footage.  Jinwoon asks Junhee about her secret to relieving stress.  According to her, having a piece of candy relieves her stress because she is considering whether or not to bite into it.  For Jinwoon, he works out when he’s stressed.  The poor boy must be pretty stressed out since he’s got a hot bod.


Junhee gets all excited about Jinwoon’s gig as an emcee for KBS Music Bank.  He gets to see other idols all the time.  Dear MBC Music Core, please let Junhee and Jinwoon host an episode of the show.  She’s so cute fangirling over the other idols.  She does that while holding onto Jinwoon’s hands.  Sure enough that is attracting lots of attention from the WGM emcees in the studio.  Jihye says that she’s ignoring the conversation and just focusing on watching the hand holding.  Cutey pie.  Junhee asks Jinwoon about his co-host Park Saeyoung and whether she is younger than he is.  Park Saeyoung is an ‘88-er so she’s the noona.  Junhee comments that this is the time that she remembers he’s born in 1991.  Cougar…  LOL  Continue reading

Jinwoon ♥ Junhee – We Got Married Episode 166

In this episode, Jinwoon and Junhee spend some time in their home at the WGM village. Like the other couples before them, they start off with some gardening work.


Jinwoon rocks up to the garden wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses. Not an outfit to be rocking for gardening work. He calls out to Junhee who follows behind him also wearing a leather jacket and shades. Really, the both of them look absolutely ridiculous considering the task at hand but I’ll forgive them since they are adorable together.

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Jinwoon ❤ Junhee – We Got Married Episode 165

Wifey meets the in-laws in this episode!  I bet it makes her tummy do flip flops.


Junhee makes her way up steep steps while having her hands full, clutching too many shopping bags.  Jinwoon spots her and made his way down the steps to meet her in the middle to help her out.  Those bags are gifts for Jinwoon’s family.  She tells him that she could not digest anything since last night because of the nervousness.  Continue reading

Get The Look: Statement Necklaces


How does she maintain looking so pretty while being so terrified? Most people will look like they are gonna pee their pants but she still has that elegance about her…

Okay, enough about admiring how pretty she is! Let us shift our attention to what she has around her neck. A layered chain necklace with fluorescent yellow crosses. The layers are a mix of chain, beads and gems.

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