Thursday Love List: My Appreciations Vol I

Recently I’ve been reading blog posts and videos on youtube about things the person likes. It’s not something you would typically see in a monthly favourites video. It’s more like describing things that you wouldn’t think of on a daily basis – things that you appreciate when it happens but forget about right after.


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Thursday Love List: Lunch in Paris

WLL - lunch_in_paris-1

This week I’ve been loving Lunch in Paris by Elizabeth Band. It’s a love story where the author writes about a character, an American, falling in love with a Frenchman. From living and growing up in New York to moving to Paris to live with her boyfriend, having lunch in romantic cafes and picnics on rolling hills seems like the everyday life for Elizabeth.

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Thursday Love List: Taylor Swift’s Red

I’m not typically a mainstream pop kinda gal. I like indie group bands and Japanese alternative rock (yes, sorry, you can tell I’m kind of like a geek. hehehe) However, some albums out there are actually worth listening to. I also don’t typically like Taylor Swift’s music but I really like her newest album, Red. Most albums have filler songs but I feel that all the songs in Red have a story behind it and has a great beat to it. Plus you can’t complain that she did write all 16 songs on the album (even though she had some help writing some tracks)! 😀

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