Julien & Seah – We Got Married Episode 155

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Julien and Seah headed to a club in Itaewon. The club opened up earlier just for the both of them.


There is a DJ playing but no one else in sight. A little depressing, don’t you think?

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Seah teaches Julien some of her crazy, dated dance moves. Julien does a bad job at following her. Seah is in her element, enjoying her handbanging and dance moves. She dances like she is in a trance and Julien, probably finding it embarrassing, stops her from doing her strange dance moves.


She says that it’s not a good idea doing her “bubi bubi” (stretching hands forward alternately) dance because it keeps men from approaching her. Julien avoids her jabs. It is a potential weapon.


Seah starts doing her techno dance. I have to say she is pretty good at it. Too bad the dance was popular 10 years ago. Now she just looks old fashioned. She shows off her sexy dance and ‘wall dance’ moves. Julien warns her never to dance like that in a club again.

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Seah does a perfect immitaiton of an old Korean song “Wa” by Lee Junghyun. Julien stands there amazed. He’s relieved that there are only two of them in the club. He tries to imitate Seah’s “Wa” dance but does a terrible job at it. Seah is all over the place, crouching in the ground and flapping her arms everywhere.


Julien suggests they take a break while he makes a cocktail just for Seah. That’s one handsome bartender! He teases Seah by saying he should put 36 cherries in her cocktail since she turned 36 this year.


Seah does not seem to like the taste of the iced tea cocktail. She asks what it is called. Julien answered that it is called Cherry cocktail. (Julien’s nickname for Seah is Cherry, short for the French ma cherie). She thinks that the taste is a little bland.


She searches her bag to find some ‘engine oil’ (red ginseng extract) and pours some into their cocktail saying they should be taking care of their health. Supplements and alcohol? Isn’t it a bad combination? She insists the cocktail is the taste of health and tastes much better after adding the ginseng extract.


She seems to enjoy the taste but Julien trying hard to keeping it down.

Seah asks if the ginseng extract tasted bitter and starts going through her bag a second time. I am getting the impression that only bad tasting things exists in her bag. She pops something into Julien’s mouth and asked him to chew on it. Julien starts chewing… then the taste hits him. He unscrews a bottle of what seems to be lemon juice, squirts some in his mouth, gargled with the lemon juice. He just had a taste of dried red ginseng jelly. He thinks it tastes like it’s past the expiry date. Seah explained that it is fermented 6, or is it 16 times?

Julien thinks that red ginseng jelly tastes like leather. Seah asks him to take a sniff of the stuff, claiming that it smells like you’ll live for hundreds of years. To him it just smells rotten. It’s been rotten for 6 years. Seah says that the longer it’s been fermented, the better it is for you.

Julien compliments Seah on her moves on the dance floor. She revealed she wanted to be a backup dancer when she was young. She did not dream to be an actress. I’m glad the backup dancing thing didn’t work out for her. I think she’s a great actress (and a rather embarrassing dancer! LOL). She has passion in her dance but I think acting works better for her.

He asks her whether she played (around?) when she was younger. She said that her mother does not know about any of it. He claims that if she can lie to her mother, she can potentially cheat on him. Seah defended by asking him whether he’s never played (?) in his 20s. He answered that he’s done that with a smug look on his face. Seah has a sour expression on her face.


Off to the dance floor they went as Julien tries to calm Seah down with some dancing. After much (more like too little!) encouragement from Julien, Seah climbs on the platform to show Julien her pole dancing skills. He’s silenced and could not take his eyes off her. He starts clapping to the beat.


Just when Seah was about to do too much, he pulls her off the platform. He steps up to show her his version of a pole dance. Those dance moves seem more comical than sexy.


They decide to grab a bite in Hongdae. She takes him to her favourite restaurant. After looking at the menu together, she started ordering the food she likes: Chicken feet, cartilage and chicken gizzard. Her choices caused Julien’s brows to furrow. He’s in for a ride. Trying not to hurt her feelings, he said that everything she ordered is too spicy.


Julien says that the food he hates the most is the cartilage. It is a bone, not meant to be eaten. She tries to persuade him but gives up with an expression that says you don’t know what you’re missing out on.

Seah goes on to explain that chicken feet are good for the skin because of the amount of collagen in it. He’d pass on that. He asks whether it burns when you use toilet the next morning after eating super spicy food. Hey, that’s not a good question to ask a lady. Seah’s a little shy but pretty cool about it when she answered “yes it does”. Man, what a conversation at the dinner table. I would have lost my appetite.


The food arrives at the table and it looks sooooo good. I’m getting hungry writing this recap. Julien looks at the chicken feet like it’s an alien being. Seah just munches away. After close inspection, Julien exclaims that there are hairs on the feet. She asked him to stop looking at it so closely and as long as it is covered in plenty of sauce he would not be able to see it. Basically ignorance is bliss.


Julien sticks the chicken foot upright in the plate trying to imitate the last scene from Terminator.


Julien watches in amazement as Seah chows down everything.


He wants to try eating a chicken gizzard and it got Seah all excited. He first downs some makgeolli (rice wine). Seah feeds it to him, he chews on it but takes it badly. He shudders then gargles with some more makgeolli.


Julien gets up to leave to go to the washroom, or so he says. Seah is alone at the table eating everything in sight. He walks out where a car comes by and he takes out a huge black object from the car.


He comes back into the restaurant and Seah gets scared by the huge black object Julien is carrying. He asked her to pull away the black cloth covering it but she refuses. He asks her to trust him, she finally caved in and pulled away the cloth.

There he is standing there with a pair of bedazzled high heels in glass display. Oh my. This has to be the best comeback ever in the show’s history. The all too many birthday candles, clueless with romance – all forgotten at this point. He’s wiped the slate clean and outdone himself this time.

He gets on his knees and say “wear these when you come to me on a nice day, beautifully” the famous line from A Gentleman’s Dignity (2012). That was an awesome drama, by the way. Seah acted in that drama as a supporting actress, but how awesome it is to have whatever happened to the main lead actress happen to her in real life. OK, not-so-real relationship but it’s a tremendous effort.


Life is not a Korean drama – of all the kind of shoes she could have worn, she chose long boots for the day. Ha. Not an easy transition from her boots to those crystal encrusted shoes. I wonder if they send the bill to the show to claim the money they spent while filming it.


Julien slips those shoes on for her. Cinderella was not even this lucky. Her prince charming could not even remember her face after dancing with her that night. He goes around looking for her with her glass slipper. I am pretty sure Julien had these shoes custom made in her size, with custom labels that read “Happy Birthday to Cherry” on one shoe, and “Thank you for marrying me” on the other. And he didn’t have to go try them on all the girls in the village to find his Cherry.


Julien gets a hug from Cherry for giving her such a lovely birthday present.


He asks her to dance in those shoes. The male emcees in the studio said that it’s a little disappointing to have done that in a restaurant that sells chicken feet. The female emcees stepped in to defend Julien, saying that it does not matter whether it is a restaurant that sells chicken feet or pork hocks.

Julien makes a comment that there’s no romance in doing this in this kind of restaurant. Seah says that the atmosphere is fine because it’s all gloomy (I think she means dim) in the restaurant. It is her dream to have a marriage like this.

Julien declares it a success. Heck, every viewer would think the same.

Tune in for more next week…



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