Thursday Love List: Calvin Klein and Ivanka Trump Shoes

I’ve taken over Little Sheepy’s corner this week! Sorry, hun! You can do Thursday Thoughts or Friday Five any day.

Spring is here! How do I know? Nope, not from the warmer temperature, blossoming flowers or allergies. Rather from the pop of colour I see when I go shopping.

This is my shopping wishlist! I need $345 to make my dreams come true. That is not including HST! Maybe I just have to be patient and wait for it to go on sale.


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Le Cordonnier Guide to Shoes

I don’t know if you have noticed our blog’s slogan: “The Shoemakers Guide to the (our) World”. How could we have not written a post about shoes at all thus far? Ridinkulous!

So we all know that heels are bad for us but it does not stop us from wearing them. Blame it on those massive high heels that give us that beautiful extension making our legs look longer. Sometimes standing on an elevated platform can help to hide ugly shapeless legs­­­.



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