Kdramaland and The Piggyback

It is never a Korean drama until you see a piggyback, agree?  It can be the most poignant of scenes, a turning point or just plain silly and cute.  Here are some of the situations where a piggyback is necessary.

This is might turn into a series.  Also see my Kdramaland and Product Placement post!



Kim Tae Hee and Song Seung Hun for My Princess (2011). Two beautiful people on one screen…

The lead actress start to get tipsy and then full out drunk.  Singing, crying, cursing and ultimately pass out on the table.  What happens next?  Of course the hot boyfriend or love interest gives her a piggyback to take her home. Continue reading


Kdramaland and Product Placement – Level 7 Civil Servant

Product placement (advertising/marketing) plays a huge role in Kdramas. That’s how we get to watch the drama free. For that we are thankful, but sometimes products are written into the drama’s script when it isn’t necessary to be there. Dunkin’ Donuts at the Korean Demilitarized Zone in ‘King 2 Hearts’? Pfft. Shopping for your girlfriend at The North Face in ‘The Innocent Man’? If I were the boyfriend I’d think Forever 21 would be a safer bet.

Mama Mushroom asked me once why that man is talking on the phone but the camera pans towards the beer that he’s holding? She then blames the cameraman. Then I told Mama Mushroom that zooming into that beer probably help them rake in tens of thousands of dollars. Maybe even more!

Since I have pretty much given up on Level 7 Civil Servant‘s storyline, I decided to pick out the products and companies that are sponsoring the drama through watching the episode. Come on board for a lesson in Kdramaland Product Placement!

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Since Level 7 Civil Servant is pushing everyone’s buttons, let’s just focus on what is good in that drama: Joowon. Yeah, he is the only reason why I am still sticking around to watch it. If it was anyone else (Er… Not quite. I would stay to watch for a few of my biases) I would have given up in episode 3. I always expect episode 1 of any drama to really suck so episode 2 will be the determining factor whether I should stay on or give up completely.

For this post, I shall embrace the persona of the ultimate Joowon fangirl. *Squeals* OK, now that I’ve got that squeal in place we can go forward.

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Calling all Joowon fangirls…

Anyone else have a problem with Level 7 Civil Servant’s casting choice? I have tried looking past the fact that Choi Kang Hee is 36 years old and plays the love interest of 26-year-old Joowon. “Hey, it’s a Korean TV drama”, I say to myself, “let it go.” But I CAN’T. They are seriously stretching it casting a 36 year old to play a 28 or 29 year old on the drama. It’s scenes like the one below that are hard to watch. If only they picked a younger actress *sigh*.

Choi Kang Hee pairing with Ji Sung in their drama ‘Protect the Boss’ was pleasant to watch. Joowon with Uee in ‘Okjakgyo Brothers’ was fine too. But Choi Kang Hee and Joowon…

This totally has nothing to do with acting talent because both have plenty. It’s a visual thing…

Scene from episode 9