Babysitting 101: How to get Min Yul off the ground

Cute little Min Yul refuses to get up. He’s fascinated by something on the ground and is stubbornly squatting down to poke at the ground. What should you do?

Lee Jong Hyuk’s solution

Jong Hyuk pulls Min Yul up with his hood and puts a foot under his bum and lifts him up. Min Yul gets up but the moment Jong Hyuk relaxes, Min Yul sits back down. Repeat this a couple of time and Min Yul thinks it’s a game. HASHTAG FAIL! #FAIL.

Yoon Min Soo’s solution

*Watches Min Yul having a good time*
Min Soo inches closer and grasps Min Yul’s legs and pick the little guy up as is. Problem solved!

Keep watching Dad, Where Are You Going? for more cute antics. Screenshots from episode 47.


When ‘Dad, where are you going?’ Meets ‘Jeon Woo Chi’ and ‘2 Days 1 Night’

Two of my favourite K-variety shows and one K-drama in one screen. Who knew it could have been possible?

Translation and video credits: shiareagy. Thank you for subbing!

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Dad, where are you going? (아빠, 어디가?) K-Variety Show

Looking for something new to watch that makes you go “aww…” every few minutes? Then this is the show for you. This show is about 5 celebrity fathers and their kids going on a trip to remote villages without mommy. Living conditions can be quite harsh because the villages are located in the middle of nowhere. The fathers are actor Lee Jong Hyuk (A Gentleman’s Dignity! Awesome drama!), national soccer player Song Jong Kook, actor Sung Dong Il (this guy is so funny in My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox), singer Yoon Min Soo, and TV host Kim Sung Joo. All of them brought their sons on the show except Song Jong Kook who brought his daughter, Ji Ah. It’s a challenge for the fathers because they have to be both mommy and daddy while they are on the trip. The kids struggle with new living conditions and nights without mommy tucking them into bed *sobs*.

The kids warmed up to each other pretty quickly to the point that there is even a love line! One of the little boys has a crush on Ji Ah. They are given games and missions to decide their dinner and sleeping quarters. Think 2 days 1 night (1박 2일) kids style. While completing their missions, they get side tracked playing with little puppies. LOL. Losing in games is met with tears, tantrums and sulking. And for you 2 days 1 night fans out there please don’t worry because there are no starvation and sleeping outside in the snow on this show :D. *Edit: I take that back. There IS sleeping outside in a tent on a very cold day LOL!

Get the links to English subbed episodes below!

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