Ravenswood Episode 2: Death and the Maiden

The spin-off show started when Caleb Rivers hopped off the bus to Ravenswood to help his girlfriend Hanna Marin (PLL), but when he stays to help Miranda Collins find her uncle he stumbles upon their two graves (I’d book it right then and there if I were in his shoes!). Caleb is shocked but wants answers, so he vows to stay until he gets them. This show is a bit like Pretty Little Liars (mysteries, pretty girls and hot guys), but it’s a LOT creepier as they’re dealing with spirits and things. I don’t know if I like it, but it’s caught my attention. Let’s move forward to the first episode’s highlights:

The Accident

 They say Ravenswood is cursed and the five kids are starting to believe it. Remy was driving Miranda, Caleb, Luke and Olivia after the Halloween Parade (possibly to drive them home?) and Miranda sees a figure on the road which she then swerves the wheel. This kills her, and thus starts the mysterious “theory” which Remy figures out (more on this later). 

Olivia and Luke


Luke went snooping and found a letter their dad wrote to their mom before he died. The mystery of who killed his father will be forever a burden and everyone is a suspect, including someone in his own family. He thinks that their mother was cheating on their dad, and Olivia wants no part whatsoever in this theory that she tears the letter in front of her brother’s face. However, later on she tries approaching her mom and asked her if there really was anyone else, which she cannot answer back. Olivia storms off with her brother eavesdropping off by the stairwell, and this sketchy behavior really makes their mom seem guilty.

Olivia and Tess


At first glance, Tess seems to be the bestest (yes I said bestest lol) friend any girl could ask for. She seems very loyal, upbringing and will back you up, but like I mentioned in my Ravenswood 101 post, I think Tess is the kind of friend that feeds off your failures to be her wins. Continue reading


Pretty Little Liars Episode 413: Grave New World


No duh! We all knew that in last season’s spoilers, even though they kept showing hints here and there that Ali is dead (cue last year’s Halloween train episode where the boys are fighting and a coffin spills out a “body”).

Spoilers and trailers of the new season shows that the first episode will be shot in Ravenswood, aka the town with the blue Instagram filter. The last scene of the last epis ode of the last season (sorry had to LuL) showed Aria instructing the girls that they would be crashing a party at this creepy town. But curiosity killed the cat and once again found themselves in trouble. Let’s get on with this week’s episode!

1. Mysterious Miranda


Who else hates it when some random stranger sits next to you on the bus or train, and there’s plenty of seats left? I hate that so much lol. Anyway, Caleb is on his way to save Hanna from Creepy Town, and he wakes up from a nap and finds this girl sitting next to him. Should it be fate, but Miranda is a runaway stray (that’s what she calls herself) with no parents and is trying to find her uncle. Even though she seems to be pretty much annoying Caleb, she actually needs a lot of help to find someone she can stay with. Someone she can trust. Caleb relates to her by telling her his semi-life story, and she opens up her trust to him and vice versa.  Little does Caleb know, but Miranda actually helps out Hanna when she needs it the most. Because of that, Hanna’s loving spirit kicks in and asks Miranda to stay with her family. This is why I love Hanna the most, even though she carries herself like a bitch (lol) deep inside she’s a softie. Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars Episode 406: Under the Gun

I actually cried at the end of the episode. It was sooo sad. Hashtag for this week’s episode is #poorhanna. This recap post will be a bit on the long side so without further ado, let’s get started:

1. Aria’s Love Life


Why is Aria disconnected from the whole A thing and is only focused on her love life? She should really get her act together and learn from her past mistakes. She may think she’s being nice but really, other people have cruel intentions. Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars Episode 405: Gamma Zeta Die


Recently in past episodes, PLL writers have been upping the drama in the show. Which is good because that’s what the show is famous for! Let’s get right to the three highlights, shall we?

1. Spencer and Emily

Are they having a falling out or is Emily just trying to stick up for herself?


The number that Tippy the Parrot was “singing” tracked the girls to Cicero University, and Spencer takes advantage of her meeting with her private admissions adviser Brendon Robinson to give her an opportunity to get on campus. Desperate for a backup plan Emily tags along too, but unsuspectingly manages to catch Brendon’s heartstrings. Spencer sees this and accuses Emily of failing to mention she’s gay, and Emily bites back with another remark about how Spencer doesn’t need to work as hard as others because she’s got a safety net of cash waiting for her to bounce back on. Continue reading

Pretty Little Liars Episode 403: Cat’s Cradle

Sorry for the late post this week. Been a bit occupied with out-of-town guests that has been here for a while! This week’s episode wasn’t really that exciting (in my opinion), but here’s the highlights in my eyes! They all seem to gravitate towards the girl’s moms though.

1. Aria’s Mom


Ever since splitting with Byron, Aria and Mike’s dad, Aria’s mom (anyone remember her name? I forget hehe) meets the owner of the coffee shop in their town, Zack. He’s young and hip, and totally different from Byron (much older, stiff, and serious). I remember Aria even being surprised when she first saw him with her mom. ANYWAY! XD Off topic lol.
Continue reading

Taemin & Naeun – We Got Married Episode 170


After visiting their high school, they head out to a place which Taemin only identifies as “MD”.  They take bus number 143 to their destination and occupying the last row of seats on the bus.  Kudos to the camera team for installing all those cameras in a short amount of time.  They have a little chat on the bus talking about the activities they would participate in after school.  As kids, both Taemin and Naeun go to the playground after school.  Taemin declares himself to be the master of the playground.  The conversation diverted to an odd topic where Taemin explains how there was an 800-year old gingko tree just right outside his window of the house he used to live in.  They both found a new common love: gingko nuts.  To them, it is delicious though Taemin has heard from some people that it tastes like boogers.  Eew…  No, gingko nuts taste yummo!  Boogers can never taste that good… Yuck. Continue reading

PLL Episode 401: A is for Alive (Spoiler Alerts)


If you guys haven’t watched Pretty Little Liars Episode 401 yet, I would highly recommend you to watch it before you read my recap! Don’t want to give you any shockers that you may want to see on screen first!

The start of the Summer Premier episode kicks off right where Se3’s last episode ends when they open the trunk of Detective Wilden’s vehicle. We all know that from the ending of Season 3, Hanna’s mom hit him because he was trying to “harrass” her for more information, and I seriously thought that Hanna’s mom would be in there. But no, there is —-a PIG. What???! What’s that gotta do with everything? I was soo confused as to why that would happen and when you’re trying to figure things out, it turns out Detective Wilden is dead. Which is a true shocker, because I think the detective was doing a great job in pressuring the girls with what they know. But yes, he was a bit creepy.

There’s a few things I’d like to ask you guys…

1. The Creepy Little Girls

prettylittleliarsS4PIC1 Continue reading