Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 157

*Tiny Recap*

I am loving these two already and it’s only the second episode!


Jinwoon asks whether Junhee cooks well. She doesn’t and Jinwoon thinks it is a big problem because he hates instant food. He likes homemade food with proper rice. They both hate fast food and have the same preferences with regards to food. Even though triangle rice sushi is made with rice, they prefer a bowl of rice.


Junhee checks their height difference. To her relief, Jinwoon is way taller than she is. Their height matches well and they look good together. She looks up at him with a wide smile on her face. Yeah, the nice feeling of looking at a guy upward than looking at one at eye level or downwards. I have her obsession too. She says it’s been a long time since she has met a guy taller than 180cm. She is 172cm tall and he is 185cm. They share the same understanding for their height.

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Julien & Seah – We Got Married Episode 157

~Tiny Recap~

Their traditional wedding ceremony starts. I have never seen a traditional Korean wedding before so I really enjoyed watching this episode.



Seah was taught how to position her arms.


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Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 157

=Tiny Recap=

I will be busy this weekend so I decided to post a shorter recap. I may come back some other day to make necessary edits. Enjoy!


Well, just to jog your memory, the show left off where Kwanghee, his parents and Sunhwa are making dumplings. If you can remember, it was borderline disastrous. Sunhwa and Mother are mixing the dumpling filling and tasting them. Sunhwa thinks it needs more salt but Mother thinks it is enough. Mother says that there is enough salt because the anchovies are salty. Kwanghee watches with a worried expression on his face. First mother-in-law and daughter-in-law disagreement is unfolding.

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Jinwoon and Junhee – We Got Married Episode 156


We are introduced to a new couple this week. They are replacing Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo’s slot. These two are so cute in this episode, filled with adorable awkward hellos and shy smiles.  I am so glad Jinwoon finally got a chance to be on this show because I really like him best in 2AM.  He’s just so cute when his eyes disappear every time he smiles.  As for Junhee, I have never seen any of her work.  A little surprising considering she appeared in a few popular dramas.  Maybe my taste for dramas is not that refined.  She’s given me a good impression in this episode.  She is awfully cute and both of them make an adorable couple.


A week before their We Got Married filming, there is a red mailbox placed at the door of the Gangnam Editor Office.  A woman walks in but no one in the studio recognizes her.  She collects the mission card (mail) from the mailbox and called out to someone.  Junhee walks in and she looks radiant.  The woman that collected her mail was her stylist.  The mission card states that she is to prepare a gift for a husband-to-be and that she will be meeting him in a week’s time.

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Julien & Seah – We Got Married Episode 156


It’s a rainy day so Julien and Seah shared an umbrella. I love Seah’s pale blue jacket! Julien takes out a lime green flask from the pocket of his jacket and hands it over to Seah. She’s caught a cold and he made ginger tea to warm her up.


In the interview Seah mentioned that she received a scarf from Julien while she was filming her drama. He did not want it to be publicly known at the time so he contacted a staff member to hand over the gift to Seah. She was really thankful and touched with his gesture. It shows that he cares.

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Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 156


At Kwanghee and Sunhwa’s “home” (more like the home that they live in while filming the show) Sunhwa put her feet on Kwanghee’s lap as soon as she sits on the sofa. I bet these beautifully renovated houses would sell for a fortune once they are done filming there. That day was the day Kwanghee’s parents will be visiting the ‘newlyweds’. This has been informed to them earlier but a date was not confirmed. Kwanghee was only notified on the same day his parents were coming to visit.

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