Les Trois Cordonniers’ Monthsary!


Yay! We’ve survived one month in the blogosphere! Dear readers, please like or share our posts! I have written recaps for We Got Married, some thoughts about IRIS 2 and Level 7 Civil Servant, interesting things I read about like M&M’s, reminisce about Tamagotchi, my once upon a time obsession with Hay Day and some beauty reviews. Let us know what you think about what we are writing too. Comments are always welcomed! Thanks for reading ❤

Little Sheepy

Can’t believe a month has already passed with our shoemaker’s guide to the world. Well actually, our world! As a recap of my month in the blogosphere, I’ve posted a haul, and thought back about the good old days and how Valentine’s Day seemed so important (if you got a rose you were the “It Girl!”). As the resident foodie here, I’ll be posting restaurant reviews. My favourite is Sushi Garden. Obviously, since I’ve written it “FAVOURITE”~ you’d notice I’m Canadian~ if you’d like to get to know me more in tidbit forms, here’s a Littlesheepy cheat sheet. Something I love about being Canadian?


Oh yeah! We’re rockin’ the colorful money! How many purples do you got in your wallet?? 😉


Our resident traveler is currently yes, on a trip! Hopefully when things settle down this line will be replaced by her reflections! =)

As bloggers, we love it when we get viewers. But we love it even more when our viewers respond and interact with us. Please give us feedback on our posts, and if you have requests on topics please dont hesitate to contact us! ^_^


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