This Week’s Wrap Up: Dec 30-Jan 5


We Welcome The New Year!
Wishing all a happy, healthy and fabulous 2014!

Aaaargh! Lee Seung Gi and Yoona are dating!
The hottest story on New Year’s 2014. I’m not sure what to think of this information. I’m not that happy about the pairing… But Seung Gi gets the girl he wants(?). Maybe Seung Gi is not so heodang after all.

Watch this video from 2011 of Seung Gi and Girls Generation on 2 Days 1 Night. (It is also one of the best episodes with the 2 Days 1 Night boys use their creativity to complete their photo taking missions.)

At least Yoona didn’t end up with Joowon. Don’t ask me why. I don’t know why I think so myself. Joowon-Yoona don’t sit well with me. *shrugs*

Girls Generation’s Soo Young is also reported to be dating an actor. I guess Girls Generation are growing up. If all nine girls are revealed to be dating, I wonder how their fanboys are going to react.

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Is We Got Married Scripted?


We Got Married was recently caught up in a ‘controversy’ for being scripted. I thought this was a well-known fact!

It’s no secret that the trips that they take and activities that they do are planned and well, scripted. Heck, we’ve even seen that whiteboard in the MBC We Got Married office where it is filled with plans for all couples for the next months. If it is left entirely to the participants on the show, they would probably have trouble filling the allotted airtime especially now that we have two pairs of rather boring people. You know who they are. This is when location and activities fill up almost the entire 20 minutes of the show. The bickering couple, Yumi and Joon Young, would probably be able to get something done that is worth 20 minutes of airtime. That again is assuming Joon Young can refrain from gaming the entire time.
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We Got Married Episode 189

wgm189005Taemin and Naeun Key and Eunji

The Shinee boys minus Onew, Naeun and Eunji play a game of yut.  It is a game where they throw a couple of sticks as a dice and depending on the combination of sticks landing on the flat side or on the curved side will determine the number of moves one can make.  The player that makes it ‘Home’ first wins the game.  They are divided into three teams: the couples and the pair of lonely brothers.

They decide to put a little twist on the traditional game of yut by including some punishments if you land on a particular spot.  Think ‘go to jail’ spot in monopoly.  The punishments they picked are hugging cheek to cheek, exchanging clothing between team members, and another that builds on previous punishments where they start with hand holding and ends with being seated on their partner’s lap. Continue reading

We Got Married Episode 188

wgm188002Taemin and Naeun Key and Eunji

Yes, the title reflects my wish that Taemin and Naeun are replaced by Key and Eunji.  It’s the Chuseok episode!  Taemin and Naeun receive a mission card to meet the Shinee brother-in-laws AGAIN.  At least watching the hyperactive Shinee boys will be more interesting that these two on their own.  They decide to some songpyeon as a gift for the brother-in-laws.

Naeun suggest that they call her mother for some pointers on how to make songpyeon.  Naeun’s mother coolly says that she has no idea as she’s always purchased songpyeon and never made them.  Taemin greets his mother-in-law and she cutely calls him Lee seobang (husband) to his delight.  They exchange greetings and have small talk.

wgm188004Time to get their hands dirty for those songpyeon.  They make the songpyeon in different shapes.  Naeun makes one for Taemin in the shape of a heart.  Seeing that Naeun is getting creative with the songpyeons, Taemin decide to fill the songpyeon for the Shinee boys with wasabi.  He squirts a huge amount of wasabi onto the dough then seals it.  *evil grin* Continue reading

We Got Married Episode 187

wgm187001We get a new studio host, Hong Jinyoung. Let me tell you, I’m going to miss Lee Jihye. In this episode, we will also be introduced to two new couples.

wgm187002Before new faces and introduction, we are given a dose of the couple that we are more accustomed with: Taemin and Naeun. They are heading off to the place for blob jump. Yeah, the one that has already been done on Running Man TWICE. Can you give us something new please? At the mention of a possible water sport, Taemin asks if Naeun has brought swimwear. “Yes”, she says and he gulps. Taemin, kiddo, don’t let your mind stray off to imagineland. “Is it a bikini?” Yes, she answered and he cannot contain his glee.

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September, A New Start?

I have been in and out of the blog posting the random-est things and totally avoiding We Got Married posts. “Why?”, you ask? Admittedly I was getting bored with the show. The balance of the couples is all wrong. We need a comic relief couple! Anyway, just a little recap of what has been going on on the show.

Jung Chi and Jung In are tying the knot FOR REAL. They have ended their stint on We Got Married. Apparently being on the show has given them the jolt they need to walk down the aisle. I wish they’d let We Got Married to film their real wedding. I wonder how wacky it is going to be.

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