Julien & Seah – We Got Married Episode 157

~Tiny Recap~

Their traditional wedding ceremony starts. I have never seen a traditional Korean wedding before so I really enjoyed watching this episode.



Seah was taught how to position her arms.


Julien walks down the steps while holding a black shade made out of sheer black cloth to cover his face. Danny Ahn follows close behind holding a goose carved out of wood.


Danny gives Julien the wooden goose.


Jungmin bows at Julien.


Julien walks toward the building where Seah is with Kim Jungmin by his side.


Julien leaves the wooden goose at the doorstep of where Seah is. He does not get to see her yet.


He bows twice.


He walks away from the building with Seah behind him. Seah walks out with her face covered.


They stand facing each other.


Seah bows twice while still with her face covered.


Julien bows twice.


They take their seats and Seah lowers her arms that were covering her face.


Seah stifles her giggles but Julien made it worse by crossing his eyes. Julien feels excited because there is an element of mystery. He feels like he was a prince marrying a princess in the olden times.


Julien drinks his cup


Seah drinks her cup


They both get up to greet the er… world(?) as husband and wife.


Their friends sing a few songs to congratulate them. Shin Ae starts by singing “The Bride”. She misses her cue because of nervousness but manages to pick it up by the second line. She does have a pretty voice but will require some training if she plans to be a singer.

20130216-221206.jpg 20130216-221157.jpg

Danny Ahn sings an old song of his, “For Mother” by g.o.d.. It is funny seeing Danny doing his dance in traditional costume! Seah, Shin Da Eun and the lady emcee joins in with the fan girl chants. The song ends abruptly because he only sang his part in the song.


Next was Shin Da Eun’s turn with a dance. She starts of with Rain’s “Rainism”. Hats off to her bravery. Everyone watches her in shock except Seah. I can see why she is friends with Seah.

20130216-221240.jpg 20130216-221255.jpg

She dances to a medley of songs. She points towards Julien and Seah blocks it off. Excited Seah starts dancing the same moves. Shin Da Eun has performed the dance before at her older sister’s wedding. She says that Seah is like a sister to her.

20130216-221326.jpg 20130216-221335.jpg

Seah requests that Kim Jungmin sings his song. He sings it for her but stops at the word “ee mat”. He requests that the newlyweds kiss when he sings the word “mat”. Danny blocks Shin Ae’s line of sight with his sleeve.


They take a group photo.

20130216-221357.jpg 20130216-221404.jpg

They are resting in a room when Kim Jungmin walks in with a plate of dried fruits and dried fishes. It is an important tradition of the Korean wedding. Shin Ae interrupts saying she has to leave for work. She says her goodbyes and Jungmin notes that it is a good thing that she is leaving because what is to come is not appropriate for her.


Kim Jungmin starts explaining the dried date. It represents the end of playing hard to get. They should hold it in their mouths and whoever takes the bigger bite will have to take more initiative in the marriage.


Julien starts by holding the date in his mouth and Seah closes in. She stops and says that his nose is sticking out more than the date.

20130216-221431.jpg 20130216-221437.jpg

She decides to switch, letting Julien approach her. While doing so, Danny gives Julien a little push. Julien bites the other end of the date and Seah gets nervous so she takes a small bite. Julien ends up with the bigger piece of date.


The next thing in the tradition has to do with dried fish (ack!). During the first night, the bridegroom gets hit in the sole with the dried fish. This is to ensure that there is a hwaiting spirit *clears throat* during their first night together. LOL! Julien asks whether it is a joke. Julien gets a history lesson there and then.

Jungmin and Danny gets Julien to lie on his back, feet up and started hitting him mercilessly.


Find out next week if he survives the beating!


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