Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 157

*Tiny Recap*

I am loving these two already and it’s only the second episode!


Jinwoon asks whether Junhee cooks well. She doesn’t and Jinwoon thinks it is a big problem because he hates instant food. He likes homemade food with proper rice. They both hate fast food and have the same preferences with regards to food. Even though triangle rice sushi is made with rice, they prefer a bowl of rice.


Junhee checks their height difference. To her relief, Jinwoon is way taller than she is. Their height matches well and they look good together. She looks up at him with a wide smile on her face. Yeah, the nice feeling of looking at a guy upward than looking at one at eye level or downwards. I have her obsession too. She says it’s been a long time since she has met a guy taller than 180cm. She is 172cm tall and he is 185cm. They share the same understanding for their height.


Jinwoon and Junhee talks about things they like and dislike. Jinwoon hates short shorts and low cut tops on girls. However, Junhee likes short skirts and hot pants. Jinwoon likes vintage clothing but Junhee does not like them. She declares it a pass. She says that at his age, she liked vintage clothing. The age difference gets brought up over and over again, huh? Moving on to alcohol, Junhee cannot handle her alcohol well and her maximum limit is one bottle of soju. Oh the other hand, Jinwoon likes his alcohol. Junhee hates a guy that drinks too much. In the interview, Junhee notes that they liked the same things but hates polar opposite of things. They feel strongly about things they do not like.


Jinwoon pulls out his phone from his pocket. 2AM members have recorded a video meant for Jinwoon’s wife. It is a Jung Jinwoon user manual. 2AM boys are so adorable! He plays it for her and Jokwon and Seulong appears on the screen.


Point 1: There is no end to Jinwoon’s eye smile. (In my previous Jinwoon & Junhee post I wrote about how his eyes disappear when he smiles LOL!) She will fall for it.


Point 2: The jokes he tell are not funny. It is sufficient to just enjoy how cute he is.


Point 3: Jinwoon is an umchinah (Mother’s friend’s son. The son people always envy and get compared to).


Point 4: Jinwoon likes his alcohol. His tolerance is six bottles and above of soju.


Point 5: Jinwoon smiles even though he hates it. He smiles when he is happy or sad.

Point 6: Jinwoon is an expert at mildang (playing hard to get).

Aww… Jokwon and Seulong have provided a user manual to the wifey from day 1. How sweet!

At the end of it, all Junhee repeated and remembered was that Jinwoon is an expert at mildang. Jinwoon denies it. Junhee confesses that she is bad at playing hard to get. Jinwoon says he doesn’t know what mildang is or what citrus (milgam, a play on words) is. Right, that’s #2 on the user manual! He’s shocked at his own lame joke.

20130217-013257.jpg 20130217-013304.jpg

Jinwoon makes a video call to Seulong. Aww… baby brother boasting to big brother about his new wifey. Seulong picks up with a “what, what, what?” greeting. LOL. One of the first few things Seulong say after greeting Junhee is, “it’s an older woman-younger man relationship.” Way to go rubbing it in! He always plays the silly brother-in-law role even with Jokwon and Gain. He says that they look good together and matches well in height. Junhee and Jinwoon unintentionally sit closer together because of the video call.


After ending the call, Junhee gets a little embarrassed for sitting too close together. Jinwoon scoots over to give her most space. He suggests that they go to dinner together.


They walk to the car together and it is snowing hard outside. How cute are they standing together under that pink umbrella?


Junhee mentions that her managers are surprised to see how well Jinwoon fits into her description of her ideal husband. Jinwoon has no double eyelids, is in an idol group and taller than she is.


Junhee mentions that she watches all the music program broadcasts because she likes to watch idol groups performing. She asks Jinwoon whether he knows B1A4. His expression darkens slightly but asked her who she likes in B1A4. She says that she likes Baro the best. He’s pretty disappointed that she is more concerned about B1A4 than 2AM. (Totally unrelated to WGM, but I just want to have my little rant. The origin of the group name B1A4 is a little… strange. It’s because four people in the group are type A blood type and one is type B. I believe they’re great and all, sorry fans, but the group name could be… um… less creative? More creative? Glass half full, glass half empty depending on the perspective? But then again it’s very much expected from Korean idol groups. Even my favourite boyband have a weird name.) Junhee is already practicing how to greet the idol groups she will (hopefully) be meeting in the future.

They discuss about driving. Jinwoon enjoys driving but Junhee get scared when she is sandwiched between two large cars. Junhee asks Jinwoon to teach her driving sometime. The emcees at the studio commented that it’s not a good idea because it will be the start of couple fights. Danny Ahn takes back his words saying it’s better if they fight because it makes a better show. Evil, lonely, jealous emcee!


Junhee wonders if Jinwoon is friends with Kwanghee. Jinwoon says yes and Junhee gets excited because she finds him funny. She watches We Got Married and she likes Kwanghee & Sunhwa couple because they are fun, interesting and sweet altogether. She tells Jinwoon how Kwanghee eats with his hands and cuts noodles with his fingers. Ha. Kwanghee’s bad table manners is a national matter!

I like Junhee a lot because she’s like one of us viewers. We’re the ones that watch the music programs and variety shows squealing for our favourite celeb. She is doing all of that on national television and being an actress herself. Bet she has her own legion of screaming fanboys.


They go to a Korean BBQ restaurant. They started eating but Junhee stopped. Jinwoon was chowing down everything in sight but noticed that she was not eating. She does not like her meat too rare. Junhee wonders if Jinwoon has anything that he does not like to eat but he says he eats everything. Junhee has weird reasons for disliking certain foods.


Junhee starts asking about the characteristics that Jinwoon likes in a girl. Jinwoon answered two questions, stating he like girls with double eyelids and tall girls. She’s happy about it because she fits into those characteristics. Junhee makes Jinwoon choose between skirts and jeans. Jinwoon prefers girls who wear skinny jeans. She notes that it is a weird preference because he does not like revealing skirts but likes skin tight pants on girls. He avoids her gaze and shoves more food in his mouth. Lastly, Junhee asks whether he likes a girl with long or short hair. Jinwoon answers long hair. Junhee expresses her disappointment with the way Jinwoon answered the last two questions during the interview. She has short hair and was in a skirt that day so she is slightly upset at his response. In the interview, Jinwoon says he likes girls with short hair but told Junhee the opposite because he likes to see her getting annoyed. The interviewer told him that this is called mildang. He then realizes that he’s guilty of it.


Weirdest question of the night: poop with curry taste vs. curry with poop taste. Which one would Jinwoon prefer? That killed my appetite. Was looking at the BBQ meat getting hungry and she totally killed it. Jinwoon chooses the poop tasting curry. His logic is that poop is toxic but there is no toxic in curry. The end. These two are made for each other because he even cares to answer a silly question like that. Quoting Jinwoon, “The first time we meet, during the first meal we have together and she asks about poop?” But he is unfazed because he still finds her cute.


Jinwoon asks if there is a proper sequence for skinship. She thinks it should be natural and not like ordering an n-course meal (for the math geeks: where n is an element of a positive integer )…

Excited for next week to see what crazy conversations they will have!  Hopefully they will stop with all the poop talk.


5 thoughts on “Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 157

  1. Where can I watch this with English subs? They’re a gorgeous couple, though he looks a little controlling.

    Also, if there’s no place to watch with English subs, then please keep recapping!

      • Thing is, when I go to the link for this show, I just get links for dailymotion and videoweed. The first doesn’t have subs and the second just directs me to ads.

        So, please keep recapping! 🙂 And what a fun show!

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