Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 157

=Tiny Recap=

I will be busy this weekend so I decided to post a shorter recap. I may come back some other day to make necessary edits. Enjoy!


Well, just to jog your memory, the show left off where Kwanghee, his parents and Sunhwa are making dumplings. If you can remember, it was borderline disastrous. Sunhwa and Mother are mixing the dumpling filling and tasting them. Sunhwa thinks it needs more salt but Mother thinks it is enough. Mother says that there is enough salt because the anchovies are salty. Kwanghee watches with a worried expression on his face. First mother-in-law and daughter-in-law disagreement is unfolding.


Kwanghee signals Sunhwa to say that it tastes fine to ease the situation. Mother takes another taste and thinks that the filling needs more salt. A irritated Kwanghee tells Mother that was what Sunhwa was saying all along. After adding the salt, mother says that the filling now tastes perfect, and that it was right for Sunhwa to want to add salt in the first place.


They sit down to start filling and shaping the dumplings. It is Sunhwa’s first time making dumplings. Sunhwa asks Mother how the dumplings are supposed to look, and because Mother is from Kangwondo they make them a certain shape. It’s like Italians with their ravioli. Father’s dumplings look superb and Sunhwa says that he makes them like he is the boss of a dumpling shop. Kwanghee, as expected, does a bad job making the dumplings and his has a tear down the side. Sunhwa makes a dumpling that looks like a Chinese Xiao Loong Bao (type of dumpling) and says that it is for Father. From his laughter, it is obvious that Father really enjoys his daughter-in-law’s company.


Mother’s back start to hurt and she says that they should not make dumplings next time. Kwanghee says that it was Mother’s idea to begin with but Mother says that it was not her idea. Turns out it was Father’s idea. Ha. This family is so funny they should have their own reality show. Father is always the hidden gem.

With the left over filling, Sunhwa suggest that they should all eat it. She takes a bite then but complained that it was too salty. Mother says it was because of the last bit of salt they added in the end. Sunhwa was shocked by Mother’s comment and countered saying that it tasted good after adding the salt.



They all sit down to dinner. Sunhwa passes the chopsticks and spoon to Kwanghee but none for Mother and Father. She excuses herself from the table and comes back with a gift for Kwanghee’s parents. In the box was two pair of chopsticks and two spoons. She wishes them good health and a long life. Mother says that she feels bad she did not prepare any present for Sunhwa. Sending a wink to Sunhwa, Kwanghee said to Mother that she does not need to give Sunhwa anything because she has prepared the meal for them. Mother giggles in embarrassment.

They start eating their meal. Sunhwa and Mother continue their argument about the last bit of salt they put into the filling.

20130216-210730.jpg 20130216-210907.jpg

Kwanghee gobbles down his bowl of dumplings then reaches out with his hands and grabs a dumping. Mother warns him not to eat it like a beggar. He holds the dumpling in his hands with a grim expression on his face. Sunhwa tells him there is more soup in the kitchen and Kwanghee asks her to get him some. Mother stops Sunhwa then tells Kwanghee to get some himself. Through Sunhwa’s smile, you can tell that she’s glad that Mother is on her side on this one. Kwanghee gives the dumpling that he’s been holding in his hands to Sunhwa but Mother and Sunhwa gave him the death stare so he retracted.

Father eats his portion of the dumplings and asks for more. Mother says that she will always think of Sunhwa every time she eats dumplings. Father says that he only eats one or two dumplings usually because he dislikes them. Since Sunhwa had a part in making the dumplings today, he eats his share and asks for a second helping.

In the interview, Kwanghee says that his mother’s cooking is only edible. His father has never eaten a good home cooked meal in his lifetime. LOL. Kwanghee is going to get nagged by his mother when she sees that interview. The situation gets worse as Father says that he never eats more than four dumplings if it was made by Mother. Father has eaten 8 dumplings this time, a new record!

20130216-210742.jpg 20130216-210751.jpg

The mystery of the huge luggage is unveiled. While having fruits after dinner, Kwanghee asks what were in those two huge luggages. Kwanghee takes one and opens it. Inside was an album of all of Kwanghee’s baby photos. Mother shares them with Sunhwa. But there are some nekkid pics of Kwanghee as a baby. Poor boy. He is embarrassed with his baby photos.


The other item in the luggage is Father’s saxophone. Father and Kwanghee sets up all the equipment for Father’s little performance. The choice of song for his performance is Davichi’s “Don’t say goodbye” (didn’t check the official English translation so it might be wrong). Father chose the song because Kwanghee sang the song when he was alone in Africa filming the show called “Law of the Jungle”. After that episode was broadcasted, Father searched the song online the next day and learnt how to play it on the saxophone. Father was sad to see his son alone deep in the jungle singing that song. Father performs the song for them and everyone sang along to the song.


Father says that he can play the song “Poison” by Secret. Sunhwa stands up to start dancing to it but the first verse never seems to be played. Father only knew how to play the beginning of the song!


Sunhwa thank Kwanghee’s parents for coming to visit. Father says that she feels like family and he likes it. Sunhwa confesses that she was worried about them visiting but she really enjoyed their visit. Finally understanding his parent’s heart, Kwanghee is glad that he’s learnt a lot about how much they care for him. Sunhwa starts crying because she was moved by Father’s story about his song choice and she is able to understand her own parent’s heart more when she watches Kwanghee’s parents. Kwanghee realizes that he hates seeing people he loves cry and that includes Sunhwa.


Kwanghee and Sunhwa send the parents off. Sunhwa hugs Mother and Father. Father complains that it does not feel nice that Sunhwa is taller than he is so Sunhwa bends her knees while giving him a hug. Kwanghee says goodbye in English, also saying that he’ll miss them.

In the interview, Mother says that she is glad that she gets to see Kwanghee and Sunhwa. She agrees to come and visit next time but she will not make them food the next time.

More to come next week!


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