Group Pictorial – We Got Married Episode 178

wgm178all01Battle of the nerves!  All couples are not willing to disclose their pictorial theme and are making up fake silly themes.  Am I crazy for loving Jinwoon without bangs?  Taemin and Naeun arrive a little later with umbrella in hand.  Taemin announces that he’s afraid that Naeun will get a sunburn.  Upon hearing this, Junhee gets jealous and tells Jinwoon that she too wants an umbrella.  Naeun and Taemin tell everyone that they are doing a Teletubbies themed photo shoot.  It actually suits these babies well, no?

wgm178tn031 wgm178tn032 wgm178tn034 wgm178tn037

I would hate standing next to Junhee for a photo shoot.  She’s so captivating!  She also seem to have endless poses built into her body.


Jinwoon and Taemin give a quick lesson to Jung Chi on how to pose.  The back view of Jinwoon looks so much different (hawt-er!) than Jung Chi’s.

wgm178tn053Jung Chi downing some wine… He’s gonna need it!


The couples make their entrance one by one.  Junhee looks like a goddess in her white wedding gown while Naeun just looks like a girl playing dress up with mommy’s clothes.  They should have given her a more youthful look.  These two couple sees Jung Chi and Jung In and burst out laughing…

wgm178tn071   wgm178tn076

The epic moment of the day.  Jung Chi is wearing a white wedding dress!  Jinwoon laughs his toosh off.  Jung Chi says that he has been drinking for 2 weeks straight just to wear this wedding dress.

Taemin checks out Jung Chi in his dress and lifts up his skirt as a prank.

wgm178tn077  wgm178tn078

Battle of the brides

Jung Chi is picking up pointers from Junhee pretty quickly.  Jung In tells Jung Chi to cut it out because We Got Married is aired during dinnertime.  I bet there are a huge amount of people who have already lost their appetite.

wgm178tn081   wgm178tn083 wgm178tn085 wgm178tn087

Group pictorial looks great!  Jinwoon and Junhee get praises from the photographer.  I personally think that Jung Chi is doing the best among all of them because he dug deep and found his inner diva.  LOL.

Jung Chi needs some help with getting off the ladder after the shoot so Jinwoon helps him out.  He fakes falling onto Jinwoon like a damsel in distress.


They do a final toss of the bouquet with Jung Chi, Naeun and Junhee waiting to catch the bouquet.  Jung Chi plays rough and catches the bouquet and somebody playfully say that Jung Chi and Jung In should get married within the next 6 months.  Jung Chi says that he thinks that it is something that needed to be done within the next 6-7 months which caught everyone by surprise.  Hopefully they get married while still filming the show.  If that’s the case, they will be the only couple who gets married for real.


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