Jinwoon & Junhee, Kwanghee & Sunhwa – We Got Married Episode 163


Jinwoon and Junhee arrived at a buckwheat noodle restaurant and are waiting for Kwanghee and Sunhwa.   Junhee wonders if Kwanghee will eat noodles with his hands.  She is very curious if he’ll do it now that his habit has been the talk of the town.  Jinwoon suggested that they should make him feel comfortable so that his eating habits will come out naturally.


Junhee checks out Jinwoon’s outfit to see if he has kept to their dress code.  He has picked out a shirt and sweater that has red colour accents on it.  He shows off his red accented socks.  Junhee has bought some socks for Jinwoon. They are navy blue with big red polka dots.  He changes into them immediately.  Junhee says that she likes guys who wear polka dot socks the best.  She then wonders if her love for red is a little too much.  She has on a pair of red skinny pants that are torn.  I guess working as an actress doesn’t pay well enough to buy pants that are intact.  In the studio, Danny Ahn says those are pants that make men go crazy.


They started chatting about their definition of cheating.  Jinwoon thinks that if a girl goes out for a meal with a guy but does not pick up her boyfriend’s call then the girl is cheating.  However, if she takes the call then she is not cheating.  Junhee on the other hand thinks that having the thoughts about other women is considered cheating.  Jinwoon decides to ask Kwanghee and Sunhwa the same question when they arrive.


Kwanghee and Sunhwa are still on their way to the restaurant.  Kwanghee tells Sunhwa that Junhee really wants to meet the both of them.  He thinks that Junhee probably found them cute.  Sunhwa is stressed out because the other couple are so much taller than Sunhwa and Kwanghee.  Kwanghee thinks that they’ll be fine so long as they remain seated.  Sunhwa asked why he has a blazer draped over his shoulders.  He’s probably feeling a little threatened because the other couple are really good looking on screen.  Sunhwa realizes that Kwanghee is wearing a red striped shirt and she is wearing a similar shirt.  They did not collaborate on their couple look but dressed similarly.


Kwanghee and Sunhwa arrives at the restaurant and Junhee is glad to see them.  Kwanghee greets Jinwoon with a hug and his infectious laugh.  Junhee is a little dazed like she’s meeting some huge celebrity.  Kwanghee shakes Junhee’s hands as a formal greeting.  Right off the bat Kwanghee starts bragging about how he and Sunhwa wore similar tops without informing each other beforehand.  He tries to show off their relationship and how they are connecting well.


Kwanghee asks Junhee to show off her outfit so she steps away from the table to allow him a full view of her whole outfit.  Jinwoon warns that her outfit is unbelievable and it will be the end of Kwanghee when he sees it.  All he could say is “wo~~~”.  Sunhwa tells Junhee and Jinwoon that they will start to care less and less about outfits, hair and makeup the longer they are married.


Jinwoon asks the ‘senior’ couple about their standard of cheating.  Kwanghee’s idea matches Junhee’s in which he thinks that just the pure thought of other women is cheating on the missus.  He also says that if there is skinship with ulterior motives that person should be killed.  Junhee bursts out laughing and Sunhwa is just puzzled as to why Junhee is enjoying the conversation so much.


Kwanghee suggested that they do an outdoor commercial as a group.  Junhee pointed out that Kwanghee is really cute and he gets shy.  Jinwoon on the other hand doesn’t look too happy.  Sunhwa says that it is obvious that Junhee really likes Kwanghee.  Jinwoon downplays it saying that she love anyone who is an idol.  I think Junhee is just fascinated with Kwanghee and watches him like a comedy show.  I think if I meet him in person I would do the same.  Junhee finds Kwanghee interesting because he can talk without stopping.  All he would do is talk, laugh then talk some more like a doll.  Kwanghee apologizes for his fame and popularity saying that it is causing problems for the wifey.  Pfft.


Their food arrives and the server unloads plates of mung bean pancakes, boiled beef and buckwheat noodles.  The food looks so good!  If I were a celeb in Korea I would join WGM purely for the food and the beautiful places that they get to visit.  Kwanghee has a big smile plastered on his face while he mixes his bowl of noodles with one chopstick in each hand.  I would so get told off by some elders if I held my chopsticks that way.  Junhee bursts out laughing just from longing to see Kwanghee eat his noodles with his hands.  Sunhwa notices the situation and cuts the noodles in Kwanghee’s bowl with a pair of scissors.  Jinwoon and Junhee just watch them closely with a look of disappointment on their faces.  Kwanghee complains as Sunhwa cuts the noodles a bazillion times.  Kwanghee eats his noodles and gets some sauce on his top lip. Junhee points it out to him and Sunhwa passes him a napkin.


Jinwoon says that Kwanghee met the right girl.  Kwanghee says he did.  He says that they should meet a sexy girl but if the sexy girl can’t cook it must be really frustrating.  Jinwoon laughed but Kwanghee doesn’t know why and wondered out loud if it is because of something he said.  Sunhwa tells him that it’s nothing and to continue eating.  Jinwoon is at the brink of choking on his food.  Junhee calls the ajumma for a glass of water.  Jinwoon is turning tomato red from laughing.  Clueless Kwanghee still cannot figure out the situation so he decided to ask Junhee directly if she cannot cook.  She denies the fact.  Kwanghee apologizes to Junhee saying that he did not watch the broadcast of the last episode.  He says that cooking is not important because people can just eat out.  Being sexy is all that counts.


Kwanghee says that Sunhwa can cook and take care of babies but is hopeless at driving.  Oops.  Second blow for Junhee.  Junhee smiles awkwardly and Kwanghee figures out that she too is a bad driver.  Junhee praises Jinwoon for his great driving skills and that he is a natural.  Sunhwa asks if he warms the seat for you and both girls squealed in agreement.  They both think that it is sweet for guys to ask if they are feeling cold and turn up the heater.  Kwanghee says that Sunhwa sits at the end of the seat sideways and tells orders him like a servant to turn up the heater.  He feels like her chauffeur pushing all the buttons for her.


They chatted children and Kwanghee asks how many kids does Jinwoon want to have.  Jinwoon likes a big family and would like 6 children.  Junhee is shocked at hearing the number.  He explains that growing up, he regularly had 20 family members over for dinner.  He likes the feeling of a large family because he is raised in one.  Dear Junhee, it’s probably a good time to start ringing up the adoption agencies.  Kwanghee’s father has 9 siblings.  When he was younger he asked his grandmother how it was like to have children and his grandmother tells him that her tummy is never empty.

After they’ve finished dinner they decided to go camping.  Jinwoon suggested that they pick a camping spot close by.  Kwanghee knows a place nearby and the boys sealed the deal with a high five.


They drive to the camping spot.  Kwanghee is glad have arrived so he does a little twirl and announces that it is a great day to be wearing sunglasses.  Jinwoon and Junhee observes his craziness with a big smile.  Jinwoon brought along his guitar so that they can sing campfire songs that night.


They will be making salmon flanks for dinner.  Jinwoon plans to smoke the salmon fillets in the barbeque grill.  He sends the girls off to prepare the vegetables while the boys start a fire.


The girls have some girl talk exchanging their impressions of the other’s partner.  Sunhwa tells Junhee that Jinwoon does not seem to be younger than Junhee.  Junhee tells Sunhwa that Kwanghee is way more good looking in person.  (He should thank his plastic surgeon.)  Sunhwa wonders which actors that Junhee is close to.  Junhee tells her about all the actresses that she is close to: Go Hyunjung, Yoon Eunhye and Yoon Soyi.  (OMG, she calls Eunhye onni!  Had no idea Eunhye was that old)  Sunhwa doesn’t look too interested.


As for actors, Junhee is close to Jo In Sung.  Junhee says that Jo In Sung is a fan of the show and enjoys watching her and Jinwoon since their first episode.  Sunhwa brings up Kwon Sang Woo saying that he is so cool.  Junhee extend an invitation to Sunhwa to visit the set some time and Sunhwa gladly accepts.  Suddenly Junhee realized something that is a little off.  Turns out Junhee and Sunhwa’s dramas are up against each other airing at the same time slot.  War of the TV ratings!


While the boys work on setting up the fire, Jinwoon gets some advice from Kwanghee about the definition of skinship.  He says that the standard is a little vague and he has had some light physical contact with Junhee a couple of times.  Kwanghee tells him that if there is emotion involved in the physical contact only will it be classified as skinship.  They do a few test runs with an unintentional physical contact then meeting of the eyes.  Ack!  It’s a bit icky watching two guys practicing eye contact.  When Jinwoon grasps the concept his eyes are just piercing.


The girls come back from their vegetables prep work and Jinwoon tries the eye contact tricks he’s learnt from Kwanghee.  Not once did it work on Junhee.  She misses his gazes every single time.  In the interview he thinks that the method is not wrong but he might not be cut out for this sort of gestures.  Yeah, he should just stick to how he is and not push it.


Jinwoon and Junhee follow the recipe to a tee with their eyes glued on the recipe.  Sunhwa thinks that it would be better if they can cook without the use of a recipe.  Sunhwa asks them if they are studying.  They put the salmon on the grill for 10 to 15 minutes and it turns out beautifully.


They sit down to eat and out of the blue Kwanghee brings up the subject of Junhee’s kissing scene with Kwon Sang Woo.  Jinwoon tells Kwanghee to eat up, indirectly telling him to shut up.  Jinwoon tells him not to bring it up since it is for work.


Kwanghee tweaks the question slightly and asks Junhee what is the secret behind a good kissing scene.  She says it’s all about angles.  Jinwoon asks her to demonstrate.  She explains that the director will order them to move (or not, if you see the behind the scenes of the first kiss in Playful Kiss).  She grabs Jinwoon for a demonstration of the angles.  Jinwoon says it feels a little weird.   Perhaps his face is starting to heat up.  LOL!


They sit around the campfire after dinner for a chat.  Sunhwa explains about their lip balm story to Jinwoon and Junhee.  Kwanghee tells them about the mandarins and the indirect kiss.  (Read up on the previous recaps 😉 )  It is basically sharing a mandarin after either one person takes a bite.  Kwanghee sends Jinwoon and Junhee into a tent to try it.  I really prefer if they just create their own memories and their own version of crazy than to copy another couples.


They go into a tent where there is a huge bag of mandarins.  They start eating the mandarins but do not know how to proceed.  Jinwoon puts one segment of mandarin in his mouth and offers it to Junhee.  She is so embarrassed by it that she literally almost curled up into a ball.  He’s done it to lighten up the mood and to get her to laugh.  She goes ahead to try and complete the challenge that was given to them by Kwanghee.  Junhee bites off an end to a mandarin segment and gives the rest to Jinwoon.


Junhee has a lip balm that she uses and decides to give it to Jinwoon.  She puts on some lip balm on her lips then gives the whole lip balm to Jinwoon while holding his hand.  Now this is what they would classify as skinship right?  Feelings, check.  He puts on the lip balm there and then saying that his lips are dry as the desert.  She is squirming from the embarrassment.


The four of them sit around the fire and sing campfire songs while Jinwoon plays the guitar.  Junhee notices Kwanghee playing around with a ring on his finger so she asks him what it was.  Sunhwa says that it is a pinky ring and it is quite popular nowadays.  Kwanghee removes the ring and gives it to Sunhwa telling her that it was hers.  He remembered her asking for a ring so he really got her one.


Kwanghee puts the ring on Sunhwa’s right ring finger but the ring is too small!  He asks her to check what the ring says.  “I like you” was engraved on the inside of the ring.  Sunhwa is touched by it so she started tearing.


In the interview, Kwanghee was asked to explain his choice of words for the engraving.  He says that it ruins the excitement if he engraved “I love you” because that is the maximum you can go with it.  That is why he chose to go with the less romantic engraving.  It turns out that the ring is a bit too small for her right ring finger but fits perfectly on her left ring finger.  Kwanghee and Sunhwa are on cloud nine while Jinwoon and Junhee have blank looks on their faces.  Jinwoon says that it feels like they are intruding on a proposal.  Junhee asks if it is a special day for Sunhwa and Kwanghee but it wasn’t.  Junhee signals to Jinwoon that it is so much better to get a gift on a normal day than a special day.


Jinwoon was not too thrilled about the timing of the gifting of the ring because he had a lot of songs to sing to Junhee that contained messages from the heart.

Hopefully Jinwoon makes it up to Junhee next time!


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