Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 168


One fine spring day… Jinwoon drives Junhee somewhere.  We never know where.  Blame it on the way WGM edits the footage.  Jinwoon asks Junhee about her secret to relieving stress.  According to her, having a piece of candy relieves her stress because she is considering whether or not to bite into it.  For Jinwoon, he works out when he’s stressed.  The poor boy must be pretty stressed out since he’s got a hot bod.


Junhee gets all excited about Jinwoon’s gig as an emcee for KBS Music Bank.  He gets to see other idols all the time.  Dear MBC Music Core, please let Junhee and Jinwoon host an episode of the show.  She’s so cute fangirling over the other idols.  She does that while holding onto Jinwoon’s hands.  Sure enough that is attracting lots of attention from the WGM emcees in the studio.  Jihye says that she’s ignoring the conversation and just focusing on watching the hand holding.  Cutey pie.  Junhee asks Jinwoon about his co-host Park Saeyoung and whether she is younger than he is.  Park Saeyoung is an ‘88-er so she’s the noona.  Junhee comments that this is the time that she remembers he’s born in 1991.  Cougar…  LOL 

wgm168015 wgm168020

Jinwoon drives Junhee somewhere, promising her that he will give her the gift of flowers in full bloom.  They drive onto a road where most cherry blossoms are still budding.  She asks if the flowers are “blooming or dying… yeobo (honey).”  Eep!  So adorable.  She is starting to doubt that the flowers are in full bloom.  In the interview, she mentions that she was envisioning the kind of scene where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom with flower petals blowing in the wind.  They arrive onto a street where indeed the cherry blossom is indeed in bloom.


They see an ajusshi with a scooter selling cotton candy.  They sing a song about cotton candy while approaching the scooter.  Ajusshi says that the cotton candy costs 2000 won (USD 2) and Jinwoon is shocked at the price.  Is this inflation or is the ajusshi jacking up the price seeing that there are cameras in sight?  It used to cost 300 won when Jinwoon was still in school.


They walk around the park linking arms and with cotton candy in hand.

wgm168023 wgm168024

They feed each other some cotton candy.

wgm168027 wgm168028

Jinwoon asks Junhee to close her eyes and he put a purple flower gently in her hair without her noticing.  He takes out his phone to take a photo of Junhee but refuses to take a selca (self-camera) shot with Junhee.  She does a cute pose for the photo.


They then take a selca together.  Junhee notices the flower then removes it from her hair.  (Did you know that in some Asian cultures, a girl wearing a red flower in their hair signifies that the girl has gone a little loopy?  Some more traditional thinking girls tend to avoid putting flowers in their hair.)  She then tucks the flower behind Jinwoon’s ear and calls him pretty.  He does a cutesy pose which invited complaints from emcee Jungmin and Danny Ahn.

wgm168034 wgm168035

Jinwoon suggests that they try the cotton candy kiss from “That Winter the Wind Blows”.  He bites into the cotton candy while inching closer to her.  She asks him out loud if Insung oppa actually did the scene so aggressively?  LOL.

wgm168037 wgm168038 wgm168040 wgm168041

She takes a bite of the cotton candy first and Jinwoon tries to take a huge bite of cotton candy on the other side.  She closes her eyes as he approaches.  He teases her about having her eyes closed when they are just eating cotton candy.  They repeated the situation but she still closed her eyes the second time.  Jinwoon asks her to keep her eyes opened.  Third time in she still has her eyes closed!  She gives up and says that they are getting too close.

Jinwoon tells her that he likes teasing her because she’s so cute.  So cute to the point of death.  Extremely cute.  He will tease her to the point of death.  Jungmin the emcee says that this means he likes her a lot when Jinwoon said that he wants to tease her to death.  Misun jokes that she just want to kill them both.  Someone is suffering from the cuteness overload.

wgm168046 wgm168050

Into the next chapter of their date: He takes her to aerial yoga.  I’ve always wanted to try this!  They call it ‘sky yoga’.  The yoga instructor asks them to change into form fitting clothes for yoga.  Junhee is checking out Jinwoon’s physique again and he teased by asking her to touch his chest to verify that it’s there.  She says it is obvious enough to the eye.

wgm168053 wgm168060 wgm168064 wgm168066

They do some stretching before yoga and we know that Jinwoon is not exactly the most flexible.  Junhee seemed to get a bit competitive and shows off her flexibility.  She moves her arms up and over her head then back.  She says that she’s dislocated her arms.  LOL.  He shows off his flexible fingers and also how his chest would crack if he rolled his shoulder backwards.  The chest crack gets her excited.

wgm168072 wgm168075

The first pose is like superman!  Jinwoon makes it look easy.  Junhee on the other hand is screaming her way through the pose and Jinwoon screams at her to point her toes.  LOL.  I wonder what kind of a fitness instructor he would be like.


The second pose is to grab hold of both ankles with your hands with your belly down.  Jinwoon mimics the action of the traditional ringing of the bell.


The third pose is sky vampire.  It looks like you can kill yourself if you slip.  Maybe I won’t try aerial yoga anytime soon…  She looks like a cocoon instead and needed help getting out of the pose.

wgm168091 wgm168093

The fourth pose is head down while legs are wrapped around that white band.  Jinwoon does well enough. Junhee, on the other hand, has to sacrifice her image!  She’s flipped upside down and her hair is a mess. Misun laughs her head off because the pose looks funny.  Junhee just sounds like she’s in labour.


Junhee says that Jinwoon don’t know women well because the poses were awkward and her put-together image is ruined!


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