Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 169

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The episode picks up from the night of when Jinwoon and Junhee went for aerial yoga.  They head to a BBQ restaurant for dinner.  Their server brings some fillets of eel and places them on the grill.  The eels are very fresh and their tails are still wiggling while on the grill.  Why does this show make me so hungry every time?  The inevitable topic comes up.  Why is eel good for men?  Jinwoon answers that it is good for stamina and that he’s learnt it from other older men.  Junhee says that he’s all grown up. *wink* They have a taste of the eel and Junhee bounces up and down with joy.  I like how her body language gives her away.


Junhee tells Jinwoon that she’s lost the necklace that he made for her.  (The one that is made out of guitar picks and came in a vitamin bottle!)  She blames it on her mom for misplacing it.  It turns out she put it back into the vitamin bottle and forgot about it.  Talk about treasuring the gift from the hubby.  He gets slightly annoyed.  Junhee tries to turn the spotlight at him and asks if he’s worn the shoes she’s given him often.  He said yes confidently and there are paparazzi shots to prove it too.  LOL.  Attempt to divert attention failed.  She asks if he’s wearing it today but he isn’t, so she says, “See?  You don’t even wear the shoes every day.”    Jinwoon adds that he wears the socks she’s given him as much as possible.  She nods with satisfaction.


Jinwoon brings in some wine and asks Junhee to take a sip.  She’s had this kind of wine before but can’t seem to recall what it is or what it is good for.  She remembers it as being good for indigestion or constipation.  Eep.  Jinwoon has a huge laugh!  It is mulberry wine and drinking it is beneficial for the skin and also good for both men and women.  Gimme some of that wine now.  If getting tipsy from mulberry wine can eliminate the use of BB cream, I’m in.  Junhee explains that she cannot consume too much alcohol because she’s learnt to drink the wrong way.  She started off with learning how to make poktanju (direct translation: bomb cocktail; a mix of hard liquor and beer!).  We’re finally getting some Yoon Seah-style bluntness in the current WGM!


It’s almost been 100 days since Jinwoon and Junhee got married.  (I always wondered how they bothered to count to 100 days into the relationship.  I’ll be too lazy to count and rather have monthsaries instead.) Now that she’s comfortable enough with Jinwoon, she confessed that in the beginning she was very worried of the age difference between them.  When people ask her how the relationship would be, she would tell them that Jinwoon is a baby.  He was taken aback.  He asks her how she would describe him now.  “He’s nice.  He’s funny.”  Jinwoon wonders if she would say: He’s a really nice and kind baby.  She fesses that she doesn’t call him a baby anymore.


He wonders when she really felt like he was a man, not a baby.  I swear I heard his voice dropped a few notes to make himself sound older.  Junhee tells him that it was the time where he played the prank on her acting like he’s super chummy with Rainbow’s Jaekyung at Music Core.  It awakened the green eyed monster.  She really felt like packing up, stop filming and going home.  Junhee tells him to stop doing things to make her jealous.  The sticker photo of him and his ex-girlfriend comes up again and he swears that it was an honest mistake.  Jealousy was heightened even more when Mama Jung told Junhee that there have been other idol girls visiting their home.  Jinwoon tells her that she cannot be jealous of his good relationship with his friends (who are girls from hot Korean girl groups!) because it’s platonic.  She’s very honest in telling him that it is even more frustrating to her that she gets jealous when she isn’t supposed to.  The mulberry wine is working its magic.  She tells him that he should never talk about girl groups anymore but he is allowed to talk about boy idols.  LOL!  The reason is because that she doesn’t have any close guy friends who are idols.  He tries to further define the rules by asking her if he can talk about other girl groups who he’s not close with.  She takes a second to consider then asks him, “Who did you say your ideal type was?”  GO JUNHEE.   Brownie points for Jinwoon, so he is now allowed to talk about other idol friends.


Few days later, Junhee is sitting in a very pretty café and is on her tablet stalking out Jinwoon’s friends.  She identifies Nicole, Key and Mir to be Jinwoon’s close friends based on the photos she’s seeing.  She gives someone a call…  He picks up and she introduces herself.  The guy on the other end literally says “oh my god” and thanks her for calling him.  He introduces himself as MBLAQ’s Mir and wonders why a world famous actress like her would call him out of the blue.  She’s planning a surprise party for Jinwoon and is calling up all his close friends to invite them to the party.


She tries to make a few more calls to 2AM’s Changmin and Miss A’s Min but can’t get through.  She concludes that they’re all busy because they’re idols.  Misun (emcee) wonders why Mir picked up the phone.  Is he not an idol too?  Haha.


She calls Kara’s Nicole (Ohemgee, probably her rival) to invite her to Jinwoon’s surprise birthday party.  Additionally, she has a favour to ask.  She hopes that Nicole can make a cake for Jinwoon.  Are you sure, my dear?  If it were me, I’d rather pay $1000 for a cake than to have a girl that is constantly pitched against me to bake a cake for the boyfriend/hubby.  Junhee wonders if Nicole has seen the article about Mama Jung picking Nicole as an ideal match for Jinwoon.  Nicole says all the right things to disagree, saying that Junhee is way prettier that she is.


The day of the party…

Nicole arrives with Mir.  Junhee puts them to work almost immediately.  She tells Mir to blow balloons while she and Nicole bake a birthday cake.  They start to worry about Jinwoon finding out because he’s pretty observant around the time of his birthday.


Mir starts to wonder as to how he should address Junhee.  Junhee suggested that they just go with unni (and probably noona).  Mir disagrees because to him, Junhee is a world famous actress.  It surely pushes all the right buttons because Junhee laughs out loud with glee.  Junhee wonders what she should call them and Nicole suggested that she can just call them by name.  On the other hand, Mir wants Junhee to call him “Chul Yong-ah~” which is his real name.  She does, and he gets excited with her calling him by his real name.  He’s so excited that they compared his facial expression to those of when he is filming the reality TV show, Real Man.  One looks like he’s in heaven, the other, in hell.  He has to return to the army soon.  Mir tells Junhee that WGM is popular in the army and Jinwoon is the common enemy.  Bwahaha!

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While finishing up the cake, they chatted about Junhee’s favourite idol groups.  She has tact and tells them that her favourite idols are KARA and MBLAQ.  Mir pretty much just crumbled like a pie crust when she says that her favourite member of the group is Mir.  Next, they decide what message to pipe on top of the cake.  Junhee wonders if she should write “Happy Birthday” and Mir starts squirming with glee because he loved the idea.  He then suggested that she writes “Happy birthday.  Let’s be together even in the next year” and then does the shudder of excitement.  He needs to be sent on a blind date to find a girlfriend.  LOL!  In the end Junhee decided to pipe “yeobo (honey) I Like You” on the cake.  Not love, because that’s too much pressure.  Ha.


The doorbell rings and they start to worry about who is at the door.  Junhee doesn’t think that it is Jinwoon.  Nicole gets the door and screams out loud.  The party is here.   Key walks through the door and Junhee screams “Shinee da!” (It’s Shinee!)  I love how she fangirls at every possible opportunity.  Key wore shoes with the biggest soles I’ve seen in my life.  Jinwoon x Junhee’s height definitely puts some pressure on the people of average height.  He is put to work almost immediately as they were finishing putting up the decorations.  “I love you” is on the balloons but not on the cake.  Maybe it’s less pressure if it’s on something you don’t eat?  LOL.


Key is a riot.  He is so blunt and tells it to your face.  He tells Junhee that he’s missing the point of attending Jinwoon’s party because he’s put to work and is probably responsible for cleaning up after.  His birthday gift for Jinwoon is a spray to control foot odor.  Haha!  Key wonders if it’s the wrong time to bring this up because Junhee is rendered speechless. Mir thinks that it’s the perfect timing because all they have been doing all day is singing his praises.  Mir wonders why he hasn’t noticed that Jinwoon has terrible feet odor and is taken down by Key in one sentence: “Maybe because your feet smells bad too.”  Mir freaks out at the statement.


Key wonders if it is a bad thing to appear on WGM for Jinwoon x Junhee couple even before he’s met Taemin x Naeun couple.  Nicole and Junhee say that he’s a total player seeing how he was trying to coach Taemin in his first episode.  Key is frustrated that Taemin failed at the ‘seatbelt move’.  LOL.  He tells Junhee that she’s not the type that Jinwoon likes had initially thought that they were a bad match.  Junhee becomes laser-eyes Junhee (when she does this, it sorta reminds me of Oh Yeon Seo).  According to Key, Jinwoon likes girls who are a bit more laid back and relaxed.  Junhee gives off a more preppy feel.  Nicole and Mir agrees.  I wonder how they know this.  Is it because they’ve seen his ex-girlfriend(s) before?  Hmm… Juicy gossip!  Junhee tells them that Jinwoon doesn’t like shorts and short skirts on her.  Key tell her that’s all bull and that Jinwoon is purely trying to make sure that other men do not fall for Junhee.


They then bring up Jinwoon’s sense of humour.  Or more like the lack of it.  Nah, more like the quality of his sense of humour.  All his friends agree that he’s not all that funny.  I think he’s funny in a way that his jokes are so pathetic that you start laughing at his poor face and reaction after he says his joke.  Key says this won’t be a problem as long as Junhee doesn’t need her man to have a great sense of humour.  A tiny pause, then Junhee says that she likes men who have a great sense of humour.


According to Key, Jinwoon is very much used to flamboyant birthday parties because his family has some moola.  (I feel ‘According to Key’ can totally be a new segment on the show.)  He thinks that Junhee made the right choice of staying simple.  Key asks if Junhee has anything prepared for Jinwoon.  She has prepared to wear a pretty dress but Key thinks it’s not enough.  Nicole and Key think that she should sing and dance.  Knowing her dancing skills from watching WGM, Key screams orders for her to show her #1 and #2 dance moves.  Mir suggests that they should help her upgrade her dance moves.


Dancing lessons begin!  They dance to 4 Minute and Psy’s Gentleman.  Dancing to Gentleman in a pretty princess dress is not all that appealing!  They practice dancing to KARA’s Mister with that (almost impossible! I tried!) butt movement.  Nicole knows that Jinwoon likes a Girl’s Day song and dance moves and tries to teach Junhee how to dance to it. Junhee then cries out in embarrassment that she’s 29 this year and shouldn’t be doing dance moves like this!

Find out next episode if she’s learnt the dance moves~!


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