Jinwoon & Junhee – We Got Married Episode 178

I’m expecting to see beautiful photos from this duo! Already they visually look the best among the other couples. Bring it on!

wgm178jj001 wgm178jj002 wgm178jj005 wgm178jj006

Aww! I’m already loving the dress that Junhee is wearing! ♥♥♥ Jinwoon takes hold of her hands and says “Thank you for marrying me”. This boy sure knows what to say at the right time.

wgm178jj008 wgm178jj009 wgm178jj010 wgm178jj013

They meet their photographer who was described as ‘a person who can make clouds and sun appear’. “Isn’t that God?”, Jinwoon asked. They have a good start where Junhee is already posing without much directions and getting beautiful photos taken. Time for a change of outfits and this time it’s an interesting one for Junhee. She’s in a Minnie Mouse t-shirt, long flowing ruffled white skirt with a train and wearing a huge statement pearl necklace. Elements that seem would go oh so wrong together looks oh so right on Junhee. I bet if I put that whole outfit on, Little Sheepy would call the psychiatric ward.

wgm178jj015 wgm178jj018

These two are pretty awesome changing up their poses after every click of the shutter. They do not need a lot of direction. The America’s Next Top Model judge in me has awakened. Photos in glossy magazine looks so elegant and poised but it ain’t too elegant behind the scene. When they are suppose to change up the setting, a bazillion staff charges at the two, rearranging props and helping them with clothing and such. While trying to remove his jacket, Jinwoon accidentally pops a button on his white shirt. “That’s because you exercise too much”, Junhee said. Is that a complaint?

wgm178jj021 wgm178jj023

They switch up the pose to a more intimate one where Jinwoon cradles Junhee in his arms while lying on the one armed sofa that really seem even too small for Jinwoon himself. The photographer asks Jinwoon to sit up higher to get a better shot. While shuffling and adjusting his position, he causes Junhee to hit her head on the wooden part of the sofa. Ouchy.

wgm178jj027 wgm178jj028

He gets the position right and the photographer continues to click away. Jinwoon does some tiny shifting and his shirt starts gaping open when the button popped. Conveniently, smack right in front of Junhee and she happily kept her silence for a while as she enjoyed the “view”. This is laser-eye Junhee we’re talking about. She finally pipes up about it, not hiding the fact that she’s enjoying this wardrobe malfunction.

wgm178jj031 wgm178jj032

The photo shoot for this pose ends and they remain in their positions. Yep, the screen caps above are of them in between shoots. Danny Ahn and Jihye in the studio keeps talking at them to get off each other now that there is no reason to be stuck in that uncomfortable (?) position.

wgm178jj020 wgm178jj026

I wish Jinwoon would just burn that shirt he’s wearing. Ugly. But he still some how manages to look good in it. The next set of photos will include them blowing a bubble with bubblegum. They are trying to take a photo where they each blow a bubble and have the bubbles stick together. Essentially, it’s like approaching for a kiss but with bubblegum in the way. Jinwoon tries to blow a bubble but it’s tiny. Junhee tries to give him another stick of gum but he refuses, telling her they should just blow small bubbles so that they faces will be close together. Really all the fussing about more gum or no more gum shouldn’t require that much flirting and physical contact. These two are starting to look too real… Will it turn out to be a Junjin & Lee Shiyoung? Oi!

wgm178jj033 wgm178jj034 wgm178jj036 wgm178jj037


wgm178jj044 wgm178jj040

Suddenly we see Jinwoon doing push-ups and lifting chairs. If his shirt was green, I would have guess that he was turning into The Hulk. What could this mean? He says at the end of his mini workout session that they should immediately start the photo shoot because his muscles are pumped up. Does that mean… a shirtless Jinwoon?

wgm178jj047 wgm178jj050

Yes, siree! It’s shirtless Jinwoon alright. He’s covering himself with a blazer while they get fake tattoos drawn on their backs. He’s unexpectedly shy about going shirtless. WGM cameras have only managed to capture footage of his back for the longest time during the photo shoot. Junhee tries to suggest to the photographer that they take a proper photo with a topless Jinwoon since he has been working out for this photo shoot. Of course Jinwoon starts pushing away the idea and trying to get out of it with aegyo. Aegyo while he stands there topless and holding a blazer covering himself. Looks weird…

wgm178jj017Mr. Photographer has Jinwoon turn his body more towards the camera and we get a glimpse of his chest. Junhee checks out the photo while watching the monitor and is shocked by the size of Jinwoon’s chest. “It’s bigger than mine”, she says and Jinwoon laughs out loud.

Check out their official photos on the MBC We Got Married website.


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