Get The Look: Statement Necklaces


How does she maintain looking so pretty while being so terrified? Most people will look like they are gonna pee their pants but she still has that elegance about her…

Okay, enough about admiring how pretty she is! Let us shift our attention to what she has around her neck. A layered chain necklace with fluorescent yellow crosses. The layers are a mix of chain, beads and gems.

20130411-161213.jpg 20130411-161223.jpg

Necklaces from

The necklace on the left is called Idowu and has the cross detail that is similar to the necklace Junhee is wearing.  The necklace on the right is called Halina.  Both are going for $20 on Aldo’s (Canada) website.  Both necklaces have a mix of beads, chains and stones.  Wear it with a plain shirt to make it stand out.  You never want to risk your outfit looking too busy.


See that little robot hanging off of his neck? Yep, that’s a necklace alright. this is when fashion is starting to push into crazy zone. That rose motif on his sweater is not helping.


Anyway, we can still look into taking that idea for a DIY project.  All you need is some leather lace that is durable enough to carry the larger ‘pendant’.  Find your favourite teddy bear or robot figurines that is not too heavy to be hanging off the leather lace.  Ultimately it’ll be hanging off your neck so you won’t want to be walking with your head sticking forward, away from your natural alignment.  The teddy bear can be easily fastened by a safety pin.  The figurines may be a little tricky.  If it is originally a key chain then it should not be too much of a problem.  You can thread the leather lace through the loop.  If it is a figurine, then you may have to find some way to fasten it.  Last resort is to ‘strangle’ the robot figurine with the leather lace 😉

When you wear your DIY necklace you can tell your friends that you are taking your teddy bear or robot figurine out for a walk.  If they look at you crazy, give them the link to this post and you won’t look like you’re the only crazy person out there.


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